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My life’s diary – Season 1 Episode 7

Charity finally came in the evening as she promise.she was looking good as usuall. Baby you are looking great today.i compliment her. Thanks are you today?. I am fine dear.hmmm.i will like to taste those things on your chest o.(i said with a smile. pointing at her br##t.) are not serious.naughty boy.*she said with a smile*.
ME.just kidding is work?. are sounding happy today.what is the secret?. life will soon change for good. do you mean?i don’t understand.
ME.alright i will tell you.i met one of my old time friend today.he is one of the biggest boy in town.he has one of the finest car in town and…
CHARITY.continue what happen again?.
ME.well nothing much happen.we exchange pleasantries.he was very happy to see me.we drove over to one of the best restaurant in town.he asked me what am doing now.i simply told him my condition.and guess what.
CHARITY.what tell me.
ME.he said that he will help me with the business he is doing.
CHARITY.that is what business is he doing?.
ME.eerm.actually he didn’t tell me the business.but he ask me to come to his house this evening.he will introduce me to the business.*i said smiling*.
CHARITY.i’m not convince yet. do you mean?.
CHARITY.i don’t trust that your friend.he would have told you the source of his business.why would he ask you to come to his house instead of his office?.he might be a drug dealer or even a criminal. don’t stress you mind over that.he already told me that is a pure business that will fetch me alot of money.come on dear don’t worry i will be fine okay. love.please don’t mind is telling me that is not gonna go well if you go there.i love you and i don’t want anything to happen to you.lets have faith.God will surely see you through.please don’t go.
ME.i understand how you feel dear.but i need that business for myself.i need to take care of you my familly too are under my the first born of the house i need to take care of can see i have responsibilities to take care dear that is why i need it badly.
CHARITY.what of if the business is illegal?.
ME.then i will withdraw from it. You know what. What.she asked. I want you. want already have me.but i hope is not what am thinking.
ME.lolx.what are you thinking. (i came closer to her.and held her hand.i was looking into her eyes.*conji tinz*
CHARITY.why are you looking at me that way.what do you want?.
ME.i want to make you feel like a woman for the first time. want to make love to me.(i nodded).i am afraid.i havn’t done it before.
I will teach you. Was all i could say before our lips met each other.i help her to remove her clothe she was wearing.i entered her and truely she was a virgin at 23.immediately the love i have for her increase instantly. I rode her slowly for 15 minutes before i finally c-m.that is what we call love making coz the feeling and pleasure was speciall.
Some hours later she wore back her clothe.i saw her off and he bade me good bye with a kiss.(ooh the lord is good.lolx)
It was 6pm in the evening.i took my bath wear my clothe and left for JC’s house.
The house was hard for me to locate but with the help of people.i found the house finally.
I entered inside the house.i must tell the building was was a duplex one of the best in that area.
I knocked at the door that lead to the sitting room.then i heard a female voice that ask.who be that?.is name is dube.i am here to see JC. i heard some male voice that him open the door for him. Some seconds later the door made way.and here stood is a girl/lady holding a cigarret and a bottle of dry gin.hope am save.i asked myself. Come in.she said. Without a second thought i went inside and looked arround the sitting room.and saw the shock of my life.guess what.
I saw five hefty mean looking men.with Ak47 each.they are not smiling at all there faces was as strong as stone.i greeted them and got no reply.i looked at my right side and saw two ladies including the one that open the door for me. My body temperature rise to the highest level.i near mess on my body.i wanted to run back but i my legs were very weak.who will save me from these place i brought myself into. I was still in my thought when i heard a voice that sounds familia.
Hello finally u came. the voice said. Slowly i turn around and saw JC standing.
JC.don’t be afraid bro.please have a seat.
I quietly went and sat close to the ladies.who were busy consuming the dry gin. Welcome to my house dube.just make yourself comfortable.
ME.thanks Jc.
JC.ladies.please get my guy something to drink. Alright boss.(they said and left.)some minutes later. they came back with a glass and a bottle of champain and kept it on the table close to me.
JC.enjoy youself.before we go into business. I gave him the eyes of.who are those hefty guys over there.he told me to finish my drink first.

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