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My life’s diary – Season 1 Episode 6

One day. I went to town to get somethings for myself.on my way.i saw one of my old time friend.jc by name.i saw him with one of the finest car in town.for the first time.i didn’t regonise him coz he really change alot.i wanted to continue my journey.but i decided to go closer and check very well.i went closer to him and found out that it was!is this not JC?yes is eyes can’t decive me na. is him.
JC.i called him loud. He didn’t answer for the first time.i called him again.he turn and looked the direction of the voice.
JC.yes who are you and how may i help you?. jc. is that you?.
JC.yes is me but i don’t know you please.excuse me.(he made to go.i held him back mean that you don’t recognise me.
JC.wait wait wait.who am i this not dube. me dube.that your senior wey dey flog you that time. God i can’t believe is you.(we shook and hug each other like old time friends). far my brother?.longest time.i even think say you don die. no well.i dey fine my brother.what are you doing here?
ME.i came to see a friend at the God.Jc you are looking even have the finest car in town now.i dey envy you o.infact when i grow up.i will like to be like you.lolx.
JC.lolx are God shaa.
ME.guy you done you take do am.
JC.dube is a long story.lets go some were and chill together.
We drove to one of the bigest restaurant in town.we ordered for what we want. and he settled the bill. dube.tell are not really looking sharp as the dube we use to know back in the days.what work are you doing now.and what happen? brother is a long story.if i tell you what am passing through right won’t believe me.
JC.what happen.we are friends of course.tell me.
I narrated the theory of my life to him.without hiding anything.he really felt for me. a pity have really suffered alot.what of that your girlfriend eerm susan.
ME.we are no more together.we broke up long time over a year now.i havn’t set my eyes on her.
JC.that is our country for you.the same thing happened to me.when we graduated from the university.i looked for a job for more than a year.but my brother nothing came up.not till i found myself on this business am look at me.i’m one of the biggest boy in town.i have no less than 200 million naira on my bank account.(he smiled).
ME.honestly.i am happy for you.if i may ask.what busines are you doing?
JC.i don’t expose my business to people.unlest you are intrested.then we can roll together.
ME.hmm.mehn i don’t know what to say.hope is not illegal business.
JC.come on dube.don’t be too dull.everybody knows that our country is too hard.only the strong can know what.this business will fetch you millions of naira.without much stress.let me tell you dube.time wait for nobody have to survive by all means.
ME.mehn Jc.i have suffered alot.i have serve the people that suppose to serve me.i have recieved an insult from the old and the am speaking to you right now.any business that will fetch me alot of ready to do it.whether good or bad.(i said with all seriousness). you are taking like the dube i use to know.if you do this me your life will never remain the same.
ME.i’m ready brother.i will do the business. are welcome to the business.tomorrow evening i will take you to my that you guys can know each other better.i like you courage.but for now lets drink and celebrate. They brought more bottles of champain for us.i eat and drink to my satifaction.
ME.hope is not an illegal business(i ask for the second time).
JC.don’t worry will know soon just chill and relaxe bro.
We discuse like old time friends for a while.before he left telling me he has a business to attend to.not without dropping his card and some thousands of naira notes for me.
I left to my house as a fulfilled last my life is about to change for good.i can’t wait to start the new business.but what is the business all about.i never know.only time will tell. I havn’t heard from charity since yesterday.i decided to give her a call and brake the news for her. We spoke for a while and he promise to visit me in the dear charity.

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