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My life’s diary – Season 1 Episode 5

I started my job as a sales first day at work wasn’t that interestin.only that i saw my colleagues.two girls probably there age might be 23 and 22. they introduce there selfs wit me.while i did the same with work was as a bar man.doing the of the girls came to me.and we exchange pleasantries.
GIRL.hi. are you doing?. fine.welcome to our restaurant. Hope you are enjoying the work?.
ME.(enjoye kee).not really but i gat no choice na.i have to do the work. name you?.
ME.ooh!call me dube.
CHARITY.okay.uncle dube.
ME.noo.just dube.
CHARITY.i can’t call you are older than me.
ME.but i insist.
CHARITY.alright.if that is what you want.please can you tell me more about yourself.atleast lets know each other better.
ME.dear.i don’t wanna talk about that.lets leave the topic.
CHARITY.please uncle dube.i mean dube.please i care to know.tell me. i will tell you but not time.
That was how i and charity became friends.she was such a lovely caring and intelligent.i started developing some likeness over her.which i know she like me too.
I was paid my first salary for the month.a sum of 12k.the following continue.everything was moving well gradually.i was doing my work pure and neat.without adding or reducing an amount of any drink.i know i wasn’t satified and happy with the job.but i tried my best to be happy.i was a bar man like i said before while charity was a sales girl.she was the one that always do the cook of the food we sale to the customers.she always give me food for free.
You promise to tell me about yourself since a month now.but you havn’t.that was the voice of charity when we were together. have already known much about me na.what else do you want to know. you have a girlfriend?. ask alot of question.why do you want to know?.
CHARITY.please tell me na.i thought we are friends.
ME.okay fine.i had a girlfriend.we broke up. sorry.but what happen.why did you guys broke up?. a long story.(but still charity don’t want t give up).
CHARITY.tell ready to hear.
I told her everything she want to know.including my life really felt for me.after i narrated my story to her.tears was dropping from her eyes. a pity dube.indeed life isn’t far to you.the girl doesn’t love you.if she loves you she wouldn’t have left you .no matter your condition.please just don’t give up.God will surely answer our prayers one day.okay.
ME.thank you dear.thanks for your word.your are a friend indeed. are welcome.i will always be there for you.but there is something i want to tell you.
ME.what is that.hope no problem. problem.hope you won’t be offended.(i gave her the sign of go ahead).
CHARITY.i i i don’t know how to say it. I love you dube.
ME.(suprise)what.for how long.i mean how.
CHARITY.from the very first day i saw you.the feeling is very strong and special.i can’t hide it any more.please dube.
ME.i have heard you .i won’t lie to you.i like you too.but you don’t deserve me.i can’t take care of not doing a better are a beautiful girl.some day some rich handsome guys who are better than me will come to you.and by that will leave me and go to them.let just be friends okay.
CHARITY.nobody will take me away from you.and beside i didn’t come for your money or material here because of the love i have for you.the love is pure.i will never leave you for any other here to stay..dube i love you.
ME.(i was silent for some seconds before i was able to force the words out)i love you too charity…..she came forward and hug me tighly.
That was how my new relationship with charity started.although we worke at the same place but we always behalve ourself.
The second month came and usuall i was paid my 12k.
One faithful madam came out complaining that her money was missing.the sum of 50k.she said that she has search every were.but still she havn’t seen it.and the worst thing she did was.she pointed her fingers at me.accused me that i was the one that steal the money.that she has been suspecting me for a long time.thief thief she called me.i tried explaining to her that i wasn’t the one that took her money.but she paid deaf ear to me.finally i was disgraced and throw out from the restuarant.i was sacked again.all this was busy criying and sheading tears.but the damage has been done goes on.
On my way going.she ran to me.and promise to visit me. i know that u didn’t take the are innocent.but just believe that God will surely see us through.i will forever love you my prince.
ME.thank you charity for standing by me.i don’t know what to say.i love you too.i have to go.just take care of yourself.
I will visit you.was her last words she said to me.before i left.LIFE START AFRESH.

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