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My life’s diary – Season 1 Episode 4

I resume work as a driver to my uncle’s wife.for the first week of my job.thing were moving well with me.i was getting some tips from my uncle’s wife mrs ada.
I was paid my first salary by my uncle’s wife.instead of 12 thousand i and her husband agreed.she paid me 20 thousand.i asked her why she paid me such money instead of what we agreed.she said. don’t deserve 12 thousand naira are more than that.please don’t tell my husband about this okay.beside.i like are a nice guy.havn’t seen you complain are handsome and you deserve more
ME.okay.thank you maa. have a girlfriend right?.
ME.hmmm.not really.we broke up.
ADA.what happened.why the broke up. a long story.please.
ADA.okay!if you don’t wanna share with me.fine.
The following mouth.she increase my salary from 20k to 25k.i was very happy withing me.finally i have gotten a job.atleast i have something to show at home.
My happiness was cut short on one faithful night.i was in my room which my uncle gave to me at his house.when i heard a gun shot.i peep through the window and i saw the shocked of my life.five armed men with guns bang inside the compound.they were all with mask.they shot the gate man at his shoulder.and bang inside the main house were my uncle and his wife were leaving.they robbed my uncle’s wife and rape Ada.including the house maid was rape too.i wanted to call the police but i got no light on my phone hour later.the arm men left taking some of the expensive property of my uncle.
The following day mrs Ada was taking to the uncle accused me of what i didn’t do.he said i was the one that arrange the armed robbers that robbed him.infact i was amoung the robbers.he called me names and threaten to call the police for me if i didn’t leave his house.he took the car key away from me.and said i’m sack.he pushed me away from his house.and warn me never to come back to his house again if i love my life.i quietly pack my bag and left his my suffering continue again.from grace to grass.from hero to zero.i started my life all over again.atleast i have 60k on my will serve me for some weeks.i consoled myself.
On my way.i visited mrs Ada at the hospital.she was suprise to see me with my bag.
ADA.thanks for coming dube. very sorry for everything that happend to you. don’t have to be sorry dube.the damage has been done.i will be fine.but were are you going with you bag. going home.i have been sack by my uncle.
ADA.why what happen.why did he sacked you.what did you do?.
ME.he said i was the one that arranged the robbers that came to the house yesterday.i tried to explain to him that i wasn’t the one.but he never listen to me.instead he threaten to call the police if i don’t leave the house for him.
ADA.this is serious.please dube.don’t go.i will talk to him okay.go back to the house
ME.sorry ma’am i have to go.i just came to see how you are doing.just take care of yourself.
She tried calling me back.but i had already left.on my way.i saw a post.which says sales boy needed apply withing.i didn’t pay much attention to the post.but i decided to give it a text.i went inside the restaurant and narrated to them the reason i came.i told the owner that i am interested for the job.he gave me a foam to feel.which include my name and other stuffs.she gave me the rules and regulation i should follow.which i oblige.and also my monthly salary will be 12k the same with the previous one.and finally.i was asked to start work the following day.chai!look at me.a graduate doing a sales boy.i couldn’t hold the tears flows freely from my eyes.did i offend any one that made me not to get a better this a curse?i look at the restaurant for the last time and zoomed back home.i must make it one day.i said to myself.
I went home.not happy nor sad.the feeling was just there.i need a girlfriend.but who will date a guy that don’t have a better job like me.a sales boy.noo noo.when the right time comes.i will get a nice usuall i avoided my mother. The next day came.i woke up very early coz the work starts by 8.30am.i woke up around 7am and dress up.before 8am i have left the house for my new job.sales boy.

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