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My life’s diary – Season 1 Episode 3

FAST FORWARD TO MONDAY.i woke up early in the morning.say some little prayers.i took my bath.brushed my food to take.coz i don’t want my mother’s wahala.
I zoomed off to MK DONX hopefuly to start work.coz i strongly believe that i will pass the interview.i got to the company and met the same people i saw the othe day. Some were coming out smiling while some kept a straight face which shows that they didn’t qualify.
It finally got to my turn.i got in and sat down as the MD commanded. are erm.chidubem john?.
ME:yes sir.(i said smiling).
MD.we have concluded the interviews.and the results.
ME:okay sir.when am i going to start.
MD.we are are not amoung the people that we selected for the are not qualified for the job.we are sorry once again.
ME:(hot tears from no were started dropping from my eyes.the MD saw it but didn’t say any word.i became frustrated.i nearly gave up at that moment.coz that job was my hope.i wanted to shame my so called mother that i can make it in life.but look at me now.hopeless and confused
ME:thank you sir. I said to him and left his office.i stood at the road looking left and right.were am i going to go from here.i decided to visit my uncle.who is very rich and working at one of the biggest company in town.although i knew my uncle is very stingy but i kept the feeling aside.let me go and see whether he will help me with work or money.atleast if he help me with money.i will use it to start a better business.i concluded.
On my way.i started feeling hungry.i brought out my wallet and open it.chai!i only have 150 naira with me.i took the hundred naira and bought a galla and one sachet of of sixty naira.i gave them the hundred naira.i decided to put the wallet back inside my pocket.i looked up and i didn’t see the galla seller again.he ran away with my fourty naira balance.i search and looked for him.i didn’t see anything that looks like him.then i gave up and continue my journey to my uncle’s house.God go judge that guy wey carry my fourty naira change run.*i curse under my breath*i ate the galla like a hungry lion.till i consumed all of them.
30 minutes later.i got to my uncle’s duplex.i knocked and his gate man open the gate for me.not without some questions.
I went inside his house and found out that my uncle wasn’t around.his wife asked me to wait for him that he will soon be back.she asked me whether i have eaten anything.i sincerely answered her NO.minutes later.she brought some food for me.rice and some chicken.before i could spell my mother’s name.i have consumed the food and chilled it down with some cold!life is good if you have money.i forgot my sorrow instantly.look at how my uncle’s wife is shining because of uncle’s wife wey no fine look at what money has done to her.she is now looking fine.i must make money o.whether good or bad.she saw me staring at her. and she smiled and said.
U.WIFE.why are you staring at you like me?.
ME:(look at this woman) noo.i wasn’t looking at you. a lie.i saw you looking at me.what were you thinking?.
ME:alright i sorry.i wasn’t thinking anything.
U.WIFE.hmm.hope is not what a thinking.let my husband not catch you looking at me that way you did.other wise..hmm.(she said smiling).
ME:okay.i have heard you.
My uncle finally came back.i agreeted him.he shook me and ordered me to sit down.her wife was busy staring at me.(i wonder what she was thinking).
UNCLE.dube.this one you came to my house today.hope all is well.
ME:not really sir. I narrated the reason i came to him.after my long speech.i beg him to help me with job or money.(of course he is very rich.he has his own company).
UNCLE.dube.i have heard you.i wish i can help my company there is no vacancy again.every were is filled with can’t work in my are not qualified to work there.
My uncle knows that i came out in the university with first class.(no be moi moi na)he still insist that am not qualified to do the job.his wife begged him on my behalf.but all her pleading didn’t move my uncle.
He only offered me a job to be his wife driver.that he will be paying me twelve(12)thousand naira every month.i wanted to reject the offer but his wife begged me to accept the job.i looked at myself.a graduate like me.doing a house driving.i got no mother is always on my neck.i just want to leave the house for her.i know that i need a job.but not as cheap as this one.well half bread is better than non.i finally accept the uncle’s wife was very happy. i can see it on her face.i don’t know what is making her happy.only time will tell.
Today is monday.They asked me to resume work on thursday.i will be leaving with them. will resume work on thursday.but for now.take this for yourself.(he handed me a naira note).
Guess how much my rich uncle gave me?just five hundred naira note.was all my uncle could offer me.WHAT A LIFE.

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