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My life’s diary – Season 1 Episode 22

Immediately.i dropped folake from my shoulder and rushed to seyi were she layed lifeless in her pool of blood.i held her to myself with tears dropping from my eyes.she held my very tight staring at me.she open her mouth to speak.but no word came out.she was also finding it difficult to breath..folake managed to stand on her feet.and came closer to us.i looked at seyi.her blood has stain the boxer that i wore..JC them was seriously approaching us.infact they were just some kilometer away from us..
ME:*panting*i’m sorry seyi.please don’t will make it.don’t give.
She weakly looked at me and said.
SEYI:don’t worry about me dube.i’m in serious pain now.i don’t think that i will make it guys should go before they will meet you hear.please go.(she groan in pain.
FOLAKE:anty please.don’t give up now.*tears*.
ME: what about you want to leave her and go.she need you more now.
SEYI: she also need you.unless u want her to loss both of please go now.coz Jc is almost here.
ME: i’m not leaving you saved our taking u.
She stared at me and wanted to speak.but no word came out..they are there.they are there.i heard a voice from behinde.which shows that Jc them have seen us.without a second thought.i lifted seyi up to myself.and carried her to my shoulder.immediately.we started runing.although folake was seriously hurt.but she managed to run with it.coz we are in a matter of life and dead.the boys started chasing after us.i was still carrying seyi.i notice that she had stop breathing.but i never gave up on her.we were still runing as fast as our leg could carry us.folake was panting so hard.but i encourage her not to give up.we run to a poin were we saw three different road.we don’t know the one tha lead to the main road.i stop and was comteplating on the road to follow.folake in a confused tone asked.
FOLAKE: what are we going to do now.which way are going to follow?.
ME: i’m confused as well.*panting.
FOLAKE: look.(pointing at seyi)she is not moving again.
I looked at seyi at my shoulder and found out that she was still.
Is she dead?folake asked.
ME: i don’t know.we should go now..
We made to go and behold Jc and his gang came out and blocked us.with fear.folake run and hide at my back..jc in a devilish smile.brought out his gun and pointed it on me.i jerk in fear and dropped seyi from my shoulder.truely.she wasn’t breathing..
JC:(laugh sarcastically)where do you think that you are you think you guy can run away from me just like that?no way.everything is gonna end right now.and as for you(pointing at folake)see what your stupidity has cost you.i have nothing to say to you right will join him in the land of the dead.and as for your stingy husband that can’t even pay 200 million we asked him to pay.just say goodbye to him.he cocked the small pistol and drew it nearer to us.
JC: dube.i’m sorry that your life end this me to say hello to the devil.r.i.p bro.
Folake hugged me in tears and said.thank you.we will meet in under word..i close my eyes and held my breath.expecting the worst to happen….poo poo poo.was the sounding i heard.i expected to die coz i thought i was the one that was shot.i pinch myself and found out that i’m still alive.gradually.i open my eyes to found out that jc was laying dead on the ground in his own pool of a suprised i looked up and saw about 12 police men around us.the other gang was surrounded and arrested.JC died instantly.
Please ma.we are hear for you.chief sent us and thank God that we found of the cop said to tears.she stared at me and said.
FOLAKE: dear.lets go.
ME: what about her.(pointing at seyi).
FOLAKE: she is dead.lets take her to the mortuary.
ME.*in tears*ooh no.she can’t be dead.
I moved closer to were she layed.and held her to myself.i moved my face closer to her and found out that she was still breathing slowly..SHE IS ALIVE.i said to folake.immediately.she ordered some of the cops to carry her inside there van.together.we left the forest.including jc’s boy that were arrested..they took us to the hospital.and seyi was admitted instantly..withing an arm was treated and bandaged.i slept and woke up.i found charity beside me weeping.i looked at her.without any other word.she rush and hugged me tight.we weep together.and consoled ourself.what about seyi?i managed to asked her.she burst out more tears.which shows that all is not well.what happened to she okay?please talk to me dear.
CHARITY: she is dead.
ME: she can’t die na.seyi please wake up.*tears*i wanted to stand up.but i couldn’t.i looked up and found out that i was on cried and cried bitterly.
CHARITY: she is the only family that i could she died and leave me alone in this wicked world.see now.i have no other family left with sister relative.why me why me.*more tears dropped down*
she asked me to give you this.she handed me a..

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