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My life’s diary – Season 1 Episode 21

She brought out the key and made to open the cage.but she my greatest suprise she pulled out a small pistol from the trouser she wore and pointed it at me.i was shocked was an understatement.she was looking smiling..i thought she came to save us.why is she pointing the gun at it Jc that sent her?. fear was writting all over me.folake wasn’t exceptional.with fear i asked.
ME:(voice shaking) Seyi.what are you doing?i thought you came to save us.
SEYI: you are a fool to think such think.
FOLAKE: anty please.
ME: Seyi.please have i done anything wrong to you?please don’t shoot me.i beg you.
SEYI: give me one good reason why i shouldn’t blow off your you know the pain you coursed my sister (charity)do you know the trouble you brought on us?my sister has suffered alot because of you.she nearly lost her life if not for me.i never knew you are her boyfriend she was talking about.i wouldn’t her allowed her to associate with a criminal like you.and now she is pregnant.all thanks to you.what have we done to you?you decieved her.(in tears.still pointing the gun at me).
What!!charity how long.she never told me that she is pregnant.ooh poor girl.
ME: seyi please pull down the gun.i never deceived charity.we are into a relationship.i love her with all my heart.infat we have been together before i met for her pregnant.she never told me about it.i was just hearing it from you.but i’m ready to take the responsibility.if i make it alive.please seyi.
SEYI: do you know wat i feel for you now?i feel like blowing off your deserve to die for coursing my charity the mess she is going through.(krakra.she kocked the gun.and drew it nearer to my face).
Immediately.i started praying and asking God for a forgiveness.coz this girl is damm serious to put the triger on me.i begged her to stop the drama.but she kept tears.i begged and begged.before she finally said.
SEYI: i will spare you on one condition.
ME.i’m ready to do anything.
SEYI. i helped your family excaped coz i don’t want Jc to hurt wise my i want you to return that favour to me by staying away from charity.
ME. *silent*
SEYI.i want you to end your relationship with her.i don’t want my only sister to date a criminal like you.
ME.what about the pregnancy?
SEYI. She will flush it out immediately.if you can oblige with my little condition.then i will unlock the cage for you.remember Jc will soon be here.
I was silent staring at her like a loser.i thought for a while on what to do.i and charity have gone a long way.i can’t leave matter better i die than to leave the only girl that loves me no no way.
ME:i don’t think that it’s going to work.
SEYI:and how is that suppose to mean?.
Before i could answer her.we heard foot steps approaching us..they are coming.(seyi said).immediately she pulled down the gun and unlocked the cage for us.without wasting much time.folake and i came out.i was very weak like wise her.but that was not the time to show weakness..(angrly)seyi stared at me and said.
SEYI. Is not over yet.we will finish this later but for now.we have to run for our life.
I stared back at her and said..thank you..immediately.i held folake’s hand and we made to run.but unfortunately.JC and the other five gang landed.runnnn!!seyi shouted to us.we took our heel and run as fast as our leg could carry us.i was leading the way.folake was behinde me.and seyi was last..bastards.boys don’t allow any of them to excape.non of them should excape..that was Jc’s voice.he said to his notorious boys.five in number.on hearing those words.i increased my speed.still holding folake.she was panting very hard.but i never gave up on her the gown she wore was giving her tough time to run.she removed it.remaining only her unders.the boys them including Jc went after us.chasing us like a hunter that was chasing an antelope.with there guns.
We were still runing.seyi was behinde us..folake was breathing with her whole strenght.her speed reduced but i held her tight.unfortunately she hit her leg on a stone and fell down.which made me and seyi to stop.
What happened?seyi asked.i looked down at her leg and saw that she was seriously wonded.she groan in pain.tears was already dropping from her eyes.
ME.folake.please lets go.we have no time.those guys are coming after us.
SEYI. ma’am we have no time here.they will soon meet us.and you know what that means to us.
FOLAKE:*in tears*i can’t continue leg is seriously hurting me.i can’t stand up nor run again.
I looked up and saw that Jc them.were seriously getting closer to us.
SEYI.f–k.what are we going to do now.eeeh.
I looked at folake laying helplesly on the ground.i went closer and lifted her up to my shoulder.she was damm heavy.we made to go.but i heard a gun shot from close range.i looked back and saw seyi laying helplesly on the a pool of blood.seyyyyi!i shouted.she looked at me in pain.and

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