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My life’s diary – Season 1 Episode 2

I was in my room laying down hopelesly.when my old c2 nokia phone ring.i looked at the screen and found out that it was unknown number calling.i hesitate for a while before i finally picked the call.
ME.hello please.who is this?.
CALLER. Hello sir.please am i up to chidubem john?.
ME:Yes.please who is this?. are speaking with mr Ade from MK
Immediately i head the name.i stood up from my laying hear the caller very well.coz i sumitted my CV with them.for a very long time.
ME:okay sir.go ahead.
MR ADE:you are called to come for an interview on thursday morning.come along with you cridentials while coming.the interview will start by 10am thursday morning.good bye.(he hung the call).
I wasn’t happy nor sad with the news.coz that wasn’t my first time of sitting for an interview.
I washed and starched the only new shirt i have.i iron it very well both the black trouser that only new trouser left for me.i clean and polish my old black shoe.and kept them. I arranged my cridentials in my file and kept them at my reading table inside my room.

THURSDAY finally came as expected.i woke up very early.i took my bath and ate the left over pourage yam in the house.i dress up with my well iron shirt and trouser. check the time and it was 7am already.i took my cridentials and left the avoid traffic wahala.
The journey from my house to MK two hours and thirty a little bit 9.30am i was standing face to face with one of the biggest company in town.MK DONX.i went inside the company and saw multitude of people who came for the same interview.neat young guys/girls some with classic cars who came for the same dressing was nothing compare with ones i saw.mine was like a rag to there own dressing.i automatically counted myself out to get the job.i was dejected and ashamed of what i wore.God.

if you help me to get this job.i will forever be grateful to you.infact i will divide my first salary into two and give you one.please i have suffered me.i prayed to myself.
One hour later.the interview.kicked off.some minutes later.i was called to go and face my faith.
I went in and the person that was handling the interview.ordered me to sit down.i sat.then he start.
MD.your name is chidubem john. right.
ME:yes sir.(i handed my photor copy credentials to him).
MD.why do you need this job.and how will you make an impact to the developement and glory of this company.if you are employe?.
ME:sir.first of all.i need the job for financial reasons.and as a young man i am. i promise to put in all my best by working help the company grow further.i won’t let the company down.if am employe. have spoken well.come back on monday for your result.luckly if you pass you will start work the following day.okay.
ME:okay sir.thank you sir. I stood up and left the premecise.
I boarded a bike home. with the only dirty two hundred naira left with me.hoping that monday should come ASAP.coz i know that i will surely get the job. I got home and met my mother at the sitting room.
ME:good afternoon.mum.
She kept silent and hissed loud.i didn’t care for her behaviour coz it wasn’t her first time of doing am use to it.i made to go when she called me back.
MOTHER.dube or whatever yo call yourself. were are you coming from?.
ME:i went for an interview mother.
MOTHER.always going for an interview.those ones you have gone before.what did you get from it?.
ME:mother.don’t say that.this one is going to be very sure that i will get this job.
MOTHER.that is your own business.who finish that pourage yam that i kept at the pot last night?.
ME:it’s me.
MOTHER.who told you to eat it.didn’t you eat your own last night?eeh tell it has gotten to be entering my kitchen any time you like.without my..(i cut her in.
ME:mother.please.why don’t you allow me to have peace of mind in this i the only person that don’t have a job in this town?just because of ordinary pourage are insulting me.i don’t like it at all.instead of you to pray and encourage get a good job and take care of you.rather you are pushing me aside
MOTHER:so you have grown up enough to exchange words with me right?you dare open this your smelly mouth to talk back at me.shameless child.i regretted giving birth to you.look at what your mates are doing for there mother.buying wrappers.jewelries and even cars.for there mother.and you are here eaten my left over food everyday.are you not ashame of yourself?answer me.
ME:see mother.i don’t have your time.but i promise you.i will suprise you one day in a big way.mark my word.i pray you shall leave and see my success.
I said to her and left to my room.what kind of a mother is this.who only care for material things. than her son’s life.she said that she regretted giving birth to me.while me.i regretted having her as a mother.

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