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My life’s diary – Season 1 Episode 19

I and mrs folake was able to know each othe better.upon our condition we gisted as if we had known each other for years.she also told me that she has two kids.a boy 5years old and a girl 3years old respectively.
30 minutes later…i saw a figure aproaching us.i looked up and behold it was Jc and three other guys coming.immediately i started shaking and figeting.i wish the ground should open and swallo me.he was looking mean as smiling.folake wasn’t exceptional.she was also panicing.i looked around whether i could see seyi among them.but she wasn’t with them.
Mr fresh my guy.the runaway soldier.chai!longest are you feeling this cool morning?hope you are enjoying the new environment with your new partner.hmmm.good to see you once again…..that was the voice of no other person but Jc.he came closer to me and held my head in his palm…poor you..he said.
ME.*panting*Jc what do you want.were is charity and my family?..remember we have a deal.
JC.easy bro.we still have a long way to go.your charity is fine were ever she wise your relaxe.coz you won’t see them again.okay.*smiled* are a monster.a devil.a will regret this.i promise you.(even though i have no hope again)…
After saying those words to him.the next thing i head on my cheek was.kpoaa kpoaa kpoaa kpoaa kpozaa..five heavy loud slap landed on my two cheek..jesus.folake shouted from the other edge of the cage.the sound of the slap could make a pregnant woman to have a miscariage.only the sound o…after gotten the eyes started showing me many strong things.every were became dark and bloody to me.i instantly forgot my name and my mission here.the forest became like a desert to me.i couldn’t see any tree again.i don’t know whether to cry or laugh.i don’t know when i started smiling. coz the slap disfigured my brain.
Jc went ahead and gave me another loaded blow on my jaw.the blow brought me to my normal self again.i became normal instantly but i was still hearing some funny sound inside my ear…jc then spoke. time don’t ever in your life call me names again.between you and i.who is a monster.eeeh tell me.aren’t you the one that brought this upon your self.tell me why did you runaway from your wanted to eat with the devil with a short spoon.i warned you earlier.but you decided to play deadly game with me.i have been in this game before you.i’m a you are just a notice.runing away from us is just a waste of the end see were it landed you.i’m sorry my friend or my is going to be your last day on this earth.
As for you.(pointing at folake with the gun.she was busy sweat formed all over her body.)tomorrow is gonna be your last day.if your billionare husband can’t meet up with our demand.i have warned him not to involve the if he loves you and want to see you again.he better do something fast.he have only 30 hours left.
Turn and faced me.i couldn’t help but spite on his face..
Immediately his face turn to a real just spite at me?.before i could answer him…he pulled out his pistol.krakraa.pooo..he release a shot on my left arm..i shout and shouted in pain.blood was oozing out like a water tap..i cried bitterly.i called for death but death was faraway from me..
You won’t to prove hard man abi.bastard.he kicked me twice at my JMAN under my leg.the pain became x10 to me.i couldn’t cry again.i was wishing he should kill me once and for all.than bearing this pain..folake was criying. begging them to spare hands was still tying with rope.some minutes later.i was able to open my mouth and said.
ME.jc.please before you kill me.can i make a request?.(i said panting.blood had already covered my body.)
JC.(with an evil smile)go ahead and make your last request mr fresh.
ME.please and please.i want to see charity and my family for the last time.(fighting to catch a breath) request is will see them.and atleast say your last goodbye to them.
He commanded two of his boys to go and bring them were ever they keep them…please dube don’t will make it please..folake said to me.*crying*
some minutes later.the boys came back alone without any of them.
WHERE ARE THEY?jc asked the boys.
BOY1.boss. we couldn’t find them. do you mean by you couldn’t find that a joke or what. not a joke boss.we got were we kept them.but the cage was wide open.we searched and searched.but we couldn’t find any of them.
JC.(he rose like an angry lion)God.i can’t believe my guys are can you boys be so stupid.were is Seyi?.
BOY1.she is no were to be found too.
JC.eeeeh.lets the other guys we are going after them..he commanded the boys.
BOY2.what about him.(pointing at me).
JB.we will finish him later.
With full speed.they left.

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