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My life’s diary – Season 1 Episode 18

i think men’s great capacity for pain proves his immortal birthright.i am sure.
No merely human mind could bear the strain of some tremendous sorrows we endure.
Art’s most ingenious breakworks fail lenght.beat by the mighty billows of the sea.
Only the God formed shores.posses the strenght to stand before their onslaughts and not flee.
The structure that we build with careful toil.the tempest lays to ruins in an hour.while some grand tree that springs forth from the bended but not broken by its power.
Unless our souls had root in soil divine.
We could not bear earth’s overwhelming strife.
The fiercest pain that i felt racks heart of mine.
Convinces me of an everlasting life.
The pain that i feel but can’t touch.
The pain i know of.but can’t explain.
A pain thats so feirce.that nearly made me go insane.
The unknown pain that clutches my heart.and burns my soul.i was so weak to carry the pains that clouds my mind.
That was the pain that i felt the moment i loss concionsness.i felt like a dead man while i’m still alive. will i ever excape from the hands of those beast in human form?only time will tell.

I regain concionsness and woke up.i looked around and found myself in another environment.every were was full with big trees.which tells me that i’m inside a was early morning did i get here.?i tried to think on what lead me here.but my brain wasn’t responding.after a long thought.gradually.i started remembering everything that happen.startin from the time i heard a voice thats says. you finally made it mr fresh.before i could turn to the direction of the voice. i was injected with a unknown guy.immediately.i loss unconcions.and finally.i fould myself here.but it was dark then.that means i had been sleeping for the past 8 hours.eeeh!what did they do to me.what king of injection was that? will never go well with you.
I wanted to move my leg.but i couldn’t move.i tried again it was the wise my hand.what is wrong with me.why can’t i move?.i looked up and found out tha. i’m in a cage.not only that.i was also tie with a strong thin rope.that had been drowing inside my flesh.i couldn’t move nor shake.
I also found out that i was clotheless.i only had my boxershort with me.what.were are my clothes?chai!those beast removed my clothe from my body.what about the gun?.eeeh!i’m finish.infact i’m death.*crying* i wanted to sit down on the gage.but the rope on my hand won’t let me.i felt pains all over my if i was jam by trailer.
U are awake boy.(a feminine voice said from the other side of the cage) i managed to look to the direction of the was a lady’s voice.probably in her late30’s.her body structure and her shining skin.shows that she is very rich.very beautiful and fair in what a her age she is still beautiful and is good indeed. But what is she doing inside the cage with me?thats a question that she must answer.
Who are you?.i asked.i was here before you so you should be the one i should ask that question.she replied.
*mitcheew* You are not ready to talk.when you get tell.i replied without looking at her.
You are very hash .you don’t even have manners at all..any way.i’m mrs folake.she said staring at me.expecting me to tell her mine own name.
I’m dube.
FOLAKE.what kind of a name is that?.igbo name right.
ME.yea.chidubem but in short form.dubem. what brought you here.are you one of those gang?.
ME.*fool* is a long story ma’am.
FOLAKE.just tell me.who knows.we might help ourselves.
I told her everything that happened between me and them.without hiding anything.. a pity.your story was quit sad.but you were the one that made the wouldn’t have join them at the first brought the mess on your self.and now you are facing the consequency.this life is full of lesson.don’t ever start what you won’t finish.coz it might come back to hurt you.well the deal has been done.the best thing to do is to find a solution.
ME. Yea.and you.what brought your here?. dear.i was kidnapped by those men yesterday morning.on my way to the air port .i don’t know what they did to me.i loss the time i woke up.i found myself here.i don’t even know how i got here.
ME.eayah! is a pity.have they contact your people.what about your husband? husband is a successful business man.he has one of the largest company in the country and some part of the continent.
ME.that means. you guys are rich.
FOLAKE.well if you say so.yea we are very rich.we lack nothing.i gave the gang his contact.they called him and they requested for two hundred million for the ransome.that if he didn’t get the money from two days time.he will never see me again.
ME.what.two hundred will die young o.what is he going to do with such amount of money.
FOLAKE*in tears* i’m scared right now.i don’t wanna die.i beg them to reduce the money.but they refused.

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