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My life’s diary – Season 1 Episode 17

for the next two to three hour.i was still battling with my thought on what to do.i had no friend around that i can call on.for an assistant.i wouldn’t had bothered myself if it was only my so called mother involved.she is wicked.if there was another name for wickedness.i would have use it on her.i would have allow the gang to do whatever they wish to do with her.she never.showed me motherly love.since my jss1.nor any genuie advise as a mother.all she care was to demand for money every time as if she gave me any money to keep for her.she likes material things more than her own was only my father that took care of my well beeing through out my my small little savings that helped me in the university…although she is still my mother.i can’t allow her to die in the hand of those hearthless men.including my sister and expecially my charity.ooh can’t either jc kill me or i kill him. non of them will die.i can’t afford to loss charity and my only sister.but as for my mother.her case is by the way.
JC’s advise was still ringing in my head.DON’T CALL THE COPS IF YOU STILL WANT TO SEE ANY OF THEM AGAIN.but how does he expect me not to call the cops in this kind of situation.
Noo.i will go with his advise.i won’t call the any cops.i’m the one the brought the mess upon i’m gonna clean the mess alone.even though i will die at the process.i won’t mind.but i promise Jc.i won’t die alone.
I searched for my pistol and found it under the bed.were i hide it from avoid questions from her.that i won’t like to answer.
I know i didn’t tell you guys that i had a pistol.don’t ask me how i got it.coz that will be a story for another day.*wink*
i took the well loaded pistol.stared at it.and called jc’s name three times.i kept it under the matress.coz someone might come in and caught me with it.i don’t have any genuie answer to give to the police.on what i was doing with a gun.they might even accuse me of a crime that i didn’t even plain to do.that is our police for you.some times they are the best thing is to avoid there wahala..
I checked the was 6:30pm.i only have some hours left.i started preparing for the adventure ahead of me.the adventure that i never know whether i will come back alive or survival is in the hand of the almight God.
No need to i just wore a jean trouser and T.shirt.with all-star shoe that i bought some days back.i took the pistol that was under the matress.i layed the gun at the back of the clothe that i wore.i covered it very well so that it won’t be notice.i stood for a while.i looked up and said a short prayer with tears in my eyes.
God.i don’t know what my fate will be in this deadly adventure.please be with me.i know that you will never turn your back on your son.but if i don’t survive it.i beg you to forgive and take me with you.AMEN.
After the short prayer.i took my bag and left the hotel room.the people at the reception.were banging me with alot of questions.but i paid deaf ear and left.i took a bike and we zoomed off to the park.were i could get a bus that will take me to my town.we got to the park.i paid the bike man.and luckly. without wasting much time.i got a bus that was going to my town.some minutes later.the bus took off.
1hour later. we got to my home town.i paid and came heart was beating very some one that was sentenced to life imprisonment.beside what is the different between life imprisonment and this adventure.i started walking to the venue that Jc gave to me(heart still beating faster).i boarded like two bike.before i could reach the destination.checked the was almost 9pm in the evening.every were was already dark.but i kept going with the help of the touche light i came with.i stroll to the deep forest that was describe to me by was hard locating the area.for another one hour.i was searching to the road that lead to the forest.i checked the discribtion that he sent to me.and another thirty minutes.i finally found the road.i pulled the pistol out from my trouser.and was moving slowly.fear was writting all over my body.i was sweating and panting very hard.
I walked for like 20 that dark forest.i don’t know why Jc took them to the forest.instead of his house we normal meet.i looked continue the journey.the next thing i heard was.a voice from behinde .which says..
YOU FINALLY MADE IT MR FRESH.before i could turn to the direction of the voice.i felt something like a syringe that i didn’t auspicate flew into my neck.i quickly made to remove the hand that held the syringe.but it was too late.the syringe release all the liquid content on my neck..immediately.i loss balance.every were became more dark to me.i couldn’t see any other thing.i loss concious.and fell down.that was the only thing i could remember.

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