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My life’s diary – Season 1 Episode 16

I went back to the hotel room thinking of what to do next.the hotel management has already assured me that the will invite the police immediately.30 minutes later the police came.we narrated and discribe everything that happened to them.both the armed men and charity.the D.p.o gave us telling us that they gonna fine charity for me.and make sure the armed men will be executed.bla bla bla.i gave them charity’s picture for more investigation.and to help fine her.
I wasn’t convinced with there promise yet untill i set my eyes on my charity.she is the only comforter that i have.she is the only one that understand me.she knows when i’m happy and when i’m not.she hardly get angry.always happy.although some times we argue for one thing or the other.that is normal think in every relationship.she was like an angel that was sent from take care of me.she is beautiful.she has everything that you need in a woman.ooh charity.please were ever they take you to.please come back to me.i need you more than anything now.
I was still thinking for more than two hours.i started feeling sudden headache.still nothing positive came up
SOME MINUTES phone started ringing.i didn’t care to pick or check whosever that was disturbing my rings for the second answer.the idiot never gave up on calling.i became very angry.i took the phone to smashed it on the wall.when i saw that it was unknown number that was calling….who is this bastard that won’t let me be.*i said to myself*.
finally.i press the green key on the phone.
ME.*angry tone* yea.who tha hell is this?.
CALLER. fresh fresh.longest time.
Why is he calling me did he knows that.fresh was my old name..wait o.nobody knows that my name fresh.except except eerm Jc and the othe gang.eeeh.who did they get this my new line.something must be wrong some were.are they with charity?.
ME. Sorry who is this?.*panting*.
CALLER.aah so you change your old line. so that you don’t want to finish what you started.hahahahaha.runaway soldier.
ME.* feeling uncomfortable*please am still lost. now you suppose to know who you are speaking with.any way.i will tell you.JC.
ME. where did you get my line.what do you want?.
JC.hahahaha.are you suprise.boy you should not be.i warned you that you can’t run away from me.i’m every were.didn’t i?you even change your line and run away with your love.what is her name again.eerm charity. so that i won’t get you.but you failed.
ME.*almost in tears* what do you want.were is charity.what did you do to her?.
JC.well well well.she is fine for now.but if you still want to see them know what to do. do you mean by them?.
JC.ooh.i forgot to tell you.your mother and your only sister are also with us.since two days ago.they have been eaten our food for free.but everything is gonna end this night.
ME.please please Jc.don’t hurt them.i beg you.i’m ready to do anything that you want me to do.but please don’t hurt my family and my wife. that case.i won’t hurt them only if you can play with the rules.
ME.which is.
JC.we have unfinish business.i give you 24 hours to come back to us.and face whatever you see.time starts to do that.then you will blame yourself on whatever that will happen to them.expecially that your beautiful oyoyo.i know you won’t like her to get hurt.but i promise you.i will personally rape her to death.including that your fine sister and your mother.if you fail to show up.*laughs*don’t dare me.
ME.please i beg u jc.don’t do that to them.i’m ready to face whatever that will come up.please.
JC.young are wasting my time.remember the time.24 hours.your time starts now. al alright.i’m on my way.but what is the deal?.
JC.the deal is that.if you show up before 24 hours.then i will let the three of them go.but after 24 hours and you didn’t show.sorry for what will happen to them.
ME.*panting*alright i will be there soon.
JC. one more thing.don’t invite the police.don’t even think of it.or.
ME.i won’t.
JC. i repeat.don’t invite the know i’m more don’t play any game….(the line went off).

Eeeeh!is this how my life we just end like that?had i know.had i know.*crying*how will i start from here now.i’m a dead will i explain this to my God.what about my family.and charity.what will be there faith.when i’m gone.he serious warned me not to invite the cops.should i invite them?coz i’m very confused on what to do right now.i have no time.i have to think for a solution ASAP.

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