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My life’s diary – Season 1 Episode 15

Every since charity told me that her sister Seyi want to see mind wasn’t at rest.difference thought were runing on my will seyi react when she found out that i’m his sister’s boyfriend.won’t she fight to stop our relationship?.i asked myself so many questions. but got no reply.
The next day which was the day our payment will expired.
The hotel management also came and informed us about it.but we told them nothing genuie.
Around 11am the same day.i wanted to browse with my phone but i found out that i got no air time.i decided to go out. and purchase two hundred naira air time.on my way out from the hotel.i saw a black jeep that park withing the environment.i wanted to go but something drew back to look at the jeep very well.i obey and stared inside the jeep.the glass was i was able to see inside the car.
I looked and saw three men in black.also each of them wore a black google glass.they weren’t smiling at all..there faces looks familiar.i wanted to move closer to check who they are. but i declined and continue my journey.i spent like thirty minutes outside.coz i also went to the nearby cyber browse and check my mail.
Through out my stay at the mind wasn’t at rest.i don’t know why.i wasn’t comfortable with those men that i saw in the jeep.i decided to call know how she was doing.but she wasn’t picking her call.i called her again and again.still no answer.i became worried and decided to go back to the hotel and see her.
Some minutes later….i got to the hotel premises. i couldn’t found the jeep any more.including the men.maybe they have gone.i said to myself.who knows what they were looking for.
I went inside our room.and called i got no response from her.i called again.the same.where is this girl na?i asked myself.
I moved to the bathroom.and searched for her.still i didn’t even see her shadow not to talk of her real self.i was worried.scared and confused at the same time.i hope nothing bad had happened to my charity o.i said almost in tears.i even checked on her inside the wardrop.under the bed and inside the fridge.i scattered every were.still no sign of charity.i called her all the pet names that i use to call her.chai! Charity refused to answer me.which left me more scared.chaaaaaaaaarity.i shouted her name.but nothing came up.tears had started dropping from my eyes already.
Oh God.were is my charity.were did she go na without even informed me.what of if they take her?no no can’t happen na.beside who will take her.nobody even know us around here.may be she had gone out to get something.infact let me call her line again.
I took my phone. dialled her number.some seconds later.the phone started ringing from the other side of the room.i moved closer to were the ringing tone was coming from.and saw that it was charity’s phone that was ringing…. Ooh!she left her phone and went out.poor girl!she would have take her phone and go any were she wanted to go na.she just kept me worried.this girl self.i said to myself. I took the phone and wanted to go when i saw something that drew my attention.i looked up and saw something like a blood that stain the wall.i moved closer and touched the red liquid was a blood…jesus!!!i shouted.what happened.who owns this blood.did anybody got where is my charity?.
That was when it occured in my mind that they might have attacked and took charity away.the time i went to purchase the air time.but who must be that na.those men that i saw at the car.yes it might be them.i said it that there faces looks familiar to me.but i was so foolish not to suspect them or come back.even though that i came back.i would have been the victim.maybe they searched for me and they didn’t get me.and they decided to take charity.but how did they know this address.i couldn’t get an answer. JC at work.oh God why me.i cried the level that i couldn’t cry again.i consoled myself.i stood up and went to the hotel receptionist to ask them.what happened the time i went out.
REC.yes sir.45 minutes ago.three black men just left with your wife.she was of the men carried her.
ME.what.she was unconcious.and you couldn’t stop them for proper investigation nor even call me on my phone.are you guys so dump this way.
REC.sorry sir.we tried calling you.but your line you gave us wasn’t reachable.we tried it so many times.but the signal remain the same.they said that you were the one that sent them to take your wife to the hospital.that she wasn’t feeling okay.they said they are your brothers.we couldn’t help but to let them go with her.coz she was almost at the point of death.she had a deep cut on her head too.that was why we let them go so that they would take her to the hospital as they said.we are sorry sir.if there is any incoveniences.
ME.*in tears*i didn’t sent them.i wasn’t the one that sent them.why did you guys let them they have kidnappe her.wat will i do.

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