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My life’s diary – Season 1 Episode 13

It was 10:30pm in the and i started our journey to another town.far away to my own town.the journey lasted 1:30 11:45pm.we came down from the bus and was strolling down the no were in particular.on our stopped and faced me.
ME.dear.what is it?
CHARITY.*panting* i can’t continue this journey any more.
ME.*face her*why.what happened?
CHARITY.i’m tired. hungry and tasty.
ME.hmmm.please don’t give up.lets go down more.and see if we could get something to eat and drink.
CHARITY.but were particular are we going.were are we gonna sleep.what is the time.?.
I looked at my wrist watch.
ME.11:59 pm.
CHARITY.ooh my’s almost 12.what are we going to do now.were are we going to sleep?.please dear.i’m tired of something. are right.lets go and lodge in any hotel aroud here for the main time.
CHARITY.i think that will be better.
We both bought some snacks coz nowere to buy food.we left for a near by hotel in that midnight.we searched for any hotel around for another 30 minutes.before finally we saw one hotel called.chucks hotel.
We got there and after some questions by the security men.we went inside and met the receptionist.we paid for a room for two weeks.she gave us the key to the room number we paid for and we left with our bags.
We got inside the room.and the room was okay.immediately.we ate and drank the snacks and the soft drink we bought.the hunger in us instantly reduced.
CHARITY.let us go and bath. mean both of us?.
CHARITY. yea.i’m afraid to go alone.
ME. Alright.i’m with you.lets go.
She removed her clothes and bra.including her pant.before i could say any other word.she was completely naked before me.front and back.i was staring at her.mouth open.i don’t know what else to body was getting the signal.but i wasn’t in the mood to do such thing.i have a war waiting for time to f–k.but if she give me.hmmm.i go take m o.(body no be plank na).
Her voice brought me back to life.
CHARITY. hey.are you going to stand here forever staring at me.remove your clothe lets go and bath.or are you shy?.
ME.*clear throat* me shy?no am not shy.but what i’m seeing is affecting my thing.sorry i mean my body.
CHARITY. naughty you.lets go jooh.
Without wasting any much time.i removed my clothe.and together we went to the bathroom.although my thing was hard.but i didn’t let her to see it.her body was tempting too.but man gat to controll himself.
We bath together.10 minutes later.after the bath.we went back to the room together.
She wore one of my shirt and basketball short. She climbed ontop of the bed and said.
CHARITY.good night.
ME.*just like that?*
CHARITY.what did you said.
ME.ooh nothing.good night.
She back me.and slept off. I couldn’t sleep.i was wondering what Jc and his gang will be doing now.probably looking for me.or they have gone for the night operation.i hope my people are safe.what about’s am i going to tell charity that her sister is among the Jc’s gang.if Seyi eventually found out that i’m dating her sister.i’m sure she won’t let that happen.she would do everything for me to leave her criminal would like a follow criminal to date his/her sister.but i’m not a criminal na.or am i?.how long will i continue to hide from those notorious gang.ooh God.i need your help more than anything now.
Check the time it was some minutes past woke up and saw me still awake. are not yet sleeping.what is the matter? *she asked with care*
ME.dear don’t worry.i’m fine.not really feeling sleepy. is okay.i know how you are feeling right now.but i want us to have faith in God.i assured you that everything gonna be fine.we will have victory at last.please stop thinking.okay.
ME.*smiled*okay.thank you.i am very proud and happy to have someone like you by my side.i call you my comforter.
CHARITY.*smiled*thank you darling.i love you.
ME.i love you more.(kiss her)
CHARITY.please hold me tight. lets sleep.
I held her as she command.she smiled and slept off again.still i couldn’t sleep.sleep was faraway from me.what a life self.

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