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My life’s diary – Season 1 Episode 12

Please charity.wait and here me out abeg.
I tried all my best to convince her.before she finally agreed.
I’m not a criminal as you accused me.other wise i wouldn’t be telling you this.i would have keep it as a secret between me.
I agreed to join them earlier because of the threat and to save myself.but now i don’t wanna go back to that place again.
CHARITY.what do you mean?.
ME.i’m saying that i’m not interested again.
CHARITY.aren’t they gonna come after you?.those people are dangerious for God sake.
ME.exceptly what i’m saying i’m speaking with you right now.JC and the other gang are waiting for me for the night operation.i just managed to cook a lie for him.before he let me go.from this moment now.our lifes are in great danger.coz any moment from now.if i didn’t join them for they night operation.i’m automatically there worst i’m afraid.*i said panting*.
CHARITY.wait do you mean by looking for i among?.
ME.*silent*… to me do you mean by us.*she said in tears*. sorry baby.jc said if they didn’t get me.they will take any of my love family members or my girlfriend.he even knows your name.he threathen to shoot you.if i try and excape.that why i was saying.lets runaway.lets excape to another town were we can hide for the main time.i have some money that will sustain us for months.
CHARITY.*in tears*it’s easy to say abi.what about your family members.are you still gonna runaway with them?.dubem. see the mess you have brought upon your self.i warned you.i warned you earlier.but you want to make tell me where is the money.where is the money now.that Jc is a beast.a bastard.a murdere.a criminal.God oh God.*she cried out loud rolling on the rug*.
ME.i’m sorry baby.forgive me for this mess i brought upon us.i never knew things will get bad like this.had i know.i would have stuck to your advise.but the deal had been done.lets find a solution…..forgive me*knelt down beside her*.
CHARITY.ooh dube.if not that i love you.i would have kiss this relationship goodbye..any way i forgive you.
ME.thank you dear.God bless you.*i said huging her*
CHARITY.if we eventually runaway as you said.what about your mum.your dad.and your two siblings.are they not important to you?.your gang might come after know they are dangerious.
ME.*frown face*they are not my gang.i don’t belong to any gang again.
CHARITY.but you were once there member na.isn’t it?.
CHARITY.can’t you talk dube.are you deaf now.your family are they not important to you?. as confuse as anything.i don’t know what to say now.of course they are important to me.but all of us can’t runaway together.please lets go first.i will make arranging for them. then it will be too late.why not inform the cops.lets inform the police about it.i think that will be more save than runing away.
I check the time and it was already 8:30pm.JC would be trying my broken line by by now.him and his gang would have been waiting for me by now.ooh God. are right about about informing police.but we have to find a safe place first please.
CHARITY.i need to inform my sister.
Eeeh!why can’t this girl understand me for once.
Should i tell her that her sister is among the gang.will she believe me?no i don’t think she will ever believe me.i think it’s not right to tell her for now.but how am i gonna convince her not to call her.
Before i could conclude on what to do.i looked up and saw her dialling a number.what.hope she is not calling her o.she placed the one on her left ear… who are you calling?. sister of course.
CHARITY.ooh God…
ME.what happened?.
CHARITY.her phone switched off.*frown face*
ME.*thank God*.we have no time again.can we go now?.*i took my hp bag.which contain some of my clothes and some of my important cridentials*.
CHARITY.i need to take some of my clothes too.but which town are we going?.
ME.don’t worry.lets go and take your stuff first. i’m afraid.*sobbing*.
ME.don’t be afraid dear.i will protect you.even though it will cost me my life.i won’t mind.i’m the one that brought the mess.i will also clean it alone.all i need is your corperation..
CHARITY.i love you.although you cost it.but i will not let you suffer alone.we will clean the mess together.*hugging me in tears*.
ME.thank you dear.thanks for your understanding.i own you alot.*held her tight*.
CHARITY.i pray that nothing should happen to your family.and i hope all this will soon be over.
ME.i wish so.
It was already 10pm in the evening.i and charity left my room together.i didn’t inform my parent that i was living.since they didn’t care to know my way about.
I followed charity to her house with a bike.she picked some of her clothes in a small bag.and off we went.i got to the near by ATM and withdrew some cash. What now?.she asked.

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