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My life’s diary – Season 1 Episode 11

Charity came in the evening as she promise.that was one of the reason i love her.she always keep her promise.
She came and sat down on my bed.i wasn’t looking happy because of Jc’s threat.she notice that and asked. aren’t looking happy.what is the matter.are you not happy to see me?.
ME.why not.i’m happy to see you.
CHARITY.then what is to me.this is not dube i use to know.
ME.i’m fine dear just that i’m very hungry.*i lied*
my problem now is i don’t know how to start explaining.i was very confused.i started praying to God to save me from the mess i brought upon myself.
CHARITY.*smiled*is that why you look unhappy?.don’t worry i will get you something to eat.oya smile for me na.
I force out fake smile.minutes later.she brought a place of rice for me.i wasn’t hungry but i just force myself to eat the food.after eaten the food.
ME.dear thanks have save me from the boundage of hunger today.thanks. are welcome sweetheart.i’m glade that you are happy again.*smiling* i love you.
ME.i love you more dear.
She came closer to me and relax her head on my shoulder. Ooh God.i don’t want to hurt this girl. After a long silent.i asked her. baby tell many siblings do you have.
CHARITY.only elder sister.
ME.*clear throat* what is her name.were is she and what is she doing for a living?.
CHARITY.well.presently she is leaving at the main town.she is working and her name is SEYI.
Heey i don seyi is truely her sister.what am i going to do enermy now is my girlfriend sister. aren’t saying anything.are you okay?.
ME.yes yes i am said she is working now.what type of work is she doing?.
CHARITY.i don’t know o.she never told me.but she once told me that she is working in a big company.that was long time ago.
So robbery is now a big company.may God save us all.
ME.okay no problem.
I check the time and it was 6:30pm. I have no time again.and charity said she will leave any moment from now. I was still thinking of what to either i tell her the whole scene and save her from Jc and his gang.or i leave it.but what of if i tell her and at the end she will get annoy and end our relationship. i’m afraid.i don’t want to loss charity.what do i do now. I was carried away with my though.that i didn’t know when charity was calling my name.
ME.did you call my name?*i asked*.
CHARITY.dubem.what were you thinking?.
ME.nothing.why asking?. did you mean by nothing. i have been calling you for the past two minutes.but you weren’t responding.since i came in here.your mood has been dull.please talk to me what is the it about the job or money or whatever?.just talk to me.i hate to see you in this know you are my one and only.(she peck me)
ME.(i wish i could tell you).come on charity.i said nothing.i’m fine.
CHARITY.*straight face* when did you start hidden something from me?.if you can’t share your problem with me. your girlfriend.i wonder who you will share it with.if you don’t wanna talk to me.then count me out.i will never come back here again.and you will never see me again.(she threaten.took her bag and made to go.i stood up and held her hand was shaken ).
ME.eerm am sorry dear.don’t be offended.but can i trust you.(she nodded) i want to tell you something.but you have to promise me that you won’t be mad at me.and we will run away together.
CHARITY.alright i won’t be mad at you i promise.but i don’t understand what you meant by runaway together.can you please explain.and why did you suddenly change your line.
ME.yea.that was the reason why i broke my old see.that my friend that i told you that promise to connect me to his business.
CHARITY.yes i remember.but you havn’t told me how it all went.what is the business all you suceed.bla bla bla(please allow me to finish na.sweet mouth).
ME.that is what i’m saying.he took me and introduce me to his business.and*i pause and became silent*.
CHARITY.yes.i’m listening.
I got to his house.hoping that it was a good business.but i was my greatest friend is a notorious robber.he is a high way criminal.( fell down and tears was seriously dropping from her eyes).
He asked me to join them.i refused and wanted to move out from his house.but i was stopped by the other of his gang.he threaten me to join them or i will never see the earth again.i had no choice than to…(she cut in ).
CHARITY.*sobs tone* you had no choice than to join them you are now a wanted own boyfriend is now a notorious robber.ooh God.i can’t believe this.but i warned you earlier.didn’t i?.i warned you not to go but you refused.saying the business is not look at you.please pardon me to say this.i can’t date a criminal.i need to go please.*she cried out loud.more tears dropping from her eyes*.
ME.before you go.can you please allow me to finish what i started.*i beg her*.

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