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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 9

My Life

My Life


2 weeks had gone by already and things weren’t getting any better between me and Sandra, the worst part of it all was Paul arrived port-Harcourt since and was yet to come see me … I had tried reaching out to Aunty Rachel [Sandra’s sis ] and explained things to her she promised to talk to her but there’s no light at the end of this tunnel … infact I was beginning to give up on the relationship ever working out again but the funny thing is I was still growing in love with her as the days went by; its funny how life could play its funny tricks on you by sending you into the coven of love and becoming a slave to its ploy.. Things were working out for me @ ACHIEVERS’ HIGH INT’L

SCHOOL: I had grown a strong bond with Nelly, Nife and Tola … they were my gossip partners …Uncle Joe was really a pillar in school and I had open up to him about the incessant threats I had been receiving from Stanley, the arrogant and self-acclaimed School King and his doll, Michelle Simpson … I had turned 15 already and I has climbing the pillar of life in a somewhat smooth sail, you guys remembered Lisa from my first encounter in Ph; well, we had seen twice these past weeks and I found out she was friends with Sandy, Sandra’s immediate elder sis that schooled at University of Port-Harcourt …

I Had my crew in school too, Sammy,a chubby short and puppy faced boy was a cute a—–e, Dean the Principal’s son, he was one hell of a bloody built mancho and was crushing on Nelly but I was yet to figure out while Nelly hadn’t accepted him upon his continuous advances and open protests towards her and finally Nelly, she was the brain of the entire crew, she could be crazily annoying at times but hell she was one funny beauty to be around ..and I was also a bit close to Miss Hilda, I got to find out she was Sammy’s elder sis as well …

we were introverts and minded our business really well, I was also part of the school football team and was greatly admired by all.. little did I know that As things get better, the greater the tendency of them falling apart…

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I groaned ceaselessly on my bed ..” ITS MONDAY AGAIN ” .. my newly purchased Samsung Galaxy A50 ranged underneath my pillow ( I got to say.. Uncle Dan has been doing alright and I believed my coming into his life was a huge blessing on the man, He travelled more, got more jobs and I also did some favors for him like running menial errands and all that ) ..who go dea call me by this time ? I checked the caller and it was SAMMY .. Ahh !!! don’t this boy sleep ….

“Hello” I blared out from my end of the call..

SAMMY : hello sleeper cell, How’re you doing and how’s your night ?

STEVE : Oga, I’m fine eyaa … And to what do I owe this call early this morning ? abi you know sleep

SAMMY : Guy, there’s fire on the mountain oh, I eavesdropped on my big sis telling Aunt Jacqueline on the phone that Michelle requested the football team coach to pull you out of the team that will be traveling to Abuja for the competition..

STEVE : (I was shocked … that was my life long dream) what ??? How could she do that ? moreover, who the fvck does she think she is ? ordering people around ???

SAMMY : well, the issue is that Miss Jacqueline said she will try persuading the coach to let you in but the problem is that Mr. Popov the almighty owner of ACHIEVERS’ HIGH INT’L SCHOOL will be returning from his trip in Singapore this week and considering the fact that He’s Stanley’s Dad … I smell things will get worse before they get any better..

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I hung up … Michelle has really bitten more than she can chew … I needed to see Uncle Joe …Nelly’s call blurted me out of my thoughts

NELLY : hello baby boy.. How’s did my prince sleep last night ?

STEVE : Fine fine.. morning Angel … urm Nelly, we really need to talk when we –she dint let me finish my statement when she cut in —

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NELLY : I know what you wanna say.. Sammy already informed me … Don’t worry…

I breathed out I relief hearing that from Nelly because I knew Her powerful her Dad was, a serving Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a former LGA chairman and the former Commissioner of police, Rivers state … he should could pull some powerful strings …

STEVE : okay Nelly … ill wait till we see then and with that she hung up…


I got downstairs and met Uncle Dan, Tola and Nife on the dinning having breakfast of hot tea and some sliced breads … seriously I wasn’t in the mood to eat anything even though i felt my worms saying otherwise which their grumbling..

UNCLE DAN : Are you not going to join us, Steve ?

we had stop taking the school bus to school and Uncle Dan has been hiring a private driver to drop us off in school everyday so we could get our privacy…

STEVE : No uncle, I’m not hungry

UNCLE DAN 🙁 standing up as he made audible sounds on the marble covered floor as he walked to me, stopping inches away from me ; He held my shoulders and I looked up to him) whatever is bothering you son don’t forget that a man must learn to face his own demons and even though he won’t come out unscathed, he must chose to keep the fire of passion burning in him or else he would fall before the next fight….

I really needed that .. I must be strong I kept repeating down in my head to live to see the next fight and there’s no way I’m expecting defeat to that arrogant couple, if only I had Sandra to talk to , she was my companion or so I thought…

STEVE : okay Uncle .. I will never forget that.. he smiled and walked away not returning to the dinning …


seeing Steve that way really hurt no doubt it was because of Michelle, she was hell bent of destroying this poor kid, hmmmmmm.. I really wish I could run up to him embrace him and fill his lips with wonderful breathtaking kisses but these past weeks I really had to keep my emotions in check, he was my cousin… I had no plan of committing an incest …

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TOLA: heyy …..heyyy …

NIFE : ooh..ooh I’m really sorry … I was paying attention

TOLA ; so tell me whats wrong with Steve ? and don’t dare to lie

I explained everything to her and added pepper and salt … you understand na (LOL)

TOLA : don’t worry … We’ll deal with her …lemme get to school I believe Carolina and Stephanie will know what to do… she wants war and she’s sure gonna get one


Baby let’s get going , we’ll be late … I invited Stanley over to my house to spend the night since my parents weren’t home… we had a passionate time although we didn’t have sex.. I’m still a virgin even though Stanley is not and I was intending giving it to him next year when ill be turning 17….

STANLEY : yeah… (running out for the shower )

MICHELLE : I don’t want to be late , get your lazy ass ready jorh (I said making a funny face)

STANLEY : (on hearing her call him lazy, he barked at her ) Don’t you ever make such statement to me, you b-tch …im no lazy ass

MICHELLE : it was only a friendly joke .cmon Stanley was easily flared up and things don’t end well whenever he got angry …

she had learned to stay off his toes ; if that was the prize she needed to pay to make him stay in love with her … no problem after all , love required sacrifices so they say

STANLEY : well Don’t ever say that to me ….

MICHELLE : okay…c’mon cheer up now ..

STANLEY : okay… so how’s the plan with Steve . I need him out of the way , he’s stealing my glory in the football team already

MICHELLE : don’t worry boo… I’ve got series of surprise package for him… she smiled as she picked up the file Mr.Barley gave her yesterday

what was the file contents ?

a war is brewing and who do you think will win ?

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