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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 8

My Life

My Life


As we walked into the school cafeteria which was really designed like one you normally see in the British school I couldn’t help bit admire every single detail .. I was still in my thoughts when Nelly walked up to me and grabbed me by the shoulder ,

NELLY : hello sir, Please you’ve been keeping me waiting … whats wrong ??

STEVE 🙁 I couldn’t hide the discomfort I felt ever since I left the class..) Nel.. we need to talk .. I said dragging her lightly by her hands..

“wooooooo ——–oooo calm down okay, get your act together … you’re walking in a rush or do you want to throw attention on us.. let’s go over there “.. she said pointing over some sets of empty seats at the far end of the hall.. “Okay” I replied her … I really need to get to the bottom of all this shits ….


Nelly stared at me as I explained everything from the day we met to the incident that took place in the class….

“Um.. Steve you’ve got yourself into some mess but not to worry I will fix these.. I know Michelle too well and I am ready to take the cross on my shoulders …alright ? ”
she sounded sure assured … “Alright Nelly.. I really appreciate “…i smiled and stood from my seat and pecked her forehead lightly .. she chuckled and I could see some reddish spots forming on her both cheeks.. ” you’re really a darling mister”—— she pouted her lips forward blowing me a kiss”…..

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NELLY 🙁 still blushing from his peck … Steve was really a guy any girl could dream to date but I always okay with the friend zoning for now…..) Time to leave for class Steve.. I guess that was the alarm for break over ..

“I heard it too “– I said .. we walked out of the cafeteria and I met Tola and her friends probably on their way to their classroom …

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TOLA : How’re you, Steve ? and who’s the damsel by your side … Ooh forgive my manners .. Tola meet Nelly, my one and only First Aid kit in ACHIEVERS HIGH INTL SCHOOL and Nelly meet Tola, My one and only Beautiful housemate.. they both chuckled as I did the introduction…

TOLA : (still laughing as I disengaged me hand from that of Nelly’s) okay Steve by the way meet my friends Caroline and Stephanie….

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I shared a short handshake with them and me and Nelly quickly exited for the class….


144.6 miles away from Port-Harcourt metropolis

Oh yes babbbyy– ouch… bang me harder.. faster…argg…mmmmm–mmmm.. shittttt f–k that hole …make me a b-tch, your b-tch …. spank that ass …yess–sss—sass hmmmphhh—shh…… ***** oh yeah …. faster I’m cumming babbby… I’m…mm— cumm–ming .. she groaned as she came to C—-x and got off his body as they just had a round of raunchy sex…

PAUL : Sandra .. you f–k like a real p–n star

SANDRA : oh yeah baby.. she kissed him passionately and she was getting wet again .. she quickly pushed him to the bed and began to grind and dry hump his d-ck… she quickly pulled his d-ck inside her p—y and began to moan loudly ..she could hear him groan underneath and she went down to suck his nipples .. biting them interchangeably as she s—-d on them … she continued riding him like he will disappear any moment….


SANDRA : So Paul , you said you’re going to port-Harcourt soon right ?

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PAUL : yeah, I really need to fix some things …

SANDRA : Could you help check on Steve ????

PAUL : (he wasn’t ready to let go off this pretty damsel warming his bed, he was already boasting to alot of his friends about banging her) I thought you said you don’t love him anymore NH ?

SANDRA : (sensing the sadness in his voice) I don’t .. I’ve moved on from him and moreover he was cheating on me …. infact don’t check on him anymore but I just need any information or a picture of the girl he left me for ..(she couldn’t believe Steve left her… He was the love of her life, the best thing that ever will happen to her but he pushed her ..yes she still loved him but she needed to have her revenge on him and only by having sex with Paul will she do that)…

PAUL laughs : okay baby.. get back here .. let’s continue

Will Sandra regret her actions when she finds out the truth ?
can she and Steve relationship be saved ?

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