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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 7

My Life

My Life

Steve couldn’t believe how his relationship with Sandra was Fanning out and why she couldn’t let him explain even after what they had shared, she couldn’t just abandon their love for a mere issue of a lady picking his cellphone … The clock chimed mildly to resuscitate him from his thoughts ….

Tola was walking out from her room all dressed early and was walking to the parlor down the hallway when she bumped into Nife who was deeply buried in thoughts..

NIFE : (Steve was really one hell of a guy and he’s a good kisser… OMG! I can’t believe I am falling for him already but he’s not outta his room yet and he dint come down for dinner last night which was kinda weird of him.. She was brought out of her thoughts as she bumped into Tola who was already dressed ) Oh.. urm .. Tola I’m really sorry I dint see you coming .. (she quickly apologized)

TOLA: Thats alright Angel… Good morning and how’s your night ?

NIFE : I’m fine sis.. morning too .. you’re looking exquisitely beautiful today… Or do you have a date with Mark (she said grinning)

TOLA : Nah.. just needed to hasten up so that the boo of the house wouldn’t get pissed .. you know he hates lateness.. (ooops the word BOO had already flew out before she could hold it in)

NIFE : Boo … ??? I don’t get .. Who’s the boo ? is.s… itt…

TOLA : (not letting her finish her statement) lol… its dad ..ok.. not funny thoughts young lady

NIFE breathed down in relief for a moment she almost thought it was her Steve …

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NIFE : oh… urm.. I thought it was Steve..( chuckles)

TOLA : you’re funny… speaking of which where’s the young man .. I’ve seen him seen I got back from school.. and he’s not out of his room yet which is unlike him…

NIFE : I’m surprised as well.. urm.. let’s go check up on him then..


Steve jumped out of the shower, brushed his teeth and ran to the mirror, got his head done and wore his new casio GST-210B-1A which his uncle got him from his last trip to U.S .. He was sure it caused a fortune .. he quickly looked at the time and mumbled some words out loud.. I can’t believe I’m freaking late today arggh…

He quickly exited his room and locked his door, as he turned he saw Tola and Nife on their way to his room.. He was surprised seeing them up and dressed that early..

STEVE : Looking beautiful as always angels.. good morning by the way.. I believe you had a wonderful rest..


Yeah !! and they giggled as they realized what just happened ..

TOLA : you are surprisingly late today.. is anything the matter… you’ve got some bags under your eyes .. or were you reading throughout the night..

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STEVE : yes he lied … He has been thinking about his fading relationship with Sandra so he slept late all the more reason why he woke up late

NIFE : Alright.. enough for the talks.. let’s just grab breakfast and head out.. I’m really famished



I’ve been thinking a lot about that riff-raft that walked out on me the other day… woah.. Michelle David Simpson, CEO of the BEAUTIES & BELLE fashion house, sole heir to the Simpson’s Empire, MD of Simpson’s automobiles and the Queen of ACHIEVERS’ HOUSE INTL SCHOOL.. nah he chooses the wrong lady to messed with and I’m gonna teach that douche bag some lesson… I got down from the stairs and met Dad watching his favorite channel, BBC…

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MICHELLE : Hello Dad, looking as handsome as ever.. pecked his cheeks..

MR. SIMPSON : Good morning Beau and how’s your night….

MICHELLE : Awesome dad.. I’m on my way to school..

MR.SIMPSON : Okay my princess, I just got a call from our shipyard in Dublin and the clothes you ordered are being sent over to Nigeria as we speak.. Mr. Stockholm requested which model you would like to use for this year shoot ?

MICHELLE : Oh !! I’m in touch with a few.. ill let you know when I make up my mind…

She exited the house as she met the driver opening the door to her Range Rover SVAutobiography … She sure is a Queen and she really wanted to show Steve was social class really meant…

MICHELLE : picks up her phone and scrolls through her contacts as she put the phone on the crook of her neck to enable her fix her wristwatch..

RECEIVER : Hello Miss Michelle.. Good morning ma’am, how’s your night and your Dad ?

MICHELLE : Mr. Barley just save the pleasantries .. mum and dad are fine … I’ve got a new job I need you to take care of.. I’m sending you the picture right now

MR. BARLEY : just it ma’am … The guy is a handsome god ,,, Who is he ??? new crush ????

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MICHELLE : Just shut tha fvck up Barley … you’re Gross … He’s a new target and I need a clean job…

MR. BARLEY : o..oo..kka..ay maad…adam… wait for my call

MICHELLE : hello Steve … you won’t expect what hit you but nobody messes with me ….


Miss Hilda was amazed at the display of wisdom this guy just put up.. and he seems to be getting hot by the day.. but His her student and she needed to stay professional anyways…

Steve couldn’t take his eyes off Miss Hilda .. she’s really pretty (chuckles) too bad I’m taken he said within himself… He’s been noticing the deadly stares he was getting from the girl who accosted him the other day… he needed to talk to Nelly or Nife about it.. And yes Nelly was his super hot seatmate and best friend of Nife….

He heard her Father was a senator and she sure looked like the daughter of one….


Michelle couldn’t help staring at Steve .. he was super cute .. Nope he’s not .. My Stanley is better … He’s the King of ACHIEVERS’ HIGH INTL SCHOOL and the only son of the owner of the School… Steve was really a threat to them… and he would soon be eliminated…

what do you think Michelle wants to do ?

I’m sorry I’ve out for awhile .. got some issues but I’m fully back let’s rock n roll peeps

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