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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 6

My Life

My Life


I was really angry and upset,how could nife be so childish not to check the caller before picking,who even gave her the right to pick my cell,what was she even doing in my room.. Awwn gosh!!!..But Sandra dint try,she couldn’t let me explain,well I’ve a text to her,she should believe me…


The history teacher walked in and wrote on the board:-THE BIRTH OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE,facing the class the man can anyone tell my what’s the nickname of USA(he really wanted to test their abilities becos he was a new teacher and the principal boasted about their set)…the class went mute..

History teacher:no trials

Boy 1:(standing up)Rainbow nation..

History teacher:nope

Girl 1:land of the rising sun..

History teacher:(laughing silently)fail

Boy2:urm..Land of the white men

History teacher:(laughing out hard already)not the answer

Boy3:Land of milk and honey …

History teacher:noooo
the history teacher walked over to Steve who was not paying attention as he was lost in thoughts..

History teacher:young man, thinking about the food at home? please stand up and help your friends..

Steve:Uncle Sam… On the day,1813 the United States gets its nickname, Uncle Sam. The name is linked to Samuel Wilson, a meat packer from Troy, New York, who supplied barrels of beef to the United States Army during the War of 1812…(he said with ease)
the whole class went mad…

History teacher:waow,young man..that’s awesome.. what’s your name ??

Steve:stephen Smith sir..

the teacher went on teaching about the American civilisation,the founder of the flag and its meaning,the past and current presidents of the nation…Steve marvelled him with comments and contribution that shocked him..

History teacher:Steve,I’ll like you to meet me in my office…

After his departure,A girl walked up to him..


I was preparing to leave to the History teacher’s office when I noticed a girl walk up to me..Her perfume was charming,i could guess it’s worth a fortune,Her uniform were neatly arranged,her skirt stopping exactly at her kneecap,Looking up my eyes caught the most beautiful girl I have seen after Sandra,she was d–n pretty;how come I haven’t noticed her since she smelt money..

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Michelle:Hello Steve(she said with a smirk)

Steve:hello,pls who are you ..??

Michelle:(scoufing)(LoL)i dint come here for pleasantries,i just came to congratulate you on your performance today and hope you keep it up.. but you’ll be second best cos right now I’m the best..

Steve:(couldnt believe his ears)Look at this one o,because I’m here admiring her,shes talking nonsense)mtcheww..

He walked out on her.. and left the class immediately..


whada heck!! nobody has ever walked out on me before,not even my Dad..I’ll make this scumbag running back on his knees..

Steve walked into the History teacher’s office but he wasn’t there,he met a lady who looked like their Basic science teacher,it seemed she came to look for him too as well..

she was facing the table and didn’t notice Steve walked in because the door was opened and was shocked when she turned and saw him..

Miss.Hilda:(still looking shocked)when did you walk in here, young man??

steve:just now ma.. I’m sorry if I got you startled..

Miss.Hilda:no problem

she observed him,he’s d–n cute Waow..

the History teacher walked in and attended to her before she left..

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History teacher:you call me uncle Joe.. okay?

steve:(still trying to figure out why he was here)okay,uncle Joe..

Uncle Joe explained to Steve that he wanted to make him a better student,he loved his brain and he’ll want to work with him so if he ever had any problems he should fill free to come over..

school closed with almost all the teachers noticing Steve,some for his intelligence, others for his looks..

Miss.Hilda was going home in her car with her friend,Miss.Jacqueline..

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Jacqueline:Bae,i couldn’t take my eyes off that boy, He’s too fine abeg..

Hilda:JQ,its your student we’re talking about here..

Jacqueline:Our student,madam ..infact do you want to lie that you weren’t drooling over him too..

Hilda:lets leave this topic Pls..

Jacqueline:okay o.. but if you’re not ready, I am.. I have a game already in mind..

Steve:im sorry ni.. I am.. I was upset

Nife:and you couldn’t control your fingers or they are now beyond your control.. sorry and I mean it

Nife:(turning her back)just get out,steve ..

Steve:Nife,i am sor–

Nife:(dint let him finish,she shouted amidst silent sobs)I SAID GETTT OOUUTT!!!!

Steve drew close to her,his eyes roaming through her back, he caught a gliss of her ass, she was hurt and he knew it…

Not quite long,He held her on a mild embrace with his d-ck directly in between her ass, she was getting aroused feeling his d-ck triple in size before the clock could make another tick they were already on the bed, kissing each other lips with fury, nife caught his singlet and pulled it off as Steve attached her nipples through her sleeveless,she winced a little and began to let off silent moans,steve rubbed his hands on her c–t and put in a finger,she was lost in ecstasy biting her upper lips to prevent further moans,his fingers furthered travelled inside her and located her c–t,she buckled her waist upwards before Steve finally withdrew,she climbed on top of him and took of his singlet as she began to kiss his bare chest and rub his d-ck through his shorts before letting them free,she bent down to his g—n as she took his d–k into her mouth as she has seen in erotic movies she has watched,steve began to groan and grab her head bouncing it up and down,she was d–n good…they heard the door of TOLA’S room open and close as they disengaged and Steve ran off..


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I wanted to say hello to my sis but I heard moans coming from her room and felt she was into one of her Masturbation sessions again.. I smiled, I haven’t had time to Steve due to my preparations. my classmates were already disturbing me to introduce them to him, only if they knew how badly I needed him..


Waow!!That was really close(motions the sign of the cross),nife is really good and I almost lost myself in there… oh,whats all this? Sandra has blocked me from calling her and also from whatsapp.. Paul will coming over during the weekend I need to steam off.. I’m loosing it to this two girls already..lemme lock my door first..i nid to wait until Paul comes so I can win Sandra back..


Paul:oh yes baby,ride me crazy.. make me cry..i love you.. I love you.. mmm… you’re the best…ehn.. ewwoo…kill me.. kill meee.. the girl increased her speed and bounced on his d-ck at regulations intervals in a cowgirl style.. she turned over to reserve-cowgirl and rode him like fire..she stood up and did a 69 with his d-ck in her mouth and her p—y on his,she twerked her hips on his mouth.. they continued for 10 mins before they switched to missionary.. he banged her hard before he finally cummed and shot it on her ass..

Paul:jeez!!you’re a diamond.. you really killed me..

Girl:(LOL)why didn’t you shot inside me,this is the 3rd time I’m telling you I wanna feel you inside me, I’m safe and I can take care of myself..

PAul:Do you want Steve to put my head on a stretcher??

Girl:Leave that idiot, he’s busy f—–g another b—h currently…

they both laughed before she lured him into another round and she left..

was the girl Sandra??

is Sandra really f—–g Paul??

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