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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 5

My Life

My Life

Steve walked into the principals office with uncle Dan,a neatly arranged office with a swerve seat as the principals seat and two guest seats on opposite sides desk and desktop computer and a laptop with a pile of books on the desk..beside him was a fully stocked mini-library and a suit and hat rang.. A portrait of a man who should probably be the school proprietor and a picture of the president of the country…

the principal stood up(his protruded belly rubbing the table as he stood up)and welcomed Steve’s uncle with a warm handshake..

Principal: Dan..Dan,How are you? is this the young man you told me about(referring to me)..

Uncle Dan: pete..This is Stephens Smith boluwaji olale..he hails from Enugu peninsula..

principal: (turning to Steve)welcome to ACHIEVERS HOME INTL SCHOOL,I believe your brain is as cute as the face..(smiling)..

Steve: Definitely Sir(still scanning the room)

Uncle Dan: Pete,This boy is really going to surprise you(he said proudly)..

principal: well.. we’ll see about that..


I was led into a large hall and I didn’t miss to check out every nook and cranny of the environment,it was truly a beauty.. I saw myself in front of a large classroom with JSS3 inscribed boldly on the doorpost,it was fully filled with students reading and chatting with two ACs on either side of the room..the woman led me into the classroom and introduced me to the entire class as the newbie.. I couldn’t help but notice the prying eyes of the girls on my skin even Nife was acting like she’s not seen me before.. well that’s none of my business sef..

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After much lectures for the day, the bell rang for break time and Steve was led into a large hall, the school’s sales house,he was measured and his size of uniform handed to him..two pairs of socks..the sports wear..and some other things..



I got to the classroom and sat on my desk awaiting the teacher for the next period,we had done maths,Eng,B.sci and for the first session..i opened my note and a piece of paper flew out,i opened it only to see a phone number and a note on the other side:
Hi,steve…I’m Carolina..your seatmate
to be…this is my number 080******79.

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I was dumbfounded,no demon in form of a person will steal me away from Sandra..i reject you.. I folded the paper and threw it away..


Steve and nife were seated in the car and the driver drove them home.. it was a really quiet ride and nife had tried her best to get Steve to talk to her.. but to no avail..Tola stayed behind in school for her WASSCE lessons.. she wanted to write from Ss2..

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They finally got home and did their normal chores and went to shower and do whatever they do..

Steve was seen trying Paul’s line continuously,its been long since he said he’s coming to PH was rescheduled.. he wanted to hear his voice.. he gave up after some series of trails and dialed Sandra’s line after some series of calls,she didn’t pick up so he left for the bathroom..


I can’t take this anymore, what’s wrong with Steve sef..He’s definitely opening up today.. I smell something fishy..

Nife walked into the room and met Steve’s phone vibrating on the bed, she picked the call without looking at the caller..



Nife:Hello..who’s it??


Nife:(getting upset already)Hellooo..


Nife:(couldnt control it anymore)pls,if you can’t take don’t call this number again, it’s a wrong number.. Byee


I came out from the bathroom to see my phone light blink..i walked up to check and also almost screamed when I saw 6 missed calls from my heartbeat.. I immediately tried his line, only to hear the voice of a girl.. A girl with Steve’s phone.. she never told me not to call back.. so this is what Steve’s been doing.. I’m here keeping myself for him.. what an idiot?? ((cries))

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who the hell was that sef..i looked at the screen and was shocked to see “My love” oh my God,what have I done??

Steve met Nife holding his cell.. he was mad but acted call..

Steve:Nife..what are you doing with my cell?

Nife:ohm..erm.. see..its just that..omm..(stammering)

Steve:Nife,when did you become a stammerer??

she began to cry and explained everything to him…

Steve:you did what??

gboaa!!he slapped her hard on her cheek and pushed her out of the room..

Nife ran to her room crying aloud..

Steve tried Sandra’s line severally but she refused to pick and sent a text message after sometime..,pls mind your business and

leave me alone,you’re enjoying in the

arms of another girl while I’m here
staying true to you…you’re a demon,
you’re heartless..i hate you..

Steve cried out loud..

Did he just lose Sandra?

was Nife at fault?

was Steve to blame?

Find out what changed Steve’s life forever

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