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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 42 [Completed]

My Life

My Life

Steve walked around the sitting room; Alfred and Jared were seated on the chairs inside the parlor, watching the television, displaying the program being aired on Aljazeera channel, He was lost in thoughts Michelle’s stay in the hospital was really disturbing his inner peace, there was no way he could be fine when she was still there – lying helplessly while he walked around, he felt bad of his inability to do anything, how could be fine when the girl he loved was somewhere totally unconscious and unmoved for the past few days… This road of revenge was indeed a difficult and terrifying pathway nonetheless which is filled with thorns and mishaps along the way, His life has been one twists after the other, he was tired of fixing things, he wanted to manage them — every time it felt like his life was working out as planned, something unexpected jerked him out of his pinnacle and brought crashing down to earth again; why was it that he was incapable of saving the ones he loved and cared about the most.

“Alfred, whats the latest from the hospital ?”

“Nothing sir, Doc. Beverly said he will communicate with us within the hour, we are still waiting any information ..”

“Alfred, nothing can happen to her — I cant understand, she was with me and–ddd-d the next minute, she just fell down, I thought this was stress or the shock of the information I gave to her, I expected her to wake up after some rest in the hospital but its been almost a week now, and she hasn’t even moved a finger– worst of it all, the Doctors are claiming she’s fine”

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“Sir, I think we should just calm down and focus on whats at hand — I believe Miss will come around soon” Jared spoke up after awhile of silence.

“I hope so, Jared — whats the latest on the men and the unnamed fellow”

“no movements yet sir– no calls either ”

“just stay sharp, something will be revealed any moment, I’m sensing something’s going to happen soon”


“Stanley, what’s holding you from attacking Jeremy ?” Mr. Popov said as soon as he walked into the room where his son was seated drawing slow drags from the cigarette in his hands. “I met with the senators I have successfully convinced them to support my movement, I need Jeremy out of my way because his refusal to carry out some hits in the southern part of the country is hindering me”

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Stanley made a small chuckle and let out a wry smile ” Chill your ice, pops — I’ve got all these under control and I know just what to do to Jeremy — every demon meets their end one day ” blows a smoke out of his slightly opened vocal channel.

“I just hope so — because patience is not a virtue nowadays , time is no longer on our side, the longer this drags on, the lesser the support we will get ” Mr. Popov said with a tone of finality, before retreating through the door he made his way in from.

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“Sandra, the poor girl is lying on the hospital bed helpless and you are still talking about how to get her man back ” Rebecca poured out, lashing her angry voice at Sandra, who was lying down heads up on the bed.

“Becca, please — not her man, our man — she dint totally reject the challenge anyway ”

“oh! fighting with a helpless girl, ain’t you ashamed — you couldn’t get her man to love when she was on her two feet walking, now that she’s hospitalized, you wanna take advantage of that and win your way back, huh? ” Rebecca looked so disgusted “You are really pathetic, I wanna throw up ”

“Becca, I respect Michelle a lot and even though you won’t believe, I’m praying she wakes up as well, not just because of morality but because I understand the genuine love she has for Steve, and I understand the contributions she has made but what do I do then ? seat back and fold my hands while the only person I can ever give my heart to, is being dragged before me — I’m sorry but if you wanna hate me for that — do it !” She marched out .

“Sandra, come back — I dint mean it that way o! –abeggi no dea vex like this now ” Rebecca said calling back at her as she ran after her. she caught up with her at the lobby, she was in tears already. Rebecca pulled her in for a warm comforting embrace–

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“Is itt-tt a bad-d-d- thing to–too fall in love ??? Sandra asked amidst sobs.

“shh– its not a bad thing; its okay, I’m sorry about my statement earlier — I dint mean it that way ” Rebecca said, pulling her head and running her hands on her hair sprayed across her back, ” Its okay, its okay ”


no matter what never give up, never ever give up
life might be tough, definitely it will be

life will be filled with dark edges and pitiful corners, sure
but remember certain names walked ahead of you and in spite of the ugly
pacts of life they scaled through the highest of impossible mountains,
gained victories from the Jaws of defeat, they had an idea, a dream, a vision
and a goal and they never left it, they envisioned the end and made a
realistic journey to it, they ended up as institutions and not individuals,
people generations can’t forget, you know why?

Because they never gave up, they never ever gave up


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