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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 41

My Life

My Life

The men ran in enraged and filled with anger, their eyes showed their killer desire and did little to mask the subject of revenge in their heads, as they ran or semi- walked into the camp ground, a well furnished 2 storey building which had three watch towers in the compound, a security house which had a bungalow setting and a handful of cars displayed in the garage, its was their den but it smelt wealth — the loud thuds made as their boots made contact with the ground was heavy and filled with power.

Jeremy walked out of his inner chambers, calling on his right hand man, snow ( he was never seen in opt, only on the rare and special opt so he was called snow– a periodic killer) “Whats the noise I’m hearing outside ?” Jeremy inquired immediately he got closer to where snow told. “Chief, morning o!” he greeted, making demonstration to signify his loyalty, “Na some rugged men wey hala our crib this morning, sey dem from uniport and our men go down for the yesterday — them wan make u declare an official war declaration” He continued.

Jeremy smiled and slowly the smile faded, that monster Stanley had the guts to disobey my direct order and order a hit behind me, he will surely pay, but who killed his men then ? he thought, it couldn’t be Steve because he called him to warn him, or did he see that his men were still advancing and then killed them. No!– he must contact Steve.


“chief– I full your back excess”

“contact that nigga wey bin buzz me up tomorrow– I wan align one of two ”

“hope sey no shakings — make I discharge those men outside ?”

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“no, let them be– I’ll go see them”

“but chief, considering wetin Uniport cap do you, Ein Don challenge nh– me I no like war o! But u know sey with my record 100 kills already, I no Dea fear to kill any f-cker wey wan clear shoulder with you”

“Snow, just let Stanley be for now– we need evidence to confront me, even if I am the Southern head, I still need to convince the men sey no be because of personal interest, me go down their capito”

“Chief, your rugged thinking dey give me goosebumps o!”


“hello, Mum– what is the doctor saying?”

“No improvement yet, son– buh he kept assuring us, nothing is wrong”

“Jesus! whats this now ? Its three days already–
anyways I have called Doc Beverley, he will be flying in from New Zealand tomorrow”

“okay, just hold firm son — she will be fine, rebecca and Sandra were here today sef– Becca said she heard about it and came around, so she brought Sandra along, such a sweet girl she is…”

“Mum, when I come over — I will discuss Sandra with you ”

“okay, son; Joe and Hilda left with Dean and Sammy this morning, they all spent the night here”

“what about Michelle’s dad?”

“he just left to get some lunch for us– he’s a sweet old man and very funny too”

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Alfred walks in, “sorry to interrupt sir — Jeremy is calling, said its an emergency and its urgent ”

“mum, we will talk later– I’ve got to go” <>

Steve collects the phone from Alfred and tells Jared to put the tracker dissembler so no one can trace their location.

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“hello, Jeremy — calling like this, I’m surprise ”

“Steve — did you kill my boys ?!”

“easy there tiger, I dint see your boys — I guess you called off the raid”

“someone is messing with us, Steve and I know its Stanley but we need evidence to take him out– I can’t just kill a capon like that o”

“requesting we team up — ain’t no bad idea; I’ll consider it”

“thanks for this man– call me once you make a decision” <>

“Jared, the guy that escaped last night, have we located him?”

“We have a verification, he’s at Sanclin hotels, I hacked into the hotel security feeds and put a lock on all incoming and outgoing calls into the Hotel”

“Good, keep watching him and don’t let him notice we have a hold on him, I feel he will be contacting Stanley soon–” he continues “What about the other group, did we see where they arrived at?”

“yes! we traced them, they ditched cars along the east west road, by choba area and entered a Hilux, they also ditched it at NTA road, and finally we followed their last vehicle, a Ford escape to an old refinery that has been abandoned– we have snipers locked in on them but they have no move yet”

“hold on– keep watching them– they will contact who so ever gave them the job”

“any latest on Popov”

“Nothing much, he’s in Abuja currently, Celine has been able to sneak undercover and join his security team, so she will be our spy from within, Jack now works as his campaign director, so he will help us cripple his campaign projects, awaiting our final blow”

“good ———–


Stanley walks in and meets Mr.barley sitter in the parlor, he walks up to him and shakes hands with him, before taking his seat by this right hand,

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“so whats the latest ?” Stanley asked

“The job was successful– they are at the rendezvous point, awaiting extraction and payment” Barley quizzed back.

“Okay, I am awaiting Floki’s call, once he calls for me to meet him, we’ll send a hit man to eliminate, he knows too much”

“Okay, Boss — but don’t u think its better you see him face- to – face ?”

“No, Floki’s not in his right frame now, he watched men he grew up with, slaughtered before him; I believe he was reckless and might have been exposed — so I know they will be expecting me to meet him when he calls”

“brilliant idea– how do we go about the mercenaries?”

“we’ll pay them #30 million as promised, and get them a chopper out of Rivers state as earlier stated, but they won’t live to land”

“what do you mean, sir?!” barley asked shocked.

“We’ll make the fuel tank leak, they will be in the air, and we’ll send the c4 attached to the chopper flying, they know about this opt- so they are a threat, we must clear loose ends, Barley”

“okay sir– what about their leader? the man is strong o!”

“not stronger than the confraternity, I will convince the frat that, Steve contacted the scorpions to kill the frat men and the frat will declare war on the scorpion and on steve– the scorpions won’t survive a battle with the frat, neither will Steve”

“brilliant sir– bravo” Barley speaks up, clapping his hands for him and lost in smiles.

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