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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 40

My Life

My Life

Aji ! Aji !! Aji !!! — Omo excess o !

“Excess fire !!!”

“Omo excess o !”

“Excess fire !!!”

“we are yellow forever ! we are rugged one man’s island !! No sentiment — no pay !! — we are ”


“There’s no smoke without a fire, our identity is our ruggedity, no man enters into a war with us and lives to the tale, we are the deadliest and omni potent !!” Shadow cried into the night, followed by response from his men who adorned their traditional attire, a yellow t-shirt, with a skull and a sword crossing over each other engraved in the front and back, a black military trousers and black boots, with a yellow baret worn on their heads, their faces displayed an undeniable evidence of deadliness and war — they were battle ready, almost all of them, a total of seven in number had a bottle of local gin attached to their hands, some were armed with axes, others had a military issued shotgun, and few had matchets with them.

“Exec, wetin dea ground, Big man no just dea put 911 call without any issues” floki spoke up, he was the Intel man of the Buccaneers confraternity in rivers state, a highly skilled frat member, who was good at undercover jobs as well.

“Floki, That nigga wen I tell you to I.D, ein dea change Big man for woman gbese o !

“Ah! the guy get mind o, but he Don f-ck na, me sef bin wan con Dea like the jew o”

“Floki, Big man wan make we carry out this matter this night, no dullings and I must not remind you, this is a really classified OPT ”

They downed themselves with the remaining contents from the local gin bottle they held in their hands, and threw into the bonfire which was at their middle, cocked theirs guns and walked over to where their vehicle was.

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“Mr. Barley — we have a visual on the group, they just left the place na”

Over phone : ” Good ! tell your boys, I want this as clean as possible, no injuries, if there is any loopholes, you know what must be done ”

“Sure, Mr. Barley — I understand perfectly well”


“Alfred, how many men were posted to the Hospital ?’

“total of 15 sir, 8 undercover, who are there as doctors, patients of nurses and the remaining 5 revealed agents, three outside the door, 2 at the hallway”

“Okay, what is the latest from the vehicle that has been trailing me, Jared ?”

“Sir, at first when we said we should hack into the Nigeria satellite system and put our drones up in the air, I nearly argued but now I see the reason why you suggested so, This country has no street cams, and all that, But I got an I.D on the vehicle, belongs to one Kolawale Micheals, but the vehicle ownership and registration was done by Stanley and in fact, this kolawale happens to be friends with him and Jeremy as well”

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” Alfred, what do you think ?”

” Sir, I will say, someone is planning a fast move, I sent some boys to trail the vehicle and we received info about usual movement at a nearby bushes, 300 miles from here, from the photos we received from our men on ground, they were heavily armed members on the frat group on site and they departed some minutes ago”

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Steve laughs, so typical of Stanley, very impatient, he was full of wits and tricks but was so short sighted and that will be his greatest undoing.

Alfred excused himself after receiving a call and returned some minutes later, a weird and worried look on his face.

“sir, I just received info of the presence of another group, but they dont seem to be in sync with the frat, in fact they look like they were hired to carry a hit on the frat”

“Did the men identify them ?”

“yes, the Nigerian guy, Femi who works for our private military recognized the tattoos on one of them, they are mercenaries and are called THE SCORPIONS; According to him, they are a very deadly and hideous group of people filled with ex-militants and they did highly classified jobs for politicians, no one knew their identity or who their leader was”

“that means, someone contacted them to carry out a hit on the frat”

Alfred nods, that was confusing and he felt there was more to this than met the eyes, Jared looked up to the both of them confused as well. Steve was deep in thoughts, trying to figure out what was really happening. he suddenly said Shit!!, bringing the attention of both of them to him.

“Jared, pull up Jeremy’s line for me”

“JEREMY ?!!!” Alfred and Jared said in unison.

“Just trust me, as much as I hate the guy I need to figure something out”


“Hello, Jeremy ”

“hello — who’s this and how did you get a hold of my number”

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Steve laughs

“hey, don’t you talk, who are you ?!”

“Jeremy, you feel you are invisible, but I see you clearly — because I am a ghost and my eyes are everywhere”

“Oh, just f-ck yourself, you know nothing about me, punk — now, who are you?”

“I know you, Jeremy — I know your girlfriend, Anna just left your place right now, putting on a red polo and black jean trousers, I know you just ordered a pizza delivery to your home, your laundry man will be arriving in less than an hour, I know all this, Jeremy ”

” J–j–just , wh–who –who are — are you ? ‘ he said freaking out from his end of the phone.

“Its Steve, man and don’t freak out, I would have harmed you if I wanted to”

“Steve ?! Holy crap! I’m sorry about the other man, I was drunk– I hold nothing against you”

“Then, order your boys to stand them they are en route to my house”

“My boys ?!!!” He sounded so shock, “This must be some mix-up, I order no hit on you” then realization hit him ” Oh f-ck, that motherf-cker, Stanley!! ordered a hit behind me”

“Oh! Jeremy seems you have a bad egg, you must chop it off, before its smell brings you discomfort and comes to haunt you”

“thanks so much, Steve — you are a real man, I really sorry about all this”


“Its done, Mr. Barley — entire team wiped out, but one of them escaped my boys”

“its okay, the damage has been done already, get over here quickly”

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