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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 4

My Life

My Life


what just happened..i can’t believe I almost cheated on Sandra..Gosh!!(he motioned the sign of the cross with his fingers)oh God help me and deliver me from all my enemies and from all temptations.. Amen

he cancelled his scheduled meeting with Lisa because of his reckless escapade with Tola..come to speak of her, they haven’t spoken since then.He withdrew from them and only spoke when necessary; his attitude to them really hurt the gurls but he knew better than to feel sympathy, he thought about what he’s Dad will say, what mum will say, what Sandra will feel.. she must probably be guiding herself back in Enugu..yet he was here behaving uncontrollably.. WTF!!

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Steve rushed through his chores and went to shower, he went over his drawer took his comb and combed his breathtaking hair neatly, brushed his brows nd wore a grey polo with his black stocked Jean slimfitted to his size and a pair of navy blue Nike air max… he smiled at himself, he was just too cute for his own self.. he stepped out of the house not before taking a little breakfast, he met Tola and Nife neatly dressed in their school attires, these girls were d–n pretty but he wasn’t having any of that..

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not too long they were in front of a large gate…


OMG!! what a beautiful school..ACHIEVERS HOME INTL SCHOOL was neatly inscribed on the wall by the side of the gate..the security men were neatly dressed in their navy blue attire with a black shiny boot.. it was really a school made for achievers.. pretty girls could be seen coming out of their various cars and all that…i was mouth open not until I heard a call from Nife to come out.. I was d–n shy for the very first tym…

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I was most assuredly going to conquer this school.. my legacy starts now.. (winks)

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