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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 39

My Life

My Life

The sun seemed to be at its highest point, evident enough through the blazing rays that shone upon the city of port-Harcourt, pedestrians could be seen walking about the highways, some with very light clothing materials, others had a pair of umbrella covering their heads, some had to stay glued inside the air conditioner system of their cars as the traffic on the major highways were very tight and lasted long hours. The traffic wardens had already abandoned their duty posts; most of them buying water sachets from the highway hawkers, others were demanding imposed levies on the bus drivers and taxi drivers for wrong parking, illegal loading of passengers and other self instituted crimes, the rest were hovering around the local food joint or Mama put as it is locally called.

The road users were abandoned to navigate their way around the very busy and congested highways, causing loud car horns blaring at frequent intervals, and loud voices renting the air of its free flow as various commercial road users exchanged abusive words with fellow road users and the local traders and pedestrians that walked along the road.

Steve paced around the room, he was getting impatient and nervous, the doctor said Michelle was gonna wake up no longer then 6 hours, its already past 15 hours and there was no response from her, where she laid upon the well dressed and comfortable hospital bed; worst of it all, the Doctor just walked in on random intervals and kept telling him ‘she will wake’ ‘she will wake’, he wasn’t some toddler and if anything was wrong, the Doctor should man up and spill it outta the bag.

“Hey, son” Mrs. Douglas said as soon she stepped into the room, she had stayed all night and left to get refreshed at home, before coming back to meet him at the Hospital, she knew so well the love this young ones shared, and although she was so much in support of it, she needed them to understand there’s was no great love which ever existed without thrills and unexpected twists.

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“Mum, Good day, you’re back already, I thought you had left for the office” Steve said as he walked to where his mum was, and led her to sit at the the sofa which was used to keep visitors warm and comfortable.

“c’mon, I couldn’t leave you guys alone and moreover, the university has a lot of trustworthy personalities which could handle school affairs with or without my presence same goes to princess high as well” she assured him, placing her hands on his legs and rub on them gently.

“thank you so much mum, I don’t know what I’ll do without you”

“so how’s she ? any developments ? ”

“None, mum” Steve confessed weakly, he felt so lost and confused, placing his hand on his head as he bent down slightly.

“Son, it will be alright — I know, Michelle’s a strong girl and very soon, she will pull through; just keep your hope and faith alive alright?” Mrs. Douglas patted him on the back, she too was confused, the doctor said her vitals was all good, then why hasn’t she woken up yet.

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“Mum, I just hope everything is okay, because I can’t live with Michelle and I can’t –”

“Shh — Nothing will happen to her, Michelle will live and so will you, go get dressed and refreshed, I’ll wait here till you come, I ordered some fruits for you

“okay mum — just take care, I’ll be back, I’ll keep some men posted outside in case you need anything just tell them and don’t let anyone but the doctor come in”

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“Okay, Mister man, I have heard o ”


“Jeremy, That Steve is a sadist, just give the order, let me take some men and finish the fellow” Stanley said, trying to urge him to use the firepower provided by the CONFRATERNITY, Jeremy was displaying some reluctance to get the order over the line, and Stanley needed him to approve so that he could get his plan underway.

“Stanlo, I no wan get issue with that nigga yet, until ein officially pull plug sey na war ein need”

“baba, that one no be talk na, This guy disgrace you for party, u dea here dea mellow, Baba, na one opt I need to clear this guy”

“Stanlo, this guy no be pikin oh, I see ein combat level even if I Dea drunk, omo, the guy punches no be pikin play, we gats investigate the nigga, make we verify whether ein be jew or ein belong, before we carry hit, this guy na national face o”

“Baba, I just –”

Jeremy cuts him off, shouting at the top of his voice ” Stan!!! you wan violate my order?”

“No boss ”

“oya, disembark from here”

Stanley left very upset and pissed, his plans weren’t working as expected, he dint understand why Jeremy was so stubborn over attacking Steve, his stubbornness was serving as a hindrance to his plans, if he wanted a reason to order a hit on Steve, then he will provide one. he brought his phone immediately he got into his car and dialed a number.

“Hello, Mr. Barley – prepare some boys, ex-military if possible, I want mercenaries with no trace to me if things go south”

Voice over phone : “No problem, sir — you’ll hear from me in a jiffy”.

he cuts the call and put a dials another number.

“Hello, shadow ”

Voice over phone : “capon, how issues na- – men never see you for HQ for sometime, you just abandon your men for college ”

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“No be like that, no vex jorh — I get assignment for you”

Voice over phone : “wetin be that, I loyal pass loya milk o”

he laughs ” you funny, shadow, see ehn e get one nigga wey day test ruggedity with me and I wan clear am, but I wan make e bi like sey na Big man order the hit” (Big man was the code name of Jeremy)

Voice over phone : Ahhn — you for just meet Big man to order the matter na, instead of you to run gbese behind ein back, matter fit go south and ein go reverse you o”

“Shadow, Big man no wan order the hit because the guy na ein sister boyfriend and see the guy rape my sis and my cousin, I don Dea find am for some time na, but now wey I see am, Big man no gree because ein Don Dea see ein sister”

Voice over phone : “Ah ! Big man Don f-ck up o, but cap, me think sey you na only pikin na

Stanley was almost busted, he knew he was an only son, and shadow as his right hand man knew as well

“Shadow, I no been talk about her, because the matter Dea pain me, just run am for me ”

Voice over phone :” You no get wahala, I no run am, just send me the nigga picture and ein details, make I clear am ”

Stanley ends the call and laughs, Jeremy you are about to get a reason to attack Steve.


What do you think Stanley plans are ?

will Michelle ever get to wake up again ?

what happens to Steve next ?

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