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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 38

My Life

My Life


Michelle walked into the room and saw Steve, his head bent down and his hands roaming around his hairs, he was clearly deep in thoughts or else he would have heard her walk in, She stood for a moment, trying to determine her next line of action, she could just push him on the bed, straddle herself on him and drive him into wonderland, moreover the party was almost over but then Steve might push her off, and she dint want to present herself like a nymphomaniac or she could just leave and pretend she wasn’t here, and play the hard ball, waiting for Steve to run to her like a maid in waiting; she was confused so she did the one thing she figured might be the suitable way out, she shut the door behind her so loudly that even someone on the stairs could hear the sound.

Steve raised his head, more with a shock, the sound had pushed him away from whatever thoughts he was having;

“what the hell did you do that for ?” Steve asked

“Well — I have been calling you over and over and I’ve been standing here for quite sometime now; and you weren’t making any move whatsoever so I figured out, I should do that” She lied, scared of the bloodshot eyes Steve was casting at her, but she had to hold her composure, she couldn’t let him know she was scared or freaking out.

“Michelle, I’m not deaf and –” Steve began to say, but his words flew back as they were about leaving his mouth. Michelle cuts in with a slightly raised voice, “You now call me by my name — its Michelle now right”

“Look — I’m not ready for this — okay, if you walked all the way from wherever you came from, to this place to exchange words with me, I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m not fit for that”

“oh! what are you fit for then — SANDRA ?! ”

“what are you saying, have you gone nuts or you’re tipsy I think you should get some sleep”

“Oh stop the pretense Steve, I saw her leave here just now”

“I have a right to see whosoever I want to see, Michelle — just like you have the right to see whosoever you want to see; moreover you made it clear I don’t own you, remember ?!!!!” Steve was now on his feet, his fist tightened and fastened into his sides, their voices were at its peak and anyone passing through the hallway will definitely hear them.

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“Oh, Steve –stop being so childish, that’s not what I meant, and moreover you can see anyone but not Sandra”

“So I can’t dictate for you but you can do that for me, right ? what do you take me as — some puppet or what”

“Steve, you’re not a puppet, you’re MY LIFE and I get jealous whenever I see Sandra around you”

“when I got jealous over a guy touching you, I was wrong, why is that whatever you do, you just have a way to justify it, huh?”

“I’m sorry, I was just upset you ruined the party because of that, and I felt the guy was drunk so you shouldn’t have fought with him, it might lead to a national scandal and a lot of prominent people where there, it might be a blow to your image and –”

Steve cuts in –” I’m leaving, Michelle ”

“you are leaving ? leaving to where ? I don’t get you ” she drew closer to him, her heart beat fastened and it could be audible enough if someone drew their ears nearer to her chest, she was scared– what exactly was Steve insinuating —

“I’m leaving town, wanna move over to another state —

“Okay, when do we leave, so I can get my bags ready and have you told mum ?”

“Michelle, just stop — I am leaving not we, you’re staying here”

She laughed, she was getting scared and that statement increased her fears..
“I don’t get you Steve”

“we need some space, Michelle and I don’t want to be too clingy; let’s just take a break — after awhile I’ll be back ”

“no –noooo–oo Steve we don’t need any break, we have been apart for 5 years; okay, fine I messed up, I hurt you, I’m stupid, I’m crazy but you can’t leave Steve, don’t leave — it-it–t-its gonna break me, I won’t survive another space from you” Michelle said, moving closer to him, tears already gathering in her eyes and threatening to pour at any time.

“I’m sorry, Michelle — I have made my decision and I want to be left alone now” he said and walked over to his bed, switched on his phone and kept himself busy.

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Michelle stood there for a while, transfixed to the spot, tears pouring freely from her eyes, her heart was breaking, the rate of her heartbeat increased and it was like it will explode at any moment, her feet went weak and numb, she suddenly felt her lips cold, her fingers were also cold, she was suddenly shivering, it was getting so cold in here. it was her system were failing, her eyes began to shutter and her brain was making loud bangs inside her head, the images around her were become so blur and unclear, everywhere suddenly felt so quiet and lonely, her eyes were barely open, she felt her body spin but she was hearing Steve’s voice call out to her, how come she couldn’t see where he was, her eyes finally shut and her brain went to sleep.

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“Alfred ! Alfred !! Alfred !!! ” Steve shouted, carrying Michelle in his hands, taking fast strides down the hallway.

“Yes sir”

“get the cars ready, She’s hurt, call the doctor; we have an emergency — hurry !!!” Steve was clearly in a panic mode, he held onto her tightly.

“Don’t go anywhere, Baby — I am right here, I won’t let anything happen to you” He said, not knowing whether she could hear him or not but he needed to say those words, he was also reaffirming himself as well.


“Stanley, I don’t understand you but one thing is clear — allowing Steve into Nigeria was a mistake”

Mr. Popov said walking around the large parlor, hands folded at his back, he was clearly not happy with the events that happened at The Douglas mansion tonight.

“calm down, Dad — I’ve got this under control”

“Don’t tell me to calm down, boy — I made you powerful, because you said you needed to be powerful to bring down the Douglas’ — its been 5 years now, and nothing tangible has happened, you only sent men to their slaughter in Accra”

“You mistook it, Dad – those men were collateral damage, the operation was an experiment in as much as I wanted Steve to die in Accra, I knew he was no kid, I wanted to know how far he has developed during this period, I knew he will figure out something was wrong, i sent in a small unit because there was a possibility they were heading to their slaughter — they were martyrs for our cause, dad”.

“I planned for Jeremy to be at that party, i knew he had a knack for pretty young ladies; but he won’t hit on The Mighty Steve’s girl if he was sober so i got him drunk and led him to were they danced, he walked to her as expected and swatted her ass, Steve was pissed and had a fight with him”

“i don’t get it, son– what’s you end game ?” Mr. Popov sat down on his chair, shooting him long face stares. There was so much he dint know.

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“You’re getting old, dad — this is it : I know Jeremy’s temperament, he will want to get back at Steve and their might be an open alteration. I will use this opportunity to kill tow birds with one stone., When Jeremy confronts Steve again, it will become official, and knowing Jeremy as the Southern head of the BUCCANEERS’ CONFRATERNITY, he will want to use the firepower of the frat against Steve, Steve will see this as an open war, then i will step in, I’ll kill Jeremy, making me the next Southern head of the BUCCANEERS’ CONFRATERNITY, its more men and connection, we can begin to carry hits on your political rivals in the current administration- as for the second bird Steve, once jeremy is dead in the most brutal way possible, people will point fingers at Steve and its a national scandal, its the nation bigger boys and Jeremy’s father that will take care of him for us”

Mr. Popov laughed and smiled –” Wahala !!!! WHAT A BOMBSHELL !!!


Jared : hey buddy — whatsup ?

Alfred : I’m good — how you hanging out ?

Jared : not much man — how’s Michelle now ?

Alfred : Doc said she needs a couple of rest, she’ll be awake by tomorrow, was just a minor brain shut out.

Jared (smiles) :that good

Alfred : So anything new, man

Jared : pulled up the autopsy report from one of the guys we grabbed and ran an identification process on him, and you won’t believe it — He’s a member of some frat.

Alfred : i guessed so, they were quite some hit men you know..

Jared : but you won’t believe this.

I pulled up some files of his, 300 level student in Uniport and he’s a close friend of Stanley and Jeremy as well.

Alfred : Its either one of them ordered the hit, or they both belong to the same group.
what’s the relationship between Jeremy and Stanley.

Jared : they don’t seem to be friends — and even tonight, they just had a couple of drinks and even had an argument during the party.

Alfred : whatever it is — one thing is certain, The frat is now our official enemy — pull a quick survey of everything we can get on them, national players, sponsors, camp grounds, college members, their modus operandi and everything — this is the part i love the most.

Jared 🙁 chuckles) Its gonna be a long war — hope you brought some chocolates because we ain’t goin back to the states any time soon.

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