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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 36

My Life

My Life

It was a really big party thrown to welcome Steve’s back to Nigeria; different Men and women from various strata of life were present, holding hands, exchanging hugs and innocent pecks, sound of glasses clacking together could be heard, It was a really marvelous sight: the decor was superb, the dresses adorned by the women were not only elegant but beautiful — it was a mixture of class, taste and wealth.

Steve walked around, with Michelle hanging her hands around him; she was so possessive of him, who wouldn’t –

he moved with elegance and guile, they drew attention to every corner they went, such pretty couples.

Sandra was with Rebecca, she was filled with jealousy, she was hurt but she had to admit they were quite pretty together, but her heart ached and pierced hard against her chest, she needed to take in some air, so she had herself excused.

Dean and Sammy were together with Uncle Joe and Miss Hilda, they had quite a chemistry; chatting away and exchanging little funny jokes together.

Stanley walked in with his father, Mr.popov who was followed by some men dressed in suit probably from the DSS, they were his security detail. Most eyes turned as they walked in — but they kept straight faces looking up ahead as they made their way to the table were Steve and his mum stood with some of their friends.

Alfred already notified him about their arrival, so he was expecting them anytime soon — what a nerve ? showing up on his party unannounced and feeling like gods. he clenched his fist but kept calm as Mr. Samilade, Senator of the Federal Republic walked up to him, he smiled as they shook hands and began to have a nice conversation.

He wasn’t aware of their presence until Mr. samilade greeted Mr. Popov, who stood behind him, he turned and came face to face with the man he wanted so much to kill, a man he spent the last 5 years of his life studying and carrying out research on him.

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“Hello, Steve — you’re now all grown up and full of life ”

“Hello, Mr. Popov not bad yourself — just some Grey hairs here and there, giving you an innocent look we know its face” He said the last part in almost a whisper but audible enough to let him hear him.

“I heard about your new project ‘PIXELS TELECOM’ –I came here to offer my hand of support” Mr. Popov said glaring his teeth wide open with a grin.

“Oh! Sorry, Mr. Popov, I don’t think you can offer more than what we have on ground but we’ll consider putting you in the list of alternative shareholders if the need arises” Steve said more audibly, drawing some attentions to themselves, he smiled when he saw the grin on Mr. Popov face fade as the meaning of the statement became clearer to him.

silent laughs could be heard as the comments dawned all the few occupants and party attendees on the tables around where they stood. Mr. Popov felt very embarrassed, he smiled but deep down, he was hurt, The Governor of a state being humiliated by a boy young enough to be my son.

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Mr. Popov shocked hands with him, as their hands both tightened on each other’s fist, but what harm could the hands of an old man do to a young boy who had passed the rigorous training of the US NAVY SEALs..Mr. Popov’s hands made crunching sounds as Steve tightened his grip on him further, causing him to bend one of his legs, making and extension backwards and joining his other hand to free himself from his grip; they were attracting stares from the few people who cared as much as to look.

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” AHH — HHHHHH –ARGHH ; Let go off me ” He cried out softly

“sure –” Steve released him and walked away…


“I want to welcome each and every one of you and say a big thank you to as many that made out there time to be here today to celebrate the home coming of my son, Steve Douglas — I’m happy that we could free our extensively busy schedule and made out time to be here, God bless you” Mrs. Douglas said into the mic as she stood on the large space which was at the front of the hall, directly opposite to the area where the round tables were containing the guests seated on their chairs …

“We will move over to the dance hall, and make soft moves as the band entertains us”



Steve was dancing with Michelle, hands at her back and hers on his shoulders interconnecting at the back of his neck. they danced in rhythm and soft mild moves.

Sandra danced with Stanley, though against her wish, he was showing her off as his girlfriend and she hated it, but she couldn’t leave the party she intended to talk to Steve first.

“Just let them be tonight, |Honey ‘ Michelle spoke softly into his ears.

“I hate them and they disgust me being here” Steve said

‘I know — just ignore them off; we will —

she couldn’t finish her statement as she felt a strong hand make hard smack on her ass, which jolted her towards Steve, she was shocked and turned back in anger, only to see a young man, who wasn’t even as hot as Steve’s shoes, smiling mischievously at her.

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” dance with me, baby — you have nice ass” the strange young man said, he was clearly drink considering the way he bent and staggered forward towards her.

Steve pushed him hard as he got closer to her, causing the young man to fall as he went back with the force Steve launched at him, he got up and rushed to Steve, everywhere was watching already at the scene before them.

Steve dodged his first blow and before he could make another one, Steve launched a powerful low blow at his sides, he winced in pain and before he could re collect himself, Steve launched successive double combos on his right and left cheek, causing a strand of red blood spill from his mouth, he couldn’t even make a move as Steve launched a short upper cut which sent him crashing completely on the ground.

‘The next time you touch my woman indecently, I will so f-ck with you” he spat at him where he laid and walked away, dragging Michelle along with him.

They were halfway to his room when Michelle dragged her hands from him, and forced herself away, causing him to turn in shock.

“Why did you do that, Steve ?”

“do what, baby ?”

“oh! don’t baby me — you hurt that guy for nothing, what has come over you?”

“come over me — he touched your ass ”

“he was drunk, steve — drunk, don’t you understand that ?”

” woah — so he was drunk so he should touch your ass, Huh ?”

“My ass, Steve, mine — not yours, cool off ”

” Get out, Michelle ”

“what, Steve ?”

“I said Get out !!!!!!!!” Steve shouted

she turned and ran off.

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