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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 35

My Life

My Life


I opened my eyes and felt so sore beneath, the sex with Steve had drained me a lot but even then I smiled as I remembered little details of the experience, and in as much as I was tired and felt hunger building in me, I was beginning to get wet all again — lying stark naked close to him wasn’t helping matters as well; I smuggled myself close to him, and as soon as my breast made contact with his, my nipples got hardened, my below was screaming for attention… I closed the distance between our lips as it met in a very passionate and sensual kiss which I was doing most of the work because he was still half asleep.

sounds of “hmm — mm” escaped him mouth as he was now fully awake, his hands working its way around my waist line as he pulled me into him, I could feel his hardened d-ck inches away from my love hole, which was now very wet, I moved the kisses to his neck and then his earlobe, taking soft bites at it and then back again to his neck, I drifted downwards to his nipples and was biting them mildly, interchanging between the alternate one as well, one of his hands trailed off and made its way into my ass hole, I gasped and bit my lower lip as I tried to surprise sound trying to come off, his finger went deep and then he brought them out fully, I breathed down, before I could catch my breath, two of his fingers were already launching there way inside my p—y, I moaned and gasped for air.

I jerked out of his body, causing his hands to slip out.

“Whats the matter, baby — He asked sounding shock and looking puzzled.

“I want to take you to the height of pleasure, like you did to me”

I smiled and sat up and took him in both hands, easing my hands along the s—t and planted a wet kiss on the tip of his c–k.

“I’ve been told I’m pretty good at this by you before,” I said.

He smiled and put a hand on the top of my head. “Go ahead and remind me again then.”

I stroked him and pressed my mouth against the tip. my lips parted around him and my tongue darted out over his head teasing across the slit of his urethra. Steve groaned and ran his fingers through my hair his c–k trembling with every pass of my tongue.

I traced the edges of his head then slid my tongue down along the s—t to his balls and s—-d them into my mouth. I moaned and smiled flicking my tongue across the sweat covered flesh of his balls reveling in the way he shuddered with every flick of my tongue.

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I had known early on that How Steve enjoyed being s—-d and being pleasured. There was something powerful about the way I could render him putty in my hands with a few plunges into my throat. He had ever complained and I was determined not to give Steve any reason to. I wanted him to remember this night for the rest of his life.

Sucking on his delicate balls I held him in one hand and stroked him as I stared up at him. He squinted in concentration and placed his hands on his hips leaning forward to offer his c–k to me. He had never felt like this before. It was like he was racing again barreling down the track at a hundred miles per hour in a metal death trap and he loved it.

I s—-d and licked and jerked teasing a low growl out of him but it wasn’t enough.

Steve gripped the base of his c–k and grabbed the back of her head. I didn’t resist but leaned forward and slid him into my mouth. A ripple of warmth shot through the length of his c–k and he held himself there for a moment and trembled.

I reached up and cupped his balls in the palm of my hand and let him adjust to the confines of my mouth before I pressed my tongue against his c–k. He groaned and dropped his hands to my shoulders and steadied himself. My mouth tightened around him and I slid her mouth forward.

First an inch then two and three and four until the tip of his c–k protruded against my tonsils. He shook in my mouth breathing hard and held onto me almost cumming right there and then.

Steve reached up and grabbed the sides of my head and pulled me close. I hunched and gagged taking him past my tonsils and into my throat. He pulled back and pushed forward again and I swallowed him like a hungry young s–t.

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He pulled out again and I coughed for air. A thin line of drool seeped out of my mouth and down my chin and I smiled at him. I had never taken someone as thick or as long as this and it excited me because I was doing this to the man I loved.

“This is everything I thought it would be,” i said.

He gave me another moment to catch my breath and pushed back into my hungry throat. i devoured him with ease at first sliding him into my mouth gagging only as he reached the back of my throat. His thick c–k pushed against the walls of my throat and I coughed around it and drooled.

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Buried in the my throat Steve gyrated his hips and worked his c–k in minuscule circles until I pushed against him. He pulled out of my mouth and staggered back covered in my spit and panting for air.

i laughed and wiped the spit from my chin. “God you taste good,” I said.

“Well, its because I just left you core some hours ago –Want more?” He said.

I nodded and Steve walked back over to me and let the me slide my lips back over the head of his c–k. I tightened my mouth around him and moved along his c–k at a snail’s pace teasing and stroking him. He shuddered and shook, trembled and moaned.

The world was gone. He didn’t care that they weren’t alone in the house and that his Mum could have been awake by now. All he cared about was the cruel pleasure of my slow deep throat and the warmth of my hand against his balls.

I swallowed him again and pressed my nose into the firm muscles of his stomach. I gagged on his c–k and forced my tongue out along the crease of his balls and tasted him again. He leaned over and grabbed hold of my shoulders trembling with every glancing swipe of my tongue and moaned.

“Stop I..I’m going to c-m.”

I moaned around his c–k and pulled back slightly only to bury him in my throat again. Steve groaned and tensed and cussed. He couldn’t stop it. The wave of pleasure slammed into him and he pushed harder into her mouth.

The hard push of his c–k gagged me and I hunched forward as my throat stretched around him. i coughed and gagged and a stream of hot and warm liquid spilled out of his d-ck coating my face in slime but I refused to spit him out. I loved it too much to stop.

Steve’s eyes rolled back and he pushed me away and slipped out of me mouth. He gasped for breath and looked down at the my pretty face coated in a layer of slime and shook his head. It seemed hot and wild somehow as if he were living in the fantasy of a porno but the feeling soon faded and he sat down on the floor tense and out of breath.

Steve laughed and wiped the sweat from his brow. “You’re crazy,” He said. ” And I love you too”

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“lemme go wash up” I said standing up, revealing my wetness drooling out of my hole and streaming down my legs, I was so wet..

“shouldn’t I help with that ? ” he asked

I opened my legs and pressed a finger into my sex. “I’m glad to hear that.”

Steve stalked over to the bed and pulled me close. He lined his c–k up with the narrow slit of my p—y and eased the warm tip inside of her. I shuddered and wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him deeper.

After all this time I finally knew what it was like to have the rigid warmth of his c–k inside of me. I sighed with pleasure and tightened around him. It was better than I had imagined. A lot better.

Steve stretched my tight walls around his c–k and t—-t forward burying himself in the folds of my sex. I moaned and arched my back buzzing with pleasure as he pulled out and slammed back into my p—y.

The room echoed with the impact of his c–k slamming into my body and the hungry growls of our lust. Our bodies tensed and relaxed caught between the waves of pleasure that sought to destroy us.

Neither of us wanted it to end. our bodies burned and tingled. Our hearts pounded in our chest and sweat rolled down our backs both of us swept up in the race for who would c—-x first.

At long last Steve tensed and buried himself in the tender embrace of my c–t and let himself go. His balls tightened and spasmed and he slumped on top of me filling me with a rush of warm c-m. i tightened my p—y around him and slid my hand down over my c–t flicking it until my own o—-m shattered my last ounce of self-control.

We laid there for a long while sore and spent and wet with our juices. His c–k soon shrank inside of me and he pulled it out leaving me empty and warm inside.

He fell back on his butt and looked at me from his spot on the bed. “Thank you,” Steve said.

“hush it, darling — I love you, and thank you for loving me” I said affirming.

“ain’t you guys ready yet the party is about to start oh, visitors are already arriving” Steve’s mum echoed from the hallway to Steve’s room..

“Oh shit, ” we said together as we ran up to the bathroom together sluggishly and lazily.

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