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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 34

My Life

My Life


I was trying my best to stay sane, I knew I hurt him– I knew I dint deserve him, I knew I should forget about him but couldn’t I ? — why was I feeling like I’m gonna choke every time I try to forget him — Why couldn’t this feeling for him just die; I was incapable of falling love with another if not Steve, I slapped my chest, why did my heart choose him even when I was convincing myself to let go, why won’t my heart just listen, why did it just to suffer the heartache of rejection and yet still yearn for him — Was there such a thing like this kind of love I felt for Steve ? it was crazy, I couldn’t describe what I felt for him anymore because it encompassed my definition of love, even though it was now obvious its one – sided but I still fell more deeply in love with him, how so possible..

Oh! Just if I had listened to him Aunt Rachel, just if I had let him explain himself, but then all these just were considerations of the past, what could I do now ? was having Steve back ever possible ? But when I looked into his eyes, I still saw those tender looks he had for me, I still felt a connection or was I dreaming ? when Michelle came and dragged him away — he left without looking back, I knew I broke his heart but right now, mine was getting shattered and yet it dint want to let him go.

Rebecca said Michelle won’t let Steve go not without a fight, could I fight Michelle ? She looked way powerful and someone with high class, Rebecca also explained to me that She was Stanley’s ex, no wonder I had seen her picture the other day I went to his house, but why dint Stanley dispose her picture while still leave it in his drawer when she was now with his nemesis, did he miss her ? Did he want her back ? all these things dint make sense to me. I felt I was missing a vital piece of this puzzle, something that will make me understand this whole scenario better, but I was sure there was more to Stanley and Michelle than what met the eyes.

I sighed and wore my pants, touching my inner core as I did so, I missed Steve’s touch on me, he had this way of filling my essence, I was turned on thinking about Steve — it was clear he was my fantasy sex right now and maybe forever. I took my bra and covered my boobs, wore my dress — a black long gown which was tight at the hips and had a very low chest line, revealing deep my thick cleavage and the gown brought out my nice figure as well.



It was clear Sandra was going to make a move soon on me and Steve relationship, as much as I tried to ignored it but it was clear I was now a target to her; and I couldn’t carry any hit on her yet, Steve was in charge of the whole operation and there was no green light without his order — I Love Steve and I will do anything to keep him, he is my life and losing him is more like losing my life. I had never been in the cross roads before, falling so deeply in love with a man — I mean all my life I had loved only myself but right now, Steve was my weakness, he was my strength, with him I’m vulnerable but without him I’m lost, he was a light in my darkness and my shadow in the light. I was never gonna trade a lifetime with him for anything, not even my life — Yes! I love Steve more than I love myself.

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Steve walked in behind tip toeing silently to where she stood as he grabbed her from behind, hugging her and squeezing his body against her, she breathed out, “Oh ! Baby –” ; “shhh, honey — just stay silent, you were lost in thoughts when I walked in, I know you feel insecure over Sandra’s presence but don’t worry I am all yours, now, tomorrow and forever– we are a match made in Heaven”

Michelle gave out silent sobs, her heart melted as those words entered her ears which was so close to his lips, she could feel his breaths on her neck and it was a turn on, she pushed her ass backward, taking his manliness into her Crack, and arched her neck backwards, his hands made her way to her side and she guided them further up to her breast, he cupped the left one, squeezing on it tightly but yet still mild, he surely knew how to take care of a woman, she trembled as he sent soft kisses into her neck line and his hands were now on her n—-e, his fingers fastened against the hardened spot; she moved back further into him, feeling him grow deeper in her.

” carry me to the bed, Honey” Michelle said.

Steve pushed his thumbs into her waistband and playfully tugged at her shorts. “What do you want me to do to you ?” he teased.

“I want you to carry me to the bed, tease me some more, eat my p—y, then immediately after I c-m, I want you to take your hard c–k and f-ck me as a husband would his wife as long as you can”

Steve roguishly smiled and nodded his head. He breathed deeply, took control of his impulses and kissed her deeply on the lips. As they kissed , he shifted Michelle’s body, Lifted her off the floor which she stood and she s——-d her legs around him with his hands firmly at her ass, while she held his head closer to her.

He sat her at the edge of the bed. She crawled at his arm, leaned back and pulled him closer for another kiss. He climbed onto her, and onto the bed next to her as they kissed. He touched the shoulder, her arm, and then ran his hand up her back to her shirt. he teased her along the bra line and down the tickly sensitive sides of her body. She broke free from his lips and started kissing down his neck to his neck line. He rubbed her stomach and her breast over her bra. she tugged at his neckline with her teeth and ran the side her face along his chest. He unhooked the bra and ran his fingers to the side of her breasts. |Her hands reached down and circled his midsection along the waist of his cotton shorts. She grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head. He grabbed he closely, kissed her a couple of times, and took off her shirt. They kissed some more, their legs started gyrating against each other. she could feel his excitement in full magnitude. she tugged at his pants, he pulled back for a moment to take them off, she quickly pulled off her bra and shorts.

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“You ain’t even wearing panties.” He said and smiled, ” You came like this to the airport ?!”

“I wanted to take you there, which loving husband leaves his wife feeling in need” She licked her finger, rubbed her n—-e and gave him a devilish and inviting smile. he leaned in and kissed her, teasing the outside of her breast with his fingers and then his lips. his fingers went to her stomach, her hips, and around her pubic hair.

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She rubbed his sides, his thighs, and his erection through his boxers. “Is this gonna stay nice and big for me?” she said with a strict voice, “You need to put it right in my p—y after you make me c-m from your mouth.”

“Oh, I guarantee it”. he said . He used his lips to plant soft kisses along a path to her stomach. his hands brushed along her strip of pubic hair. Then he tickled her mons and v—a. He rubbed his face along her pubic hair and kissed her along the top of it. His fingers gently explored her, opened up, and teased out the fullness of her petals. He brought his tongue to the bottom of her slit then gently brushed it from the bottom to the top of her inner folds. he could taste her wetness leaking her lips and knew how sticky she was inside.

He ushered her back to the edge of the bed. he climbed down, got on his knees, between her legs and started kissing her m—d. He pulled back from kissing and watched as his fingers opened her. Strands of wetness stretched across her soft and sensitive vestibule. He leaned down gently lapping them clean, and continued licking all over and around her delicate parts.

As he licked her, she felt an incredible rush followed by a soft release of energy. when the tip of his tongue began to penetrate her hole, she shuddered, tensed up, then relaxed deeper onto his mouth. He placed the tip of his finger into her v—-a and moved his tongue up her c——s. He rocked his finger slowly in and out of her as his tongue stroked her c–t up down left and right.

Steve knew once he made her c-m, he was going to be able to f-ck her. All of the electricity building in her body began to swell around her v—-a. she was deeply wet now. Steve curved his finger when it was deep inside of her, then slowly pulled it back across her g spot.

At the same time Steve slathered her lips with his mouth so she could feel the amount of pressure on her c–t. He reached down to remove his boxers and gave himself a few strokes to make sure his penis stayed very hard for her. she was incredibly wet now. He put a second finger into her p—y. Michelle felt like she about to erupt.

She grabbed his hair and pulled his head into her tightly. She started vocalizing with an “Mmmm” noise then an “Ahh-ahhh’ She breathed deeply for a few seconds, her chest rose and fell, rose and fell, full of air then empty of air as she neared the apex of her C—-x. Steve rubbed her with his tongue back and forth as fast as he could. He tickled the inside of her p—y with his fingers, he shook his hand and made it vibrate as fact as he could. All at once her bundle of nerves began to unravel. She moaned and rocked back and forth due to her powerful o—-m. he backed his head away from her and gently pulled his fingers out of her. She closed her eyes in a moment of serenity.

As her eyes were closed, Michelle felt a firm s—t gently tapping on her open wetness. She moved her hips and rubbed her intimate parts up and down his manhood. She half opened her eyes and looked at him in admiration and smiles. He fondled up and down her v—a with his s—t a few times. He placed the head of his penis firmly into her ready hole. She was extremely wet. Steve felt animal instincts screaming inside him but he calmed himself despite those feelings and pushed in slowly. He gently rocked back and forth. she suddenly realize that his penis was very thick, it had grown a lot, she reached down to guide the rest of his s—t into her. Her finger tips barely touched his impressive firmness. he pushed forward, felt her moistness and began to t—-t.

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He went in and out slowly; getting her used to the length of his strokes. With each stroke he pushed his penis up down, left and right – trying to acclimate it to its environment so he dint c-m so fast. Michelle received disciplined strokes from every angle, she had quickly shifted from a relaxed state of post o—-m dormancy to one of animated pleasure. With each stroke Michelle shifted her hips and raised her pelvis until Steve and her found a steady, rhythmic unity to give and receive pleasure from each other.

As the pace slowly ramp up Steve was happy and feeling so ecstatic. Michelle had gotten alot of foreplay but his d–k had gotten very little, and this left him extra sensitive. The pleasure of being inside his sexy girlfriend started to be overwhelming, he loved the feeling of belonging her p—y gave him. He loved how she bit her lower lip to prevent herself from screaming, He loved how her hair fluttered and breasts bounced with each t—-t. He really wanted to c-m but he promised himself that he would it together at least until she came one more time.

Every time Steve felt like he was approaching the apex of pleasure he backed off and shifted to a different angle. Most times, Michelle responded to his shift by moving her body and encouraging him to pump harder. He could barely hold on. Luckily For Steve, Michelle was driving herself to the heights of pleasure faster than he was ascending them himself.

Michelle climaxed harder than she did the first time. She pulled Steve in closely for an embrace. she had been trying to be quiet, but it hit her so hard she couldn’t help but be loud. Steve felt the muscles inside of Michelle squeeze him tightly around his s—t. They gripped him so tightly he couldn’t t—-t. He stopped hovered over her and enjoyed the pulses of squeezes he felt from her as she rode her wave of an o—-m.

After her C—-x, Michelle took a moment, laid still, and caught her breath. after seeing and feeling that show Steve was about to burst himself. They made eye contact and Michelle gave Steve a dreamy smile and a nod. Steve was more than ready to go on. He counted to ten and slowly began to t—-t again. Her body was used to having his d-ck inside her so they were able to pick up the pace again quickly. In very little while he got right to the edge. He pushed himself to the limit and had a deep long o—-m inside of her.

After a few moments of appreciating the situation, Steve pulled out of her, Michelle made a pouting face as she felt his penis leave her happy hole.

They dint speak afterwards but they stroked each other’s bodies and kissed for a while. In the midst of after-care they both drifted up to sleep.

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