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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 33

My Life

My Life


I couldn’t believe what I heard when I went to check the audio receiver which was connected to the audio bugs planted in Sandra’s place — a hot makeout session between she and Stanley, she even accepted to date him, called Steve an embargo, my own Steve — I was burning with rage such audacity; well, I just needed to leave things till Steve comes around..

Dean and Sammy walks in, followed by Carolina —

DEAN : You ain’t dressed yet, Michelle ?

SAMMY : Aunty, gown dress abeg, Steve’s flight lands by 3:oo pm and its already 2: 15 pm , do you know the distance to the airport and not considering how traffic might be like.

–“I’m so sorry, I lost track of time — let me go get dressed, I’ll will be with you guys shortly.
I walked disappeared into the lobby, I had missed Steve so much, I never lost track of whatever he was doing all the while he was away, I loved him so much, I will give myself up for him but I was nervous, and not nervous because I was going to see him again after some time, I was nervous because he was coming to fight a war, a war neither of us knew the outcome, a war that could take many twists, a war I would willingly take up the role of commander if he let me, but — He wanted to be at the fore front of this battle — this was the turning point of our lives, the result mattered so much to him, me and his mum.



woah!! — back home already, I heard the voice of the female announcer through the audio speakers as I made my way down from my private jet, followed with my military unit and Alfred and Jared who followed behind me closely — I missed the Nigerian air, there was nothing like home. It gives you this sense of belonging, the feel of ownership, and there’s a certain jolt of energy that flows through you knowing you have full rights even upon the ground you stand up. I raised my head and the stares I was getting from people around the hall was very evident, so typical of the Nigerian female, i was a celebrity already– in case you guys had forgotten and my numerous awards and wealthy donations in Nigeria and Africa as well as my single status dint help matters. I just smiled and did my best to return some waves and brief nods at the anyone I caught staring, I was still trying to locate were my people were, Uncle Joe called me some minutes back that he just arrived the airport and so did Miss Hilda, Mum was already in the airport since 1:00 pm —

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I was still searching when my eyes caught a very banner that stood at the other side of the hall, closer to the exit and adjacent to where I was coming from, it read HAPPY HOMECOMING — WELCOME BACK TO CAMP, STEVE DOUGLAS — I smiled, chuckled and nodded, thats family — and that feeling was back again. I could see them waving from a distance as I got closer.



“oh come on, Sandra do you want to spend the whole day picking a dress just to welcome Steve” Rebecca said loudly from the parlor. I dint know why I felt nervous, I mean we haven’t seen in 5 whole years, six almost if you add the months he stayed in port-harcourt before leaving, I dint know what he will think of me now, not that I was not pretty, I was far more prettier than before, my curves were all out and well accentuated coupled with the fact that over 5 years I have spent so much to keep myself fit and in good shape for whenever my prince came back. my entire wardrobe was scattered and my clothes lay on the ground and some made their way to the bed, my shoe rack was turned inside out, I was so scared, nervous and suddenly felt guilty about what happened 5 years ago. I knew he found out about Paul and I, and maybe I was such a kid to think he would accept me back. but I just needed to make peace with this demon that has been chasing me for years now.

–“I’m coming, Rebecca ; Almost done.


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Mrs. Douglas ran to meet her son as he drew closer to where they were. she hugged him so tightly when she got to where he use, threatening to squeeze the life out of him.

“Mum, I’m not breathing anymore oh, you’ll rumple my clothes– ouch!! ”

She laughed and released him, playing with his hair, as tears rolled from her eyes, she missed him, he was her world, her life and she needed to see the face again, so cheerful, so peaceful, so innocent, so mild — but deep down she knew her boy was now a man, and he was about to start a whole process of retribution and this journey was something she wished he never will embark on, but she knew otherwise — but she promised herself, Steve will get all the backup he needs even if it means, buying over the entire Nigerian military power.

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“Mum, you’re crying, I don’t like seeing you this way– cheer up, I’m home okay? ain’t going no where-

Meet my buddy, Jared – the computer tech guy I told you about” Mrs. Douglas shook hands with him and Alfred as well. she missed those commanding face of his, she entrusted her son to him and he did a really good job.

They all walked over to meet the rest of the crew. Mother and son hand in hand, Uncle Joe hugged him, shook him tightly and smiled — “you’re now a man, boy”

Miss Hilda smiled and pecked him, then hugged him as well, making sure to press him fully into her, not minding the presence of Michelle and his mum and everyone present.
dean and Sammy shook hands with him, and the three embraced in a big bear hug.

then finally, he got to Where Michelle and her friend, Caroline stood. he greeted Caroline and moved over to Michelle, she was in tears and smiles, the joy in her eyes were very plain and clear.

STEVE : baby — I –
he dint complete his statement as their lips met with fire, she kissed him hungrily but yet still passionate and romantic, she bucked his head closer as his hands went behind her and pulled her closer to him, he missed her lips, the soft feeling they brought and the calm satisfaction they brought his soul.

“Steve ?!!” –they disengaged as Steve heard a familiar voice, he turned his head and caught eyes with Sandra where she stood with Rebecca.

STEVE : (turning to Michelle) what is she doing here ?

MICHELLE : I don’t know. maybe Rebecca invited her over.

STEVE : Rebecca knows Sandra ?.

Rebecca and Sandra walked over to where they were, and Steve turned to their direction.
Rebecca hugged him tightly immediately they met and Steve reciprocated not taking his eyes away from sandra and when their eyes met, he saw tears in them, he couldn’t tell why, her tears still affected him.

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STEVE : How’re you, Rebecca — you’re looking fantastic.. long time no see.

REBECCA : I missed you, Steve — how’re you ? not looking bad yourself, just more manly now.
(turns to Michelle who just arrived where they were) how’re you, pretty ?

MICHELLE : You forgot about me now, anyway I missed you too and I’m fine.

STEVE : (turns to Sandra ) Hi,

SANDRA : (bends her face) hi —

STEVE : (Turning to Rebecca ) I never knew you were friends with Sandra.

REBECCA 🙁 Laughs) I was her school mother back in secondary school and we bonded so well.

STEVE : Oh! Nice one
he turns to leave before being stopped by Sandra who called out to him.

SANDRA : Steve —-

HE turned and their eyes reconnected, she went silent again but he saw this look, the same drive that he attracted him to her in the first place. she was still staring not saying anything before Michelle spoke up after some time.

MICHELLE : Baby, let’s get going (turns to Rebecca and Sandra ) Rebecca, I hope you are coming over to the party tonight …

REBECCA : Yeah sure.

She walked away holding hands with Steve, as they went to meet the remaining crew and left together .

SANDRA : Rebecca, who was that ?

REBECCA : That is Michelle Simpson, and she is the one who replaced you, young lady

SANDRA 🙁 breaks down) you never told me, Steve was now dating someone else.

REBECCA : and what if I told you, what would you have done ? ran off to the US and propose to him, come of it girl. I’m also letting my feelings for Steve go dormant because of her too.

SANDRA : well thats you.. Steve is mine and I can see it in his eyes– he still loves me; I will fight for what belongs to me — thats what people who are in love do.. they don’t give up !

REBECCA 🙁 laughs loudly ) People who are in love ? my dear, Those are the people who are in love and mind you, don’t do anything stupid, Michelle is a big player — she won’t let Steve go without a fight, and that fight is not what you will want.


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