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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 32

My Life

My Life


My life has been filled with really fascinating and adventurous tales, I couldn’t have asked God for a better life, because in as much as I wanted to change my past, I know my present and future was because who I am now, and who I am is because of what I’ve been through, so in as much as I wanted to change it, I saw my past as a lesson, a life tutorial, a life class I won’t miss or give up because I’ve become stronger, better and more than I was.

My Mum and Dad will sure be awe by the man I have now become; at 20 I was already running business firms and corporations, owning companies and making swift business moves — I was about to return to my Motherland where I must confront the demons of my past. I needed to clear the dead log already.

–Alfred, how many minutes till we land ?

ALFRED : 20 minutes more, sir

–Jared, how’s the team en route to Accra doing.

JARED : (dancing his tall fingers on the keyboard of his laptop) they’re 20 minutes away.

The flight lands in 10 minutes time. The decor is in place.

–(laughs) its really funny how you could get a lookalike to me prepared under 24 hours.

ALFRED : There’s nothing money can’t do, But are you sure they will buy that its you.

–Looks they say Alfred, is deceiving — they will buy the decor and the moment they approach to eliminate, the boys will move in on them, we just need to keep one alive.
Jared, make sure the drone is up and flying in a moment.

JARED : Roger — drone is preparing to launch already..

–Then, let’s wait for the party.


VOICE OVER PA : Akwaaba to Accra, enjoy your stay in Ghana.

The female attendants were all over the airport, giving directions and travel guides to visitors.

The hit team of the BUCCANEERS’ CONFRATERNITY arrived in their tinted pathfinder jeep packed at the garage as they made their way into the airport in group of twos, separated over long distances that any onlooker could easily swear they weren’t together, They had their MK 24 pistol tucked behind them, with some holding bags containing machine gun rifles, they total 12 in numbers; they were one of the most deadly hit squads in the BUCCANEERS’ CONFRATERNITY led by Jagon, an ex-convict who was nicknamed the ‘brute’ because of his unorthodox killing methods.

The undercover military operatives stepped down from the airport dressed in suits and casual attires as they made their way to the counter, disguised as tourist, Steve’s lookalike stepped down guided by 4 men on dark shades in their cooperate suites.

MAN 1 : Eyes roaming, Decor has stepped on ground.

MAN 2 : Exit is covered, found two strange pathfinders at the entrance garage, taken out the tires.

the crocodiles are in the airport already. All units look at for strange movements towards the decor.

MAN 5 : |sniper in position– I seeing random movements around the decor – the guy holding an ice cream wearing a military boot, the guy at the decor’s 10’o clock always takes his hands behind his back every 4 seconds, the mechanic guy at the rear end of the decor has been making eye signals with two guys discussing at 5’o clock– thats a total of 5 hostiles.

MAN 1 : it doesn’t make sense — five guys won’t need two pathfinders, they are two groups, find the other group — I repeat find crocodile 2 .. sniper remain sharp.

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STANLEY : Sandra, I can’t believe what I’m hearing — you have accepted to date me.

SANDRA : (Lying down on his laps) yes Stanley, I dint realize how much I love you until now.

STANLEY : So that means you’ve moved on from Steve ?

SANDRA : (Laughs) Steve’s an embargo from the past, one I’ve decided to drop.

STANLEY : (kisses her forehead ) I’m really happy to hear that, I’m ready to let you be my weakness, Sandra I can’t even explain how I fell so in love with you, I’m ready to let my guard down so you can be my queen and don’t worry — very soon you will rule over my empire with me.

SANDRA :{ speaks inwardly:-such a fool ! I can only spend the rest of my life with Steve, let your guard down, destroying you will be far easy } –(smiles) thanks, I’m really grateful I met you in this lifetime, Stanley —

Stanley Smiles, moves his hand to her hair as he begins to stroke them, their lips meet after a while of gazing at each other, and it was wild, romantic and sweet, their lips danced in rhythm, he moved his hands down and pressed her breast softly, making a soft moan escape her mouth, she kept reminding herself this was for steve, Stanley quickly remained the rendezvous unit, he was suppose to lead them and give the go ahead, he immediately pulled his head away from hers ..

SANDRA : (Looking surprised) what ?! don’t you want this

STANLEY : No I do, its a dream come true but I have something to do now.

SANDRA : something more important than me, right ?

STANLEY : No baby — thats not it, you’re far more important its just that–

SANDRA : (cuts him short) do you love me Stanley ?

STANLEY : What ?!

SANDRA : Just answer me, do you really love me Stanley ?

STANLEY : (holds her face ) of course I do, I love you

SANDRA : Then prove it ..

He joined his lips to her, f-ck the mission they could handle themselves ..



he was in his Rolls Royce which was followed by two jeeps at the front and two at the back, his usual convoy cue.

–“Audrey, I’m on my way to the hotel now .. I will be with you in a sec.

AUDREY over phone : okay baby, come to momma

–“just quit being normal, it doesn’t suit you.

line disconnects-}

JARED : sir, we have a problem

–“Whats it

JARED : we are picking various heat signals en route to a base ball court close to the airport.

–“What does that mean ?

ALFRED : F-ck, they are the rendezvous unit.. they have backups..– the men will be taken unawares.

–“D–n ! why dint we see this before-

JARED : I think they calculated we will be sending just a unit to direct counter the hit squad, they calculated that we knew they will be coming.

–“d–n !! that bastard got more clever after all these years — contact the team.

JARED : (sighs) we can’t sir, we lost communication with them couple of minutes ago.

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someone is interfering with our communication signal, and its coming from the airport


MAN 6 : crocodile 2 has been found– they are leaving the communication room, dressed as technicians.

unit 4 they are coming over to your area. unit 4 copy no . shit Unit 4 is down ..i repeat crocodile has gone hot.

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MAN 1 : sniper copy

MAN 5 : copy..

MAN 1 : get the party started .
unit 2.light up the place — protect the decor.

The military personnel opened fire, everyone began to run as the sound of automated rifle filled the air, the men from the BUCCANEERS’ CONFRATERNITY were cut unawares as two of them died on the spot from the shootout, the remaining three left in the hall took cover, and began to return fire, they dropped one the military men after a stray bullet hit him on his hip region, he fell.

MAN 1 : sniper, provide cover — create a diversion..

the sniper was shooting at them, purposely aiming at random angles to make them divert their fire from the leader of the unit, as he made circular run to hit them from their back–

the airport alarm was barring already and the airport security unhooked their weapons as they made their way to the hall.

JAGON : Sh-t, let’s go and provide help for our brothers.
let’s make those jew men suffer the wrath of the black pirates, no one challenges the yellow brothers.

remaining men echoed : fire !!


the lease of the unit was already at their back, unbeknownst to the three cult men, they still thought he was the one shooting at them as they fired back at the direction, a thick smoke was covering their line of sight as Steve’s men had earlier thrown a smoke grenade.

BOAA ! BOAA !! BOAA !!! the leader took them out in three swift shoots at the back of their head as they dropped dead.

MAN 1 (LEADER ) : crocodile 1 is dead. all units remain sharp
remain the ground

MAN 6 : I’m following crocodile 2 behind, they are making their way to the hall.

MAN 1 : alright boys, let’s people the ground — gladiators incoming..

MAN 5 (SNIPER) : the airport security are a 200 meters out.
we’ll have them in party in 20 minutes.

MAN 1 : Let’s get these done in 15 minutes, boys


Steve’s men hid behind walls which laid raided with bullet holes and behind cupboards and
desks were laid empty from the fleeing occupants, they’re professionals and most of them
were members of the US ARMY, so they were used to this position : waiting for the enemy to fall
into their trap.

Jagon and his men ran into the hall, blinded by rage and anger and before they could reposition themselves..

sounds of PARR ! PRRR!! PRRR!!! PRRRTTTTT–TTT!! from the M4 carbine assault rifle of Steve’s men as four more men of the BUCCANEERS’ CONRATERNITY fell in the bloodbath.

Jagon fell and crawled to a nearby desk, he was hit on the left knee and he was the remaining person,

he brought out his phone to put a call across to the rendezvous unit, he dint know why Stanley had not given the go ahead for them to come in, if they had as at when agreed, his men wouldn’t have fallen, what was keeping Stanley..

he brought the phone to his ear and the last thing he heard was the sound of ‘hello’ from the other end, before his brain was brought open by the bullet of the M110K1 SASS sniper rifle which ducked 300 meters away where the sniper laid. it was one hell of a headshot !!!


‘hello’ the executioner of the BUCCANEERS’ CONFRATERNITY which was the leader of the rendezvous unit spoke again but after getting to reply, he understood what it meant.

“Jagon, the brute has fallen” — loud cries was heard from his men before they loaded themselves into the van and drove off..

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ALFRED : We just received confirmation sir– the mission was a success, decor is safe — we had just one fallen soldier and one wounded, but they were incapable of capturing any hostile.

–” its okay, let’s thank our God that the rendezvous unit — never came to help”

JARED : I don’t understand why they abandoned their men.

–“Never question the working of grace..its God o– ID those motherf-ckers ASAP”


–“Audrey, I’ll take care of myself — I promise

AUDREY : I don’t understand why you need to do this

–“Audrey, they need to pay for their sins–its retribution

AUDREY : I want to come with you, Steve — I can be of help

–“no Audrey, its too dangerous — And Michelle won’t approve of your coming.

AUDREY : Yeah! I know — what a lucky girl she is

when next are we gonna see ?

–” when all this is over, Me, Mum and Michelle are coming over to the states– i’ll see you then

AUDREY : I have never felt this emotional seeing someone leave before, take care of your ass, baby —

don’t let momma cry .

she stood in shock for a second — with the painful realization that this was a mission that one could never predict the outcome, they were meant to be collateral damages and she prayed he wasn’t a part of em’.
she thought to herself; maybe a kiss could bring him goodluck. Maybe just maybe, but it could also be a farewell kiss as well.

Audrey went with her instincts. she turned and leaned forward towards Steve. she put one hand on the counter behind him. Steve was a good 9 inches taller than her. He gingerly brought his hand to her face and angled it up for a kiss. she closed her eyes. their lips touched, she felt bolts of energy dart to her brain, her fingers and her toes. she put her hand under his shirt and touched his side. he ran his hand down her back and started kissing her neck. she moved her head back and started kissing him again, this time with a hint of tongue. His fingers brushed along her lower back and then long the waist band of her sweat pants. she tugged at his shirt and pulled his body closer.

Steve spun around and lifted her on to the counter to get a better angle for kissing, their lips locked again . she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him closer. he put his hand up her shirt. she bit at his lower lip, he touched her over her bra. she arched her back. he t—-t his hips. And the silverware drawer made a clang.

“shit” Audrey said breaking the moment “let’s go to my room”


Sandra smuggled under the arms of Stanley, they just had a good hot sex, he smiled at her and their lips met in a passionate kiss before his phone rang, jolting them out of their little romance.

STANLEY over phone : hello


STANLEY over phone : what ?! jagon ?!


STANLEY over phone : keep the boys calm — I’m going ove

SANDRA : (holds his face) what’s the problem ?

STANLEY : Nothing, just problem at work– i’ll be back or you can come over to my place later.

SANDRA : okay …


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