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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 31

My Life

My Life


How funny life could be — Some few years back I was reeling on my wounds and hurt, still trying to get myself after Nelly broke up with me during our final year exams just due to the fact that she couldn’t cope with me and my distasteful lifestyle according to her and she was also travelling out of the country so she dint fancy the idea of a long distant relationship; I was so hurt and devastated and I struggled to pull myself together, not to eliminate the fact that the few information I was getting from some of my friends in the US about Steve’s progress was just too good to be true, his development under 5 years has been tremendous, He was fast tracking himself into the global market, already known in the American business world and also on his way to becoming a globally recognized millionaire, He was awarded the fast growing youngest businessman in the African continent last year — But I was pulling myself together as well, thanks to the entrance of Sandra into my life, I never believed I could fall in love with her, she was a rare beauty far more prettier than Nelly but she would be on a par with Michelle when it comes to facial beauty, she was a beauty goddess nevertheless in her own way, and considering the fact that we have been bonding for the past 5 years, something I couldn’t even explain how it started– It was making me fall more in love with her as the days went by, I was also doing everything in my power to officially make her my girlfriend…

I received information from our spy within the walls of HIGHER GROUNDS UNIVERSITY, that Steve was due in the country any moment for now, I had ordered a hit team on him– for all his wealth and cleverness, he could never outsmart me in this game, I was now the state head of a high rated confraternity, and I was also building my profile in the underground mafia world as the current serving national pilot abroad the BUCCANEER’S high sea — this was an information well hidden that I knew no one could spill out — I had my dad make some few calls via his numerous connections, my old man was now the Governor of Akwa Ibom and we had standing plans in place to make him the vice- president and I will were able to make a divert of the location where Steve’s flight will land from Nigeria to Ghana — The hit team will be guaranteed of a successful mission there than here, Steve was becoming too powerful and connected that carrying out a hit on Nigerian soil was way too risky and there was alot of potholes involved.

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Steve walked into his base at the underground secret site in L.A, United States
of America… he exchanged some few pleasantries, just a slight nod and a smile
to some workers as he walked into the entrance of the place he now took as his
second home, he was followed by Alfred and his personal security agents which
totalled ten in numbers, all dressed in their usual trademark attire – an all- black

STEVE : (takes his place in the large office chair which stood at the end of row in
the conference room) Jared, was the airspace like ? any abnormalities ?

JARED was a cyber tech pro and a master hacker, he was under Steve’s payroll and
was a close ally of his..

JARED : None sir, just that their was a divert in the due location where the plane
should land.

STEVE : more emphasis please..

JARED : The supposed landing site was the Murtala Mohammed National airport,
Lagos, Nigeria but at 12oo hours today, it was changed to the Accra National airport,
Ghana without any prior information.

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STEVE : (Laughs) the lion has finally come out of its den to play with the Elephant..

Stanley, you have really underestimated what kind of a man I have become.

ALFRED : (turning to Steve) sir, how do we proceed — should the flight go on as planned ?

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STEVE : Let’s make it fun — Initiate the CHAMELEON PROTOCOL — we’ll handle him
like we did the polish ambassador, let the flight take place as planned (Laughs)

ALFRED : as you wish sir (bows out)

STEVE : Dennis, prepare the ELITE team, take the next flight to Accra, and bring the
babies to the party

DENNIS : roger that, captain

STEVE : Jared, Pull up a profile of every person that lives the Nigerian border to Ghana,
cross – reference them with any possible relationship to Stanley and make a list, transfer

it to me soonest — Let’s bring this family down


REBECCA : Sandra, the only way out of this is to stop Stanley from living with the team

SANDRA : (looking so dejected) Even if Stanley doesn’t go, the hit team will still be out there,
hunting Steve — how do I stop that ?

REBECCA : Just cheer up, Sandra — handle Stanley first, without him the chances of the
team being successful is at 50% and let’s leave the rest for God.

SANDRA : How do I stop Stanley from going ? he won’t bulge no matter what I do

REBECCA : call him, lure him over to yourself — tell him you have accepted his proposal
to date him

SANDRA : I can’t do that — accept that devil; thats over my dead body

REBECCA : Oh come of it Sandra, stop shaking like a kid — its all an act; all these are for Steve


SANDRA : (she nods) what if he tries to leave after that —

REBECCA : he won’t because you are going to have sex with him

SANDRA : (Stands on her feet ) Rebecca !!!!!! I can’t do that — I promised not to have sex
with anybody again apart from Steve —

REBECCA : You are doing all these for Steve — I will have sex with a madman if it means
I protect Steve but here you are, claiming you love him so much and you can’t make a
compromise — don’t annoy me, Sandra — because you don’t even understand half the
love I have for him

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SANDRA : (makes silent sobs) I’m sorry — I dint mean to — i-I — will –ll have sex with him


Michelle walks into her office, and takes to her seat opposite a man probably in his
late forties who sat on the visitor’s seat waiting on her for about an hour now

MICHELLE : (as she seats) Sorry, for making you wait, Iyke

IYKE : Oh, no problem Miss — the job you requested has been carried out

MICHELLE : Good, hope you placed the audio and video equipment were she can’t see
them ….

IYKE : (laughs) miss, not even a spirit will see them — trust me

MICHELLE : good, I believe she’s up to something — I just need to know what it is,
what about the other young man I sent you to follow and investigate

IYKE : Oh, Stanley ? I did — he’s been moving about alot of recent and holding some
susceptible meetings at his place, at school; he’s too normal — and I think something
is fishy somewhere..

MICHELLE : Find out something we can hold hands on —


Stanley (over the phone ): baby — I should come over to you place


Stanley (over the phone ) : whats so urgent you can’t say over the line ?


Stanley (over the phone) : fine, I will be there, soon


ALFRED : Sir, the team is in place, flight has departed for Accra

STEVE : Good, is the decor in place ?

ALFRED : Yes — fully armed and prepared

STEVE : call the pilot to prepare my private jet, we leave for South Africa immediately,
I need to see someone before we leave for Nigeria

ALFRED : okay sir

STEVE : (turns to Jared) how’s it going ?

JARED : Picking up some heat signals arriving at the airport
from the both exits

STEVE : Things are about to get messy over there, tell the team to stay sharp

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