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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 30

My Life

My Life

Wanna say big thanks to all those who followed, commented and shared my story — the fans who reached out to me via my Instagram handle, as well as on facebook and Twitter big kudos; to all those who sent mails I’m sorry if I have not replied in due time but I’ll get my replies across to you soonest ..

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I was going through the comment section and decided to build the characters after 5 long years and of course expect changes as usual, episode 28 and 29 was dedicated to Steve and Michelle respectively —


I was consciously fighting a demanding war with my conscience for 5 long years; I hadn’t gotten across to Steve or his whereabouts but I had become so close with his mum and I was even placed on full scholarship in HIGHER GROUNDS, a private university owned by Mrs. Douglas and I learnt from her few days ago that Steve will be coming home in a few days time.. I was glad and so happy– my Love for him has increased tremendously over this past couple of years — I spent my leisure hours thinking about the good times we once had and her stupid I was for letting such a rare gem slip off my hands due to Paul’s deceit: speaking of the devil, I learnt he got chased out of his Brother’s workshop after business dried up and they were unable to pay rental fees and all that — I never knew where he was right now and I dint care as well..

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I was doing alot to hide my past mistakes and work out ways to win Steve’s heart back — that was why I had to enter this deadly road of payback which I was currently on right now —

I learnt from my school mother, Rebecca, who was also a close friend of Steve; about how he suffered in the hands of Mr. Popov and Stanley; I spent three years studying them alone and I had to go close to Stanley just to make him unawares till I lay a deadly venomous strike, He was a student of UNIPORT and all thanks to Sandy who schooled there, I was able to make some few friends, most of which were males so I could deduced some information about him from them using the alibi that I was crushing on him and I needed to know him better before I met him.. I later found out he was a very high ranking member in one of the deadly confraternities, BUCCANEERS — it was one of the most feared cult groups and they had high players in the national sea (ie FEDERAL GOVT), his father was also the GOVERNOR OF AKWA IBOM STATE as well; all these made me more careful and relentless in my pursuit for more information..

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Today I had gone a long way, Rebecca was now part of the Federal secretariat and she was fast pulling national connections within her reach and we were a two-lady team just me and her, she was gaining information on Mr. Popov and I was doing the same with Stanley.. I’ve been able to get him to fall head over heels for me and as much as he has doing all to impress me — I was doing all to bring him down.. The only difference was that : I was overly motivated by my love for Steve and I was willingly to make his protection and safety my sole responsibility ..

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I breathed inwards as I stared at the clothes which were displayed on my bed- Stanley had called earlier requesting we go shopping together and I obliged, so here I was staring at the pile of clothes which lay bare before me, I was ogling the sight until I heard my phone ring…

“Hello” I said immediately I picked up

VOICE OVER PHONE : Its Emmy, I have so information — can we meet tonight ?

Emmy — Emeka Johnson in full was a student of the UNIVERSITY of PORT-HARCOURT and he was also a member of the BUCCANEERS’ CONFRATERNITY, he was my Intel within the walls of the confraternities and he gave me highly classified and documented information which if revealed could cost us our lives but he has never requested we see by this hour before..I was still deep in thoughts when his bass voice over the phone jolted me back to reality ..

EMMY : hello, are you still there ?

–Urm — yes, Emmy — can’t we see tomorrow? I mean its very late

EMMY : No.. its very important — come to SUNSHINE EAT ‘n’ CHOP kitchen, beside the old refinery.. be there in 30 minutes ..

—hello –hello– the line was already dead– I cleaned the beam of sweats that was already forming on my forehead which signified the current state I was in, but I braced myself as I reminded why I started this journey in the first place, I wiped any jolt of panic rising in me as I walked over to my wardrobe, took a black hood and wore on top of the polo I was putting on, changed my fancy slippers to an all black all Stars converse and made my way to the door …

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EMMY : I hope no one knew of this meeting

–“c’mon Emmy, I’m no kid anymore; just spill the information — its not so safe here

EMMY : I have found your lover boy

–“who ?!” — I was starting to get confused coupled with the fact that Emeka has been acting all weird

EMMY : Steve

–“what ?! you found Steve …How ? where ? I mean when ?!–

EMMY : Not me actually, Stanley did — he’s ordering a hit on him once he leaves the states

–“what ?! how come — I was taken aback by this information

EMMY : I don’t know but all I can say is that your lover boy is now a major player and if he lands in Nigeria, he’s gonna be a big threat to Stanley’s father through his wealth and connections– so Stanley’s father wants to use his connection in the airspace to make the flight he will board take a stop at Ghana and not Nigeria — Stanley has ordered a highly classified hit team to eliminate on sight and they are en route to Ghana as we speak ..

–” Emmy, please are you sure of all you said ”

EMMY : I am sure because I’m part of the rendezvous unit that will be leaving tomorrow to offer extra artillery to the hit squad ..

–” thank you, Emmy –please I’m feeling sick I need to leave ”

I rushed out of there and broke down in tears — how do I stop this ? how ?

I was so helpless so I decided to pull a call across to Rebecca — she was surely going to come up with something …

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