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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 3

My Life

My Life


How times flies.. its already 2 weeks in PH and I’ve come to enjoy the serene environment uncle Dan lives in an area called GRA,waow!! the buildings here are magnificent and I’ve also been drafted into the family as one of their own..Tola nd Nife have made life wonderful for me..they are both funny but naughty girls but I don’t have time for them,Sandra and I have been in touch everyday.. I LOVE HER SO MUCH..

Nife:(barges into Steve’s room)ste..Dad’s calling us in the parlour..

Steve:(looking at her exposed thighs through her short bum short and her visible nipples through her braless singlet)okay..I’m coming

Nife:(noticing his eye movement)okay o.. if you say so..

Steve and Nife have grown close,most especially due to the fact that they are age mates and in the same class;Tola is two years ahead both in class and age… but that didn’t stop her from lusting after Steve after all who sees a good looking Prince and turns him down..

Nife:we’re here Dad..(Holding Steve’s hands as they walk in..)

Uncle Dan:okay,steve you can seat down
(clears his throat)next week,school resumes for the new class.. And since you’ll be staying here with us,you’ll be attending the same school as Tola and nife so that you’ll be drafted into the school system easier and faster..A school bus normally comes to pick them early enough and I know that won’t be difficult for you, seeing you’re already used to waking up early..

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Steve who has been keenly paying attention to his uncle,spoke up..

Steve:no problem sir..


I couldn’t believe my ears,its a dream come true Steve schooling with us.. I can’t wait to get him used to the school system(LOL)..who’s a better teacher than me


I knew it; Steve and I in the same class Waow!! I gat ya a new hubby o.. Lemme see those my classboys form Shit..steve is better than a million of them.. oh! just look at his baby face

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uncle Dan:one more thing Steve..failure ain’t an option in this family, take your studies seriously..

Steve:i won’t disappoint you..uncle

Steve walked into his room after uncle Dan’s heart-to-heart discussion.. he couldn’t wait to start school..he jumped on his bed excited and went for his phone,switched on his data and went online on whatsapp..

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my Love:*last seen 3mins ago

Lisa:*last seen 2 hrs ago


Nife:*last seen yesterday

my old man:*last seen 20th Aug

Paul bvddy:*last seen 2 days ago..

Steve sighed and rolled over,he was about to off his data when a notification came in.. he Checked it…

Lisa:baby boo


Lisa:my pride.. aw was ur day??

me:(wasnt much a fan of online dating Buh me and Lisa were hitting off well..)fyn…wbu??

Lisa:im ghud just lonely..

me:awwn..sorry we’ll see next tomorrow now,on Saturday ..

Lisa:yeah..wont u get me a gift..

me:what do you want??

Lisa:i want my baby’s body all to me..

me:(Lol)okay..I’ll see if that will be part of the menu..

Steve went off immediately to prevent any other compromising chat,he definitely dint like her but how to tell her was more difficult to him, what’s this sef???.


(grrh… grrh.. grrh.. grrh)
Steve jumped off the bed and grabbed the phone..


caller:heyy…long time

steve:who’s this??? you don’t know my voice..

Steve:sounds familiar but I can’t place it

caller:im Sandra’s elder sis,Racheal

Steve:ooh!!Aunty Racheal, sorry don’t be offended.. p.. was just calling to check on you..

they talked for about 5 mins before she ended the call..steve stood up heading to the kitchen as his stomach was already hitting his walls.. He couldn’t believe he overslept it’s already past 10..he heard tap noises and freezed..

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steve:thats absurd nobody stays up at this time or could be a ghost.. he thought as he tiptoed in..

only to see.. TOLA!!

she was putting on a pant and a see through net polo.. there’s no bra.. his d*ck began to react to it..

growing close to her, he held her on her waist, she was frightened or did she notice him already.. he kissed her on her neck and she let out some silent moans grinding her bum to his g—n..he pulled her closer to him as she began to twerk on his dck..what an awesome feeling before he could say jack..his fly was already open and she had her lips around his dck ..what a feeling?? he thought.. she stood up after about 2 mins and began to take off her panties… like a speed of light.. steve ran out of the kitchen and bolted his room not minding anybody else..

why did he run…?!

what happened

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