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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 27

My Life

My Life


My life wasn’t going as rosy as expected, I was missing Steve as the day goes by —

Paul was not who he seemed to be, I found out our relationship was just
a bet between him and his friends, I cried down hail and brimstone that day;

I was mad at him, I hated life and I hated myself more– When he finally
confessed that all that happened was all a lie and that he took those pictures
after a fight with Steve at an eatery– he said Steve still loved me and all that;

I also met with Steve’s supposed cousin, Nelly — who later revealed to me
that they were not related, she said she was the one that picked the call and
that she was trying to console Steve when those picture was taken–

I inquired about Steve’s whereabouts from her but she felt reluctant to tell,

Steve’s line was no longer going through and I could get in touch with him–

I was a broken soul, played with the heart of that innocent boy and karma
was getting a bite back at me, I really hated myself — I always wanted to end it all
and leave this life but I had hope I will Steve someday and he will accept me back

— We loved each other so much, so he won’t leave me —

Aunty Rachael’s word kept ringing in my head : Steve was no normal boy and
guys like him may come only once in your lifetime I pray that wherever he is right
now; he’s being taken care of and he is well — I had witnessed how his parents lost
their life and I was there on that night, I called the fire service — I also got burnt on
leg by the fire why trying to save them — but I couldn’t call him to let him know,
I was still hurt by how we separated ..

I was about entering senior secondary in the school that Aunty Rachel works in –

PRINCESS COLLEGE, I was due to take their scholarship exams because their school
fees was much, I learnt it wasn’t so before but it was the Owner’s son that
introduced the new system when he visited some weeks back; I was grateful to him
and I wished I will see one day to let him know that the country will be a better place
if everyone had a heart like his — I asked Aunty Rachel how he looked like and she
said she wasn’t in school the day he came by but that her female colleagues were
already crushing on him, describing him as a Greek god — I just laughed it off only
if they see my Steve, they will understand what being fine means–

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AUNT RACHEL : Madam, this one you haven’t dressed up yet —
ain’t you following me to the school again

—” I am o– I won’t miss it for anything”

I quickly got dressed and left with her in her car, she lived in a rented 1 bedroom apartment
as she was still single and searching, in an area called Trans Amadi –the journey
to her school was silent and peaceful filled with only random conversations
of her describing one street or the other, one road or another still we got to her school
— it was a beauty– the outside was designed with marbles coated on the floor and walls, a
well trimmed set of flowers on either side of the two lane tarred road that served as an
entrance into the school, the gate opened automatically and I couldn’t help but
stare with my mouth wide opened as I saw the security house which looked far
beautiful than all the houses in the estate where my aunt lived, there were armed
military men on guard too that checked out car boot and cross checked my aunt’s ID
in their computer system– we were cleared and allowed to move

AUNT RACHEL : Sandra, you can stop staring now alright–

—“Woah, sis– you work in heaven and you never said so–

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AUNT RACHEL : (laughs)Welcome to PRINCESS COLLEGE dear
and the Owner of the school and her son will be coming around today,
heard he’s leaving for the States soon

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—” Oh, I can finally see this Greek god (I said mimicking her voice)


The whole students of PRINCESS COLLEGE were all gathered according to their classes
in the school field to bid farewell to Steve as he would be leaving for the US
tomorrow, all the intending scholarship hopefuls were also there too..

the sound of sirens could be heard as 5 tinted jeeps drove into the school field through
the VIP reserved area and 3 army escort vans pulled up in front, as fully armed
military men jumped down from them– Steve’s security detail all dressed in black suit
with an earpiece like device connected to their ears which served as a receiver stepped
down from the jeeps led by Alfred as they opened to doors of the tinted jeep in the middle
of the escort vehicle which housed Mrs. Douglas and her son, Steve.

STEVE : Mum, I don’t see the necessity of this farewell visit

MRS. DOUGLAS : Abeg, just say some few words and be done with it
Rebecca has been asking about you too

STEVE : really, thats a good thing, I will see her immediately I’m done

MRS. DOUGLAS : see whose missing Rebecca o, I thought you dint want to come

STEVE : I’m not missing anyone, Mum — moreover, me and Michelle are
officially dating now

MRS. DOUGLAS : Yes, i know

They got down and made their way to the podium led by the security team on
either side ..

ALFRED over receiver : UNIT 1,2,3 and 4 check in — BUTTERFLY has entered the circle ( that
the code name given to STEVE by the security team ) copy

UNIT 1 over receiver : Unit 1 in place, BUTTERFLY in visual

UNIT 2 over receiver : Garage secured, EAST WING safe, BUTTERFLY can proceed

UNIT 3 over receiver : I’ve got sees on the offices, WEST WING safe

UNIT 4 over receiver : visuals in place, EXIT covered

ALFRED : Master, you can proceed to the podium

STEVE : Thank you, Alfred — later I will need one of those


GIRL 1 : Here he comes, Rebecca

REBECCA : (feeling her heart flutter) as handsome and cool as always

GIRL 2: I wish I could have him just say hello to me

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GIRL 3 : Keep dreaming, Girl– He only talks to Rebecca

GIRL 4 : I heard they are dating sef —


Sandra recognized Steve at once, she felt like running up there
to meet him, he was Mrs. Douglas son — how come ?
when ? he was even looking better than before — what an idiot she was ?

AUNT RACHEL : Is that not |Steve ?

SANDRA : (already close to tears) He’s the one — my Steve

AUNT RACHEL : I warned you girl but you dint heed


STEVE OVER MICROPHONE : I want to express my sincere and heartfelt
gratitude to all the staffs and students of this great college who has kept the
fire burning and the glory of this great school held high– It is with joy
I make this announcement that I will be traveling over to the states tomorrow
and I believe that in my absence you all will help me take care of my mum
and will keep her warm and happy– I was to make an appeal to all the
intending scholarship aspirants to work hard and raise the flag of this school
high– thank you all for honoring this invitation

Sandra’s heart sank as she heard the announcement — he was really leaving,
what a fool I have been ..

AUNT RACHEL : (observing the sad expression on Sandra’s face)
he won’t stay there forever, he will come back — first of all try to be admitted here
and you can begin looking forward for his return…


it was the day for me to leave — I said farewell to my mum, Uncle Joe, Miss Hilda,
dean and Sammy they all accompanied me to the airport– I kissed Michelle
for almost an hour as she kept sobbing, my mum was consoling her and her friend too–VIVIAN

I waved goodbye as me and Alfred got abroad the AIRFRANCE leaving PH to AMERICA




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