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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 26

My Life

My Life


Arnold Schwarzenegger once said — Strength doesn’t come from winning, that your struggles develop your strengths. That when you go through hardships and decide not to surrender– that’s STRENGTH.. The world breaks everyone at some point but the difference is that some are strong at those broken places, all the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my obstacles, all my troubles have strengthened me; that is why, I made up my mind that no matter what comes my way, no matter how difficult, no matter how unfair, I will do more than simply survive. I will THRIVE in spite of it — I had a smile on my face but not one that had known joy all along, it was a smile that has struggled through the tears, a smile that was filled with beautiful hope …

I stood up from the bed and did some stretch, opened the blinds and walked over to the sauna — The day broke really fast; just 2 days left for me to stay in Nigeria, Michelle was coming over to my place today and I was eager to hear what she wanted to say — I needed to see mum too


I was already done with breakfast, through with the gym and was on my
way to the pool which was located at the back of the house when I
collided with mum coming out through the back door, she was on a

swim suit and I suddenly recognized mum was a still well in shape

funny how a woman of her age could pay so much keen interest to her
body like she was modelling for a beauty magazine —

—“Hey, mum going to the Pool ?”

MUM : yes, just needed to cool, what about you ?

—“same here, I needed to ask you something to

MUM: okay, let’s go then

We were already at the pool and I entertained my mum by performing
some back flips and front flips inside the water, we played with a beach
ball and I couldn’t help but enjoy every single minute with her,

watching her as she giggled like a young girl who was so in love, she was
happy and full of joy — God really had a way of creating perfect souls; and
right in front of me was one.

We stayed inside the water for about an hour just enjoying the warmth
and peace there before Mum said we should take a rest..

MUM : so what was it you wanted to talk to me about
( she said immediately we got out)

—“Mum, what does it feel like to be in love ?”

MUM : (laughs) why asking that ? I thought you had a girlfriend before..

—“I know, mum — I just wanted to understand and be sure of my feelings

–I dint want another re-occurrence of Sandra

(I told her about all my past life — after all, she was my loving mother )

MUM : okay, you see — Love is a condition where another person’s

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happiness is essential to your own, it is an invisible force that can turn

an enemy into a friend –Love is friendship that has caught fire.
It is a quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving.

It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection

and makes allowances for human weaknesses.”
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone
deeply gives you courage.It feels like an intense hit of joy.
As one might expect, love fills you with intense, overwhelmingly happy emotions,

leaving you feeling like one giant dose of joy just hit you straight in the brain. …

Thats how being in love feels, Son — It is seemly unconditionally in-explainable
–if there’s a word like that

—“woah, mum ; you’ll do well as a psychiatrist

MUM : sure, if you will be my only patient– I might consider it
so why did you ask such a question ?

—“Mum, I think I’m falling in love with Michelle

MUM : (smiles) she’s a good girl and a strong one at that ..

we left after staying a few minutes there, Mum left to shower and I went
to my room — i needed to set things up before Michelle comes over,

I don’t know why I was so excited — guess its the feeling of LOVE

But this was more than I felt for Sandra — and I loved her maybe I dint

love her this much but I still find myself thinking about her sometimes

— I shrugged the thought off my head– I can’t spoil my mood


I climbed down the stairs after Michelle called she was in the parlor


I was in Steve’s house already- I was in awe with what I saw, Dad was rich that
I knew, I also knew Mrs. Douglas was rich too but I was now sure she was

way richer than dad —

( I heard Steve’s voice behind me )

—” hey — turned to the direction I heard him call from and I must confess
he had gotten far more handsome, thats money for you and he was looking
fresh with a new air around him

I walked to him and hugged him tightly pressing him really hard against me
— I had missed him so much

STEVE : hey, you might squeeze me to death

—“sorry (pulling out) I just missed you so much ”

STEVE : and that was the best way to show it

—“do you have another way I would have expressed it ”

STEVE : yes —

—“I’m all ears( folding my hands on my chest)

He drew close to me and before I could realize what was going on

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his lips crashed against mine and I felt my hands drop as I
opened my mouth to let him feel me, but he stopped before the

kiss even started, I was unconscious — what a feeling !!

STEVE : thats better instead of trying to–

I dint let him finish as I drew him closer with my hands across his
neck and kissed him — we were locked in a passionate as I felt
every thing around us pause, I felt our tongues meet as we were
inside each other mouths I s—-d on his upper lip, lower lip and
both interchangeably ..
I felt my nipples grow hard as I felt his d–k grow where they were
inches away from my p—y …

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we jerked away as we heard Steve’s mum, Mrs. Douglas clear her throat

MRS. DOUGLAS : there’s a room upstairs for that —

—“SORRY MA, good afternoon Ma”

MRS. DOUGLAS : good afternoon Michelle, how are your parents ?

—“They’re fine, MA”

MRS. DOUGLAS : okay, I dint know you were around already, me and
Steve was just to talking about you

STEVE : Mum !!! Steve said shutting her up before she spilled what she wanted
to say–

MRS. DOUGLAS : Oga sorry o, Michelle join us for lunch
she said walking away to where I guess should be the dinning

—” Okay Ma– right behind you”

STEVE : I will join you guys in a jiffy ..

He said before walking towards the stairs, he stopped after a few steps and
ran back, kissed me on the lips and on my forehead

STEVE : (in whispers) don’t eat without me

—“aye, captain”

HE left —


STEVE : so what did you wanted to tell me Michelle ?

MICHELLE : or that — I dint have anything to say

STEVE : Oh c’mon I know you’re lying

MICHELLE : okay fine, I’ve forgotten already

STEVE : (laughs) Michelle, forget — I don’t think

MICHELLE : (smiles) fine, promise me you won’t freak out

STEVE : funny, I can’t remember you being a vampire, just spill it out

MICHELLE : I want you to have sex with me before you leave

STEVE : (sits up) Michelle, you’re a virgin

MICHELLE : c’mon Steve, I know and so are you too
and I love you, I want you to be the one to take me
even if you haven’t confessed your love for–

STEVE : I love you, Michelle (not letting her finish )

MICHELLE : (staring at him in the eyes) you do ?!

STEVE : yes, Michelle — i love you


I was taken aback by her statement but I felt hard as she said that–

I needed to confess my feelings for her too — was I ready to lose
my virginity right now, I guess I was and with Michelle, a girl I loved
nothing was wrong — Michelle was a beauty, endowed with all the
features in their right places, she had an accentuated hip that stood
like a model with a tiny waist that did little to hide her figure 8 body-

she had a very small set of eyes, and a very smooth and delicate skin
–her face was radiant like the morning sun– she was a beauty!

I felt her move closer to me as we engaged in another round of kiss, more
hot than the one before, this was wild and sensual with a feeling of belonging
and want mixed with desire, pleasure and love, her hands pressed against my
head pulling me closer, she wanted more– no doubt she was h—y and
so was I — I located her boobs as I pressed on them using my fingers to
tickle her nipples like a switch, she was putting on a diamond colored gown
that was short and it had already ridden high up revealing her fresh laps as
we were locked in the this moment of pleasure

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she unzipped my fly, took out my penis, and put it in
her mouth. She wore her dress the whole time. I tried to move, but it felt as if
my body were tied down by invisible threads. I felt myself growing big and
hard inside her mouth.

I saw her eyelashes and curled hair tips moving. Her tongue was long and soft and
seemed to wrap itself around me. Just as I was about to c-m, she suddenly moved away
and began slowly to undress me. She took off my shirt, my pants, my underwear,
and made me lie down on the bed. Her own clothes she kept on, though.

She sat on the bed, took my hand, and brought it under her dress.

She was not wearing panties;and I was confused as when she removed it..
My hand felt the warmth of her v—-a. It was deep, warm, and very wet.

My fingers were all but s—-d inside. …

Then Michelle mounted me and used her hand to slip me inside her.

Once she had me deep inside, she began a slow rotation of her hips. As she moved,
the edges of the diamond colored dress caressed my naked stomach and thighs.
With the underpart of the dress spread out around her, Michelle riding atop me,

looking like a soft, gigantic mushroom that had silently poked its face up through
the dead leaves on the ground and opened under the sheltering wings of night.

Her v—-a felt warm and at the same time cold. It tried to envelop me, to draw me in,
and at the same time to press me out. My erection grew larger and harder.

I felt I was about to burst wide open. It was the strangest sensation, something
that went beyond simple sexual pleasure. It felt as if something inside her,
something special inside her, were slowly working its way through my organ into me.

she was moaning aloud as she rode me– I was feeling my c-m coming and I
involuntarily lunged into her deeper f—–g her from beneath..

we came together forcefully but she pulled out before I came and I poured
my load on her dress, she came on my sheets.. she got down and s—-d
me dry after everything.. I was so weak I couldn’t stand up and I saw bloodstains
on my sheet– virgin’s blood I guess






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