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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 25

My Life

My Life


MUM : What is the condition ?

STEVE : I want you not to carry out any action on Mr. Popov and Stanley —

MUM: What /! son …i don’t know if I can promise that — that family destroyed your life

STEVE : I know,Mum, just do this for now– I don’t want you to fight this war alone … Just hold on till I’m done and back from school..

MUM : Hmm — son, I don’t know what to say, what if I find out something and I need to do something

STEVE : except in a very peculiar situation — I don’t want to lose you, I’m not ready for that– you’re my only family..

MUM : (getting emotional) Okay my love, I won’t do anything

STEVE : (pulls out his little finger) promise —

MUM : (connects her little finger to his) promise —

: So just get prepared — you’ll be living in a few days and no need to carry any luggage with you, you already own most of my properties over there..

STEVE : (shocked) what ?! Mum ..

MUM : (smiles) yes son– your ownership of some of my properties will automatically be activated once you turn 18 —

STEVE : woah! Mum — I LOVE YA

MUM : Its much on this end —



I was going to be leaving for the US in three days time, its been a hectic
year not the less, turning 15 : the experiences; the fun, joy, pain and
everything that came with it — what an adventure but I’m leaving Nigeria
behind to forge an identity for myself in the White country and I was
going an injured boy in need of redemption to find his hurt soul– I needed
to forget Sandra : how was still thinking of her still this time, I heard from
Michelle that she was in PH now, enjoying a happy relationship life with Paul
— I needed to heal from uncle Dan and Tola’s rejection, Nelly’s betrayal and
lots more …. I was in need of this redemption and redemption I was going
to get ….

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I picked up my phone and scrolled through my contact list, dialed a contact
with HEART boldly written above it — that was what I used to save Michelle’s
number, she has been relentlessly helpful to me ..
she picked up on the third dial — I could hear her sweet feminine voice from
the other end :

MICHELLE : Hello Steel

—Funny but that was what she could me, I dint see myself as one though–

—“Hello Mitch, how’re you ?”

MICHELLE : I’m fine oh, just fixing myself up– preparing for life @ senior

—“How time flies ? –you’re entering a new class already, I almost forgot’

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MICHELLE : you always hard a dumb brain na

—“funny– says the girl who can’t take her mind off me”

MICHELLE : hey, don’t use that on me [in a defensive tone]

—“okay o, I will be leaving Nigeria soon, Mitch”

MICHELLE : (sounding so shock) leaving Nigeria? to where? I don’t understand

—“Mum said I should over to the US to continue my schooling there

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MICHELLE : (no response)

—“hey, Michelle, are you still there ?

MICHELLE : Yes, I’m sorry, I was just shocked but can’t you stay –just move over to Lagos
or the country’s capital- ABUJA — must you leave ?

—” I tried persuading her but she dint flinch a bit ”

MICHELLE : Okay, Steve when are we going to see I need to tell you something

—” I hate suspense, Michelle –why don’t you say it now ?”

MICHELLE : I want you to know I’m serious

—“Michelle, whatever you say — I know you’re serious”

MICHELLE : But I still insist on saying it face to face

—” okay fine — Michelle, I’m happy I met you, and got to have you in my life

MICHELLE : same here, baby — urm– goodnight

—“yeah, goodnight too; sweet dreams”

MICHELLE : okay, sweet dreams too

there was silence and the call was still on, I couldn’t end the call and she was still on too
— I couldn’t understand this feeling– was I falling in love with Michelle ? I know she
said she loved me already but what was the strange feeling ? I needed to talk to mum

—“Michelle ” — MICHELLE : Steve ( we said at almost the same time )

MICHELLE ; sorry, just go first —

—“no go first”

MICHELLE : Go first now

—“no, ladies first ”

MICHELLE 🙁 laughs) Oh! now you’re a gentleman right ?

—” have always been ”

MICHELLE : well, I just wanted to say I — I l–l-lo–ve you, Steve

—” na wetin been dea hard you, well I think I do too ”

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MICHELLE : really ? (sounding so happy)

—“yeah– go to bed already –let’s see tomorrow if possible

MICHELLE : okay dream of me

—” I will, sweetheart


I later called Dean, Sammy, Uncle Joe and Miss Hilda to break the news
to them –they were all happy for me but Miss Hilda sounded so sad

when I broke the news to her — I dint tell Nife and I don’t know why

but I just find it necessary to.. I slept off, I needed to discuss with my

Mum about this new strange feeling I’m always having whenever I’m
talking with Michelle, but one thing was sure — it wasn’t a feeling of
fear or insecurity — It was different the same feeling I felt when she sat
beside me on the day of the GRAMMAR competition –a feeling of warmth,
importance and purpose and security, I always feeling so calm..



All these things where on my mind as I went to bed

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