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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 24

My Life

My Life


No matter how you wanted to view it — Life is a funny puzzle that takes some a whole lifetime to figure out and some, decades; others, centuries but one thing is certain — God knows all of its pieces …

I was a nobody — dragged out from the suburbs of Enugu and thrown in the sea of the rich in Port-Harcourt without being thought the tenets of survival, I was a naive young boy with an innocent heart, I felt I had everything i ever wanted : A sweet, beautiful girlfriend, a wonderful and high school \[the world surely couldn’t be any better }/ but then Life had a way of handing us tricky situations — Everything changed before I even began living the dream : My girlfriend left, My parents lost their lives, I was evicted from school, Lost my home ..

But here I was now — still believing, still hoping, still fighting — I couldn’t give up, I couldn’t — it wasn’t acceptable — My dad will be disappointed, My mum too; even God will be disappointed– I couldn’t be a weakling– I couldn’t be a weakling ..

Well, its been 2 months already since I began staying with Mrs. Douglas and lest I forget the woman was as rich as you could think of — CEO of DOUGLAS oil & petroleum firm, OWNER of PRINCESS COLLEGE, OWNER of TRAVEL & CONNECT (a transport company), OWNER of D&S microfinance bank; this where among others– she owns PRICELESS SOL an international Boutique with branches in the US, Canada, UK, France and Australia…. she was worth $50 million USD according to Forbes list of rich businesswomen ______

Well enough of the introduction though — she was as nice as Me {I’m nice yeah (winks)} and we had quickly bonded together — we regard ourselves as family — I had accepted her as Mum and she also had accepted me as son; I needed to redress my life and only by becoming strong could make a comeback at all those that wanted to see me fail — I changed my Sim card : retained only Dean, Sammy, Miss Hilda, Uncle Joe, Nife and Michelle’s number in my new Sim —

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I walked out from my room and into the hallway of where I now call home — into the very large spacious sitting room, keeping up my beats audio which I dropped at the long cushion — I was already on my way to the gym ( Mum had a fully conditioned gym in the compound of the Douglas mansion )..

ALFRED : Good morning, young master

—“Oh, Good morning Alfred( Alfred was Mum’s personal chief of security but he was now assigned to me — he was in his mid-50s and mum said he served in the US army for 20 years before retirement– Alfred was also a good cook too) how was your night ?”

ALFRED : Oh very much fine, sir — ordered coffee from the kitchen for you, felt you will need it for our morning routine

—–“Thanks, Alfred very thoughtful of you” Alfred was my gym instructor too

MRS. GRACE walks in — she was the chief cook

MRS. GRACE : Good morning, master — what you like for breakfast ?

—-“Morning, Madam Grace– anything will do”

MRS. GRACE 🙁 smiles ) master, your mum won’t like that — we have grilled chicken and fried rice, fried potatoes chips with meshed eggs and coffee with sandwich ..

—–“Okay, I give up — I’ll take what mum ate”


MUM walks in —

MUM : no buts, Grace just served potatoes chips and meshed eggs with some fruit juice for us..

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—-“Good morning rosebud (that was what I called her– I made a promise to give her all the love I couldn’t give my biological mum) How was your night ?

MUM: Morning, my tiger — night was great, just filled with dreams about you

—-“Awwn– I’m blushing already, I know they were good dreams

MUM : who told you ? they were bad dreams

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—-” (laughs) Mum, you should take up lying classes because you suck at erm– your smile sold you off already

MUM : (smiles) (hugs me) I love you, son

—-” Mum, getting all emotional again– I love you too –lemme goan get shaped up by Alfred, don’t touch your food without me — I’m feeding you (wink at her)

MUM : (laughs) whose the parent here ? Go get yourself a girlfriend if you want to get romantic — this woman here (points at her) is too old for that

——” yeah, says the woman who says — Son, is my stomach size reducing, Son, how do I look in the dress “(mimicking her voice)

MUM : thats not my voice (rolls her eyes)

—–” I know na — mine is so sexy and hot”

I ran off immediately before she knocks me on the head — something she does too often, she thinks I’m those her girls @ PRINCESS COLLEGE …


MRS. DOUGLAS : son, what are your plans about your schooling ?

STEVE : (drops his iPad on the bed ) Mum, I’ve got no plans yet — I held Lagos state has nice secondary schools, I was thinking about checking —

MRS. DOUGLAS : (interrupts him) you’re not going to school in Lagos state, son — no way

STEVE : But, Mum–

MRS. DOUGLAS 🙁 interrupts him again) no buts — I’ve told Alfred to prepare you things, you’re leaving for the US in three days time — everything is set for you to begin school over there.

STEVE : (standing on his feet) Mum, how could make such a decision without involving me —

MRS. DOUGLAS : And do I need to inform you about everything, son — its for your good

STEVE : (raises his voice) Don’t tell me that, Mum! I don’t need to be —

MRS. DOUGLAS : (slaps him hard on his face ) don’t you dare raise your voice at me

STEVE 🙁 shocked ) you slapped me ? because I’m not your son right ? you can treat me like slave .. (walks away)

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MRS. DOUGLAS : son — wait thats not what I — (he was already out of the door)


What have I done ?! I dint mean to slap him, I was just upset he raised his voice at me — Its 2 months now since Steve began staying here and within this 2 months, we had began the typical Mother and son –forming a very strong bond, and he has made me forget my past and hope for the future– I was eager to live on, to keep up with life — that was why I was asking him all those questions he mentioned earlier- I wanted him to be proud of me, I had checked up on all my companies for this past 2 months, changed the workers and made some reformation something I had neglected ever since my son and husband died — and I have also written of 50% of all my properties to Steve — the remaining 50% were hard assets that their ownership couldn’t be changed easily —

I really wanted him to leave Nigeria at least for now and go to the US– their was far safer than here, He could pick up his life back and make a giant leap forward who knows what Mr. Popov was planning, he has been usually cool this days which is not good– I need to make a move soon but with Steve here I couldnt– he had become my weak point and I loved it.. but how was I gonna make him understand

STEVE : (walking in) I understand Mum

—-what do you mean ?

STEVE : You have been talking aloud, Mum

—-really, so you heard everything ( I was suddenly feeling shy)

STEVE : Yeah, some part though and you dont need to feel shy– its okay

I’m sorry about my reaction earlier,

I’ll leave Nigeria

——Really ? woah — thank you son

STEVE : but I have a condition ?

what will be Steve’s condition ?

let’s see who can guess correct ?

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