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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 23

My Life

My Life


what an irony — LIFE ( an act that fills itself with unprecedented and unpredictable scene ), a road full on bumps and speed breakers along the way — I was frustrated, wanting to give up but I choose to Hope because
Being hopeful is more important than being realistic. For reality is colored by our perceptions, opinions and the ever fragile human emotions. But hope has the power to elevate us. Hope turns our eyes away from the visible and allows us to see the miracle that we need – while it is still far off..

There I moments when I wish I could roll back the clock and take away the sadness away, but I have a feeling that if I did, the joy will be gone as well — I wouldn’t have met Uncle Joe, Dean or Sammy, Miss Hilda or Nife; all this people have brought me joy and smiles..

I had nowhere to go — no home anymore, My parents were gone, Uncle Dan and Tola wouldn’t want to see me anymore, I dint even have my phone with me — Uncle Dan had collected it, I dint know Uncle Joe’s house or Miss Hilda…. what a crossroad ?!

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Steve was walking briskly on the tarred road of GRA under the heavy downpour that was pouring ceaselessly on the earth — He was shivering already and it was already 30 minutes past 9 — he just needed to get to a nearby shop and lay his head — tomorrow he could continue his journey —

As he got closer to a nearby mechanic workshop — he heard a car horn behind him — He turned and saw a Jeep come to a halt behind him — Who could that be ?

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Mrs. Douglas jumped down from the car and ran towards him — she dint mind the wet floor or the heavy downpour — she just wanted to get this kid away from the danger of this heavy downpour — Dragging him by the hand she led him to the car —

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STEVE : (as he got inside the car, still shivering ) MA, How did you know I was here ?

MRS. DOUGLAS : Shh —- its okay, Michelle called Vivian and she ran to me for help — I was very glad to help and I knew very well that Mr. Popov might come back to hurt you — the road is very dangerous

STEVE : breaks down in tears) But ma.. I’m nothing but a bunch of trouble and a homeless pauper

MRS. DOUGLAS : (laughs) you shouldn’t believe all things you hear, boy — I believe you and I know the kind of person you are— let’s just get home first

STEVE : Home ?! I have none

MRS. DOUGLAS : You do now


what a poor kid ? Had his parents murdered by some nonsense game — Just the same way my husband and son was killed — I have been dreaming about him this past few days, seeing images of his face in my sleep and here I was with him — I felt comfortable with him and homely —I’m a widow and he’s an orphan — Life sure can mess with us real good —

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I’ll keep you safe, son — I’ll make every one that hurt you pay, I just pray you get to love me and see me as a mother someday —


STANLEY : What do you mean by you dint see him ?

RECEIVER : Sir, I searched everywhere — did a 2 hour drive — he’s nowhere to be found

STANLEY : Just shut up — shut up, you an incompetent fellow, how can a human just disappear into tiny air

STANLEY : Your work was to trail him — and end him

RECEIVER : I will fix this sir

STANLEY : Oh, you had better do …call me with positive

RECEIVER : okay, sir

STANLEY : D–n — Who took him ?/ Michelle, ?! it can’t be– I had Mr. Barley watching her 24/7, who was this mysterious player in this game — I dint know of


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