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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 21

My Life

My Life

It was crazy how the whole scenario could turn out this way — Michelle, who was hellbent on destroying Steve is now hellbent on saving me, Stanley was committed to see Steve destroyed — He felt the poor boy was a threat to his relationship with Nelly — unknown to him, Steve just saw her as a friend ….

Welcome back peeps— let’s ride on


STANLEY : c’mon Dad, hurry up

MR. POPOV : Boy, I’m on full gear — how do you expect my old legs to carry in like yours just run ahead ..

STANLEY : (how could my video cam be missing, that was inscrutable — Michelle, must have a hand in this, How could she steal my video cam under my very watchful eyes, she sure is a worthy foe ) okay Dad..


—-c’mon Steve, enough with the foreplay — just take me — I want to feel you inside me –p-ll-ssss-ss

Steve was bent on satisfying the atypical sexual urge burning deep in him– He took her and placed her on a wooden desk which was situated in the middle of the School store and finger f—-d her .. using his mouth to work on her nipples as they were naked already —

—-mm–hm–mmmpphhhh—huuuuuu–uu — Nife was already feeling her juice stir up within her –this is going to make it thrice she’s cumming and she was still feeling aroused — Steve felt her p—y walls clenched his finger tightly as he inserted another one still using his thumb to rub on her c–t and his stealing mild bites on her nipples …


Michelle was running to the school store already — she had searched everywhere and she was getting weak, she saw Miss Hilda and Uncle Joe behind her and made to stop but was urged forward by Uncle Joe — raising his hands on the air signalling her to run ahead ..

She was already at the School store– when she heard moans — who could that be, she ran to the door and hit in open forcefully — what ?! Steve ?!

she couldn’t believe her eyes — she was already about to break down in tears when Uncle Joe and Miss Hilda walked him …

MISS HILDA : What the hell ? Steve, what are you doing ?

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STEVE : (quickly disengages from Nife– as they both stood startled and naked facing their assailants innocently but surprisingly his d–k was still hard and threatening to break out any moment) MA, I — I can explain …

MICHELLE : Explain what ?! that you nearly had sex with your own cousin ? Steve, how could you do this to me ? we have been searching all over for you thinking something bad happened to you ?

STEVE : I don’t understand — what did I do to you ?

MICHELLE : Oh you coward — I love you — I f—–g love you Steve –(crying)

Steve, Nife, Miss Hilda and Uncle Joe stared at her in shock ..

NIFE : Michelle, you love Steve — everyone knows you hate him — I mean its no secret anymore

UNCLE JOE 🙁 speaks up for the first time ) I think you guys should get dressed — let’s get out of here before someone walks in (turns to Steve) you have an explanation to give me, young man

STEVE : I really disappointed you but its not my fault .. I–I

MISS HILDA : Its not your fault ?! can you hear yourself talk ?

UNCLE JOE : Let’s just hear him out ..

STEVE : Immediately I drank the energy drink Michelle gave me — I felt suddenly aroused and I ran here to ease myself off but Nife banged in on me, and — and before i–I knew what — what was hap–p–happening I — we had started –urm –you know –what you met us doing

UNCLE JOE : what a minute ? Nife, did you drink the same thing ?

MISS HILDA : What are you driving at, Joe ?

NIFE : Yes, I also drank of it — and immediately I felt aroused too– I was on my way to the toilet to ease myself off when I saw Steve going towards the direction sneakily — I decided to follow him and —

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UNCLE JOE : Oh shit, if its what I’m thinking

MICHELLE : no –no — how could he do this ?

MISS HILDA : its aphrodisiac that was added to it .. (turns to Michelle) how could you ?

MICHELLE 🙁 in tears) no, I dint mean to — it wasn’t intentional


MR. POPOV : where are we going Stanley ? you are even carrying to places I’ve not been for awhile

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STANLEY : \dont worry, dad — let’s just go, Have you called the Principal and some teachers

MR. POPOV : yes, they are on their way here already

STANLEY : we are almost there, Dad( pointing at the school store )


UNCLE JOE : I don’t think Michelle will be responsible for this — I saw her do all her best to find Steve — there is someone playing tricks behind the scenes

STEVE : How could life keep doing this to me — My Life is always in a mess every now and then

MISS HILDA : let’s just leave here right now

MR. POPOV walks in : Going somewhere, Miss Hilda ?

MISS HILDA and UNCLE JOE : Good day sir, we were just taking an inventory of the store

MR. POPOV : really ? I’m pleased to have good teachers like you (scoffs) but you should learn to keep away from the fire when you’re not a con artist — or you risk getting burnt

MICHELLE turns to STANLEY : How could you, Stanley — I thought we shared something, I thought you loved me ..

STANLEY : Love ?! thats a strong word you know …(laughs) how do you feel being defeated, Michelle

MR. POPOV : so what do we have here ? the self – acclaimed commando, Mister Steve — you know for all your handsomeness you’re quite dumb — having sex with your cousin in the school premises

MICHELLE : They weren’t having sex, sir — moreover they are dressed; how could you say such thing ?

MR. POPOV : still lying ? woah — whats that then — (points at Nife’s bra which was on the ground — she had forgot to put you on in a hurry to get dressed ) who owns that — I’m sure its not part of the school store

NIFE : Its mine but —

The Principal walks in with some Teachers and some security men

PRINCIPAL walks up to MR. POPOV : sir, you sent for me ? what is going on ?

MR. POPOV : I caught Steve having sex with his cousin

the principal, teachers and the security men shouted in shock : WHAT ?!

PRINCIPAL : Steve– how could you do this ?

MICHELLE : Steve, dint have sex with anybody —

MR. POPOV : still defending him and her — what then is this young miss bra doing on the floor
[no response ] Pete, what do we do to people caught having sex within the school premises

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PRINICPAL : (face down )Immediate expulsion — confiscating of pre-existing certificate and school records

UNCLE JOE : Thats too harsh for a punishment, sir — its like they never went to secondary school at all

MR. POPOV : Thats the school rule, mister man

STEVE : fine — I expect the punishment but Nife dint do anything — I forced myself on her, I mixed aphrodisiac in the energy drink I gave to her and she was turned on– I lured her here and had sex with me before Uncle Joe, Michelle and Miss Hilda walked in on us ..(he said that to free Nife from the punishment and also to save Michelle from any query as well)

PRINCIPAL : (tarrh– his hand connects to the face of Steve who held his cheeks as it was glistening red) you ungrateful scum — Uncle Dan will never forgive you — you’re a heartless pig

MICHELLE turns to Steve : (in whispers) you don’t need to save me, Steve — take back your words — ill be fine

STEVE : (smiles) At least I can see you smile one last time before I leave — I care about you, Michelle

MR. POPOV : Oh, can someone take this Rascal out of here and strip off every right — carry him to the school hall and let him wait I’m coming to make an announcement

STANLEY : wait !! (as the security men were about taking him away ) There’s something ill like Steve to hear before he leaves and I’m also happy we all can be present too

MR. POPOV : (what was his son trying to do — he dint tell him of this )whats going on, son

STANLEY : just wait dad..

he brings out the audio recorder from his pockets and press the PLAY button attached to small device —
as it began to play —–


STEVE : what ?! Michelle ?! you ?!

UNCLE JOE and MISS HILDA : Michelle, you killed his parents ?!

NIFE : How could you, you’re a devil

MR. POPOV : Wahala !! What a BOMBSHELL ?!

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