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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 20

My Life

My Life


Today I always gonna give Steve what I order Mr. Barley to prepare – a customized energy drink, I had fully accepted my feelings for him although I needed to sure of alot of things I wasn’t ready to let him know I was the one that has been sending mysterious calls and SMS — Oh, I had been sending him messages for the past few days and most at times we spend a lot of time talking of phone although he constantly asks who I am — and how I know so much about him, I kept saying I was the friendly neighbor and he has gotten used to it, he doesn’t ask frequently anymore — I was investigating about Sandra too and I found out she was now into Paul and she will be coming over to pH in 2 months — Paul, was now fully residing in PH .. I was also watching Stanley — and I noticed he began to go close to Nelly the past few days.. I was also watching Dean, Sammy, Uncle Joe, Uncle Dan and Miss Hilda — I was like the hidden eyes of Steve .. I was growing fond of him as the days went by — his picture was my wallpaper, I got a picture of his enlarged in my room — My Obsession was gradually turning into Feelings and I was been drowned by those feelings each day .. I hired 5 different privet investigators to tail everyone around Steve’s life and to monitor any abnormalities — I also hired 2 guys to privately escort him wherever he went secretly and keep him from danger…


I got dressed, carried my phone into my bag and exited the house …


I was gradually carrying myself away from the hurt of the past few days — its crazy how things could go so well a minute and the next minute everything turns upside down — I had three people keeping me up these past few days : MYSTERY PERSON, UNCLE JOE and surprisingly MRS. DOUGLAS

she called few days ago saying she heard about the news from Rebecca and she was sorry — I later learnt she was a widow who lost both her husband and son in a plane crash– I felt sorry for her and we had become best of pals as the days went by — she dint sound like some rich empress to me on phone, she was calm, reserved and caring… she also promised to visit and said I as well should make out time to visit her school — I promised I will, I can’t wait to be there..

I heard tola and Nife calling me — guess its time to go to school..


Everything was in place; the edited sound recording, I got a call from Mr. Barley that everything was a success..i ducked my video cam inside my bag and proceeded downstairs, I had already explained things to my dad the previous night and he okay’d the plan– Michelle, can’t see this one coming, I had beat her in her own game — I was also becoming close to Nelly who was beginning to accept me and she saw her withdrawn Steve had become of late and dint miss out in filling her head with white lies…
Today, Michelle and Steve will both be out of the playing field for once and I need to take care of that old fool — Mr. Barley. I’ll use the facade of fake death to eliminate truly and he won’t see that one coming — I couldn’t let anyone know about this…

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MICHELLE : Uncle Joe, that’s what you’re going to do ?

UNCLE JOE : Okay, no problem.. anything for the good of Steve I can agree to


In class

MICHELLE : Dean, Sammy … Hope you understand me very well ?

DEAN and SAMMY nods affirmatively

DEAN : Roger, major (salutes)

Michelle walks up to Steve’s seat and sat down beside him

STEVE 🙁 surprise) Hello Michelle..

MICHELLE : (In whispers) Hello Steve, I wanted to say some few things but now’s not the time to …

STEVE : (Chuckles)( He felt so secured and warm sitting with Michelle sitting beside him) No problem, I have waited for the day we were going to have a talk without quarrels and fights

MICHELLE : Yes.. I want to congratulate you formerly on your excellent result in the just concluded Junior WAEC — and for the first time in my life, I admit defeat (she couldn’t believe she could say those words)

STEVE : Its okay, Michelle — Being defeated is not a bad thing, it allows room for success — and at times its okay to be weak, it opens room for acceptance and companionship..

MICHELLE : (smiles) you know you’ll do well in the press …

STEVE : (laughs) been thinking about that as well..

MICHELLE : well, Steve I came to drop this for you.. consider it as my little gift (hands him the energy drink)

STEVE 🙁 holding her hands as she was about leaving ) Thank you, I will never forget your kindness — and be careful of Stanley, he’s what he seems ..

MICHELLE : what do you mean ?

STEVE : He has been calling me of recent to stay away from you that I’ll get burnt by the wicked fire you emit

MICHELLE : (was shocked ) Stanley ?! said that … woah.. (she felt hurt )

STEVE : And also said I should ask you who is Mr. Barley ?

MICHELLE 🙁 taken aback by the question) Mr. Barley ?

STEVE : yes–

MICHELLE : And why will he tell you that ?

STEVE : You see Michelle, my mother last words before she died was that — an unknown man came visiting that day saying he was a friend of mine and he said his name was Mr. barley. He was the same man my mum identified as the person that cut the gas pipe..

MICHELLE : what ?! Mr. Barley was involved in the death of your parents ?!

MICHELLE : please excuse me Steve …i will be right back ..


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I was watching in the far corner of the class as Michelle went to meet Steve — I saw her reaction and I knew he had asked her — as expected she couldn’t tell me that Mr. Barley works for her –that would have spoiled my plan as he won’t have drank from the energy drink– she will want to figure it out before telling him, sorry ALMIGHTY MICHELLE — this is beyond fixing

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I walked up to Nife and whispered some things into her ear — she quickly stood up leaving shocked as she went to meet Steve — I watched her open the drink and gulp a large quantity before handing over to Steve who did the same thing– its time for me to step into the picture, folks hahahahahahahahaha


STEVE : (feeling uneasy) why was I feeling turned on ? whats wrong with me ?

NIFE : (feeling aroused ) Betty, watch my bag.. lemme get to the toilet (walks out)

She saw Steve walking pass the large corridor on the 2nd floor to the stairway leading to the school garden, she quickly followed what was he up to — He kept on walking in a hurry as he went past the school lab and workshop area.. she hid herself at intervals whenever he was about turning — he walked at stopped at the school store where some of the school equipment were kept– why was Steve going there ? she walked silently as she peeped inside and saw Steve jerking off — she immediately felt her liquid Dripping off her legs


Michelle was lost in thoughts in the School music hall — what is going on ?? Mr. Barley killed Steve’s parents ..why ?! — she remembered that Stanley and Mr. Barley weren’t around on that day — wait a min, Mr. Barley was working with Stanley — oh my God– the drink, Steve !!! she quickly ran out


Stanley was trailing Nife as she walked and he saw her enter the School store after Steve — he quickly rushed back to get his video cam, its about time —


Dean and Sammy walked to Stanley’s seat as Michelle as instructed them and began to check his locker discreetly .. they dint find anything and they were about leaving

SAMMY : Let’s go, Dean

DEAN : Wait a min, Michelle said take whatever looks unusual and abnormal inside the back

SAMMY : Thank God you have good brains, there’s nothing abnormal in there

DEAN : I don’t think so .. what about this ? ( holding the video cam )

SAMMY : Fine ! just take it and let’s walk back to our seats..


Uncle Joe immediately walked passed the window of the JS3 class and stopped at the last window before the door where Dean and Sammy always sat..

UNCLE JOE : Anything guys ?

DEAN AND SAMMY : Yes ! Just as expected

UNCLE JOE : good, Michelle instructed I take any findings from you guys .. she said Emma might be part of any conspiracy and he could be watching as you guys went over to Stanley’s seat

DEAN : smart girl.. (He quickly tucked the cam in his shirt as he stood backing the class and facing the window like Uncle Joe requested him to come closer, he immediately passed it to him while Uncle Joe collected it with one hand and slid it his pocket and using the other hand to knock his head like that was what he wanted to do)


Michelle ran into the class panting as she walked up to Dean and Sammy..

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MICHELLE : where’s Steve ?

DEAN : I don’t know .. He left not quite long

MICHELLE : Okay Sammy, check Steve seat and retrieve that energy drink pack over there —

SAMMY : Alright..

MICHELLE : Immediately you retrieve it, go and give it to your Sis and tell her to hand it over to the principal secretly.. don’t let anyone see you give it to her

SAMMY : Okay o, you’re turning us into detectives

MICHELLE : Just go .. let me go and find Steve


— hmmm–mmm –mm .. suck me baby — yeah … Steve had his head buried deep into the legs of Nife as waves of passion swept across him– He had never felt this turned on — He removed his tongue and began to finger her using his thumb to rotate her c–t as she began jerking and she came heavily ..

— My turn, she said smiling —turning him over as she slid hid d–k into her mouth giving him a mouth job.. Steve was lost in passion as he was groaning loudly — He needed more — he used his hand on her hair to draw deeper into him as he began to f–k her mouth —-


Stanley ran into the class and went straight to his bag, he searched and searched but couldn’t find his video cam — what the check ? he went over to Emma

STANLEY : Hey , did anyone go over to my seat while I was away ?

EMMA : erm — I don’t think so o

STANLEY : But I told you to watch my seat ..

EMMA : sorry man, Festus did you see anyone go over to Stanley’s seat ?

FESTUS : Yes, I saw Dean and Sammy there not too long

STANLEY : Those fools ?!

he marched to their seats

STANLEY : dean, Sammy .. what were you guys doing in my seat ?

DEAN : Easy bro, we went to see Sharon ?

STANLEY : Don’t give me that crap ?

SAMMY : Oboy Park well o, I no understand you again

STANLEY : I’m sorry but I need to search your bags

DEAN : Okay, to calm you down take Dean and Sammy hands over their bags .. ( he searched and searched but found nothing– but he kept their this morning na)

STANLEY : Urm–m please did you see anyone go there ?

DEAN AND SAMMY : not at all


Michelle kept on searching and searching, she was already in tears ..

MICHELLE : Dear God, I’m really sorry — I brought this upon Steve — just keep him safe


Stanley ran into his dad’s office

STANLEY : dad, the plan failed

MR. POPOV : what ?! how ?! but you assured me

STANLEY : I can’t find my video cam anymore

MR. POPOV : D–n (hitting his fist on the table ) so its over

STANLEY : No — (smiles ) I have one final trump card — come with me dad–

what is Stanley up to again ?/

will Michelle get to Steve first before anyone ?/

will Nife be disvirgined by Steve ?/

stay tuned

To Be Continued…

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