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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 2

My Life

My Life



I had wondered what being to port-Harcourt would be like,having heard stories of their wonderful buildings,exotic bars and restaurants and Paul’s brother once told they have girls pretty like mermaids..

As I looked through the window of the A&B transport bus(actually one of the biggest transport company in Enugu),I must confess I’m already thrilled by the environment…i could see the lady seated near to me stealing glances..ooh that reminds me.. I haven’t checked Sandra message,i brought out my tecno H5 and went through my inbox…

d–n,she sent me a love mssg.. Awwn,i love this girl;i said within me as my drifted to the events of the last few days…


Steve:(drawing Sandra close,who was now seated on his laps)sandy,we’ll have talked about this now,and moreover my Dad won’t agree to any of my reasons..

Sandra:(still soaking the reality of Steve leaving)okay..i know,im okay now..

He was happy as she was finally getting to understand him, He drew her close and kissed her ears then her forehead and her cheeks,He could feel her bum grind his g—n,as their lips finally found each other, they kissed like mad,fighting with each other tongue.she moved her hands to his hairs and began to caress them she loved those hairs…

Steve couldn’t hold it anymore as he lifted her up and pinned her to the wall behind him, slowly he attacked her boob’s kissing them ferociously and pulling her to him with his hands on her bum,he began to lift her skirt upwards and his hands caressed her thighs…

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I wanted him to devour me..i wanted to feel him inside me, but I knew he won’t go too far; this is the furthest he has ever gone and considering the fact I’m still a virgin,i was kind of scared to do it now but would be a bad thing loosing it to him.. what I’m I even thinking sef..

she was brought back as Steve’s hands rubbed her p—y as they travelled around her thighs.. silent moans escaped her mouth at the feeling…


that’s o–kay..(she said amidst soft moans)

Steve who was beginning to feel tempted to continue, recollected himself and withdrew his hands from their journey..

Steve:im sorry.. I got lost(he said stylishly)

Sandra:its come here(she drew him into another round of passionate kisses)

Sandra:cant stop loving you.. I promise to join you soon..

Steve:(happy to hear that)yeah,thats my girl


he jolted back to the present as the bus passed a bump on the road,He smiled at the effects the imagination was having below him; He turned to his left and noticed the lady drawing close to him..

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Waow! the kid is d–n cute..i haven’t seen anyone like him, he looks like an half cast,those lips are tempting.what I’m I even thinking sef..i haven’t gotten to know him..

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Lisa:im Lisa and you are..

Steve:im Stephen Smith but you can call me Steve…

Lisa:oh!steve,thats a nice name you got there, so are you new in town..?(I had earlier noticed him drooling through the glasses at the environment..He was definitely new in town)..

Steve:(how on earth did she know that) new here.. I just came over today.. I’ll be staying with my uncle!!..i dint even know when that escaped my lips)


Lisa was heavily endowed although she wasn’t as pretty as Sandra Infact nobody cud measure up to Sandra in looks but she was definitely matured though, she had a massive boob which where neatly covered in her turtle necked polo and her laps were smooth and fresh..her skirt were upwards a little bit and they were really tight..she should be around 19-20 yrs but that’s bad na.. I’m just 14 ..

Steve:no don’t look new around here.. I guess you school here.. a 200lvl Law student,university of port-Harcourt..i guess you’re not done with secondary school..


Lisa:(she stretched out a piece of paper to him)Thats my contact.. I’ll be dropping here.. tanks for your time..

Steve:(collecting the paper)okay..

I took and inventory of the place..wait a min! that’s the university of port-Harcourt,what a beauty

40 mins Later::

steve highlighted from the bus and sighted uncle Dan some few metres away, he walked briskly to him;He loved uncle Dan do much a little bit more than his Dad.uncle Dan welcomed him in a warm embrace as he reached him..uncle Dan was a man in his mid 60s..he had 3 girls,bola,Tola and Nife and 1 boy,john..he was a well to do businessman and a widower..

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uncle Dan:My boy..(patting his shoulder)you’re growing into a man already (smiles)..

steve:uncle Dan.. it’s been long o.. you just forgot all of us in the village..

uncle Dan:(laughing)blame it on work, boy

Steve:who is work, uncle(not understanding his statement)..

uncle Dan:young man..I’ve been busy with work..

Steve:oh!(scratching his head)im sorry..

Steve and his uncle walked like father and son to his car,a Toyota highlander;the whole family celebrated last Christmas when he brought the car home.. it was a beauty
They drove for about an hour from the park to the his house.. steve observed the environment neatly.. uncle Dan pulled over at a gate before sounding the horn and the gateman opened the gate revealing a neatly furnished 1-storey building…
Tola and nife, his 2nd and 3rd duaras respectively walked out of the house to welcomed their father…


WAOW!! This girl’s have grown up o..


Waoh!! who’s that guy with Dad.. he’s really cute..


OMG!! Dad came home with one of his friend’s boy..this one’s definitely cute more than that dickhead,Daniel..

the journey of begins :-:-:-:-

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