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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 15

My Life

My Life


Every single one of our choices had a way of spiking a different route in our life whether positive or negative and had a way of doing a great deal on us–no matter how I needed to convince my self I knew what I was doing with Steve was morally wrong and I was putting him in a corner he dint want to be — I always felt everyone has their garbage but I couldn’t help pity for him, I felt his was worse–going up from a tough background he had just hardwork, talent and discipline to rely on–and suffering heartbreak from in such a manner was capable of shattering one’s life …

I was hearing whispers outside my door and it was becoming way too audible like someone was having a misunderstanding with another but I thought Dad was sleeping, Nife should be too and Steve has left to his room or was he standing by the door talking to himself..

I was at the door already when I heard Nife and Steve having an argument, Nife was asking him what he was doing coming out from my room but why did I have this feeling that her voice was more of a pained tone that felt betrayed and jealous– was Nife hitting on Steve and I dint know ? No way, I would have discovered already ..i felt she was just being suspicious and over protective .. I was about going back to bed as I heard them whisper goodnight but I was halted in my tracks immediately I heard what Nife said next :

NIFE : what is that on your pants ? — I quickly racked my brain as I was trying to come with a brilliant idea to save me and Steve from this mess.. Yes, I just know what to do ..


NIFE : Steve, I’m trying my best not to draw any conclusion, but your silence is not giving much options

STEVE : Okay, actually its —-

TOLA :[interrupting him before he exposes himself]Steve, you’re still here right ? abi you want me to pour you water again and scream you peeped on yourself [she said it mockingly as she holding a plastic water bottle]..

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STEVE : |Understanding the whole scenario, he played along–putting both hands to cover his g—n as he began to mutter nooooo– amid smiles|

TOLA : Oya run along and tell Uncle Joe tomorrow that i was sleeping when you came over [ she had heard him lie about coming to give her some work from Uncle Joe]

STEVE : [He knew she was probably by her door all this while] okay -o but me I no Sabi lie

He walks away ********

TOLA : [turns to look at Nife who was watching their drama all this while ] Nife, ain’t you going to bed and how cold you imagine that in your mind and you accused that poor boy in such a way ?

NIFE :[ she was already feeling guilty] I’m really sorry, I dint know what came over me; will you help me apologize to Steve ?

TOLA : [laughs] I’m sure Steve doesn’t have anything against you .. just rush to bed now
[she was about leaving when she turned back ] Nife, is there anything going on between you and Steve that I need to know ?

NIFE : [feeling uncomfortable and nervous at once] no, how can you say such now.. goodnight sis


VIVIAN : Michelle, don’t you think the way you are going about this revenge or battle, whatever you call it is making you become obsessed about this boy.. ?

MICHELLE : OBSESSED ?!!! [laughs ] no way, I’m no weakling jor..

VIVIAN : says who ? I see behind this your little charade, Mitch.. I think you should just let go of this whole fight of being best before you hurt yourself in the process …

MICHELLE : I’m a queen, Vivian .. I don’t miss when I lock on a target …

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VIVIAN : hmm, the guy’s picture is every where in your gallery sef and in your work desk ..i don’t get it are you hitting on him ? or you’re stalking him ?

MICHELLE : how can I hit on such a guy ? I’m just stalking him ..

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VIVIAN : Stalkers stalk people they have a connection with …[ smiling] are you having feelings for him ?

MICHELLE : [groaning] VIVIAN?!!! no.. I’m not stalking him .. I’m just trailing him ..thats it

VIVIAN : okay but remember I have always seen this scenario in movies, don’t you need to focus on Stanley instead of hurting someone else

MICHELLE : Steve is a threat to Stanley and me ?

VIVIAN : How ???!!

MICHELLE : Under 3 months, He became :

1. The school football team captain and became the teams’s MVP

2. He won the Grammar award

3. He won the freshest freshman

4. He was voted as the best dressed male student of ACHIEVERS’ HIGH and lots more

VIVIAN : woah, I’m impressed.. when do I get to meet this human god ? I’m crushing already

MICHELLE : oh, you disgust me already .. just remain in PRINCESS COLLEGE jor

VIVIAN : oh, don’t worry you know my school is an all ladies school and we’ll having a grammar competition in your school in a week time so we’ll steal him away from you guys …

MICHELLE : or please do..



We have a Grammar competition today against PRINCESS COLLEGE, it was a school that was envied by almost every School around PH and Nife and Tola always talked about how elegant the school was, they haad a very large school fees which stood at #1,000,000.00 per child and had a dedicated and fully equipped set of Teachers infact most of them were foreigners .. it pained me it was a mix school because from the stories I held, going there will be an adventure …

me, Dean, Sammy and Nife were already in the school field along with alot of our students, the crowd was much that one could easily get lost and haven’t seen Nelly or Tola sef …

I was still in my thoughts as siren sounds began to cover the atmosphere when I turned at the direction where the sound was coming from I observed alot of our students were already gazing at the sight in front of them, the arrival of the students of PRINCESS COLLEGE in a tinted and covered luxurious bus, I had seen that somewhere as I searched through my brain, thats it –its the famous PREVOST H3-45 VIP worth a $1.6 million USD — the owner of the school sure had money o..

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COORDINATOR : Hello ladies and Gentlemen– our dear distinguished hosts, Mr. Popov and Mrs. Douglas, the distinguished owners of ACHIEVERS’ HIGH INTL SCHOOL and PRINCESS COLLEGE respectively, our parents and guardians who have been committed to the well-being of our kids and supporting them in the journey as future leaders, our friends — Senator Mike Adetoji, Senator Jeffrey Peters, Senator Grace Atoye, Senator Hilton may and so many more and our distinguished Guest of honor, The esteemed Governor of our state, Governor Panam peters Sam — we are greatly honored to have you here sir…


COORDINATOR : okay, welcome to the 6th edition of our Grammar competition was has been around for awhile and is aimed at handpicking our next wole soyinka and Chinua achebe and if so possible the next William Shakespeare of this generation …


COORDINATOR : In just a minute, we will be having our competitors on stage …


MISS HILDA : Steve, you’re our hidden gem in this competition and with you I believe we can win for the first time in 4 years…

STEVE : [feeling nervous ] I hope so ma, this looks to real for me

MISS HILDA : Steve, a man must carve his tomorrow himself and that tomorrow begins NOW !! so go out there and let’s have fun..

STEVE : [smiling] yes miss [throws a salute]

MISS HILDA : [chuckles] thats my boy — go get em’ Tiger …


keep following, every episode unfolds new twist and turns in the life of Steve ..

what happens next will eventual mark a new beginning and a new battle as well as a new foe

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