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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 13

My Life

My Life


I couldn’t even understand myself anymore, why have I been acting up for Steve ? Its was really clear I was still very much in love with him but my ego and pride has been warring against my heart and conscience to end this shit with Paul and men our failing relationship and just like Aunt Rachel said – Guys like Steve are really hard to come by.. I always clutch my phone to me while I sleep re-reading whatever text he sends for the day and waking up each day I scroll through my inbox to check the new one he has dropped, But of recent he has stopped and I remembered the sharp pain I felt in my heart whenever I wake up and there’s no new sms in my inbox from him or has he really moved on from me; NO ! Steve can’t .. He loves me although he’s cheating on me but he still loves me and the same here .. Aunt Rachel already informed me ill moving to PH to complete my secondary schooling immediately after my Junior WAEC and I can’t wait to see his face again.. The face that captured my heart and made a slave of it, that came into my mind and never left it … The face that my friends still can’t describe till today and no artist could yet perfect its drawing..The face of my prince charming — the face of STEPHEN SMITH BOLUWAJI OLALE …

I woke this morning and I made a promise that no matter what, the nonsense issue between me and Steve must end today because I’m going to call him and hear him out for once … I missed confessing my love to him…

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After I had my shower, I walked into my room stared at my face in the mirror as memories of the good times I spent with Steve began to make its way into my head.. Months and years which seemed just like yesterday; Truly, love had a way of making time runs slowly and that was how I was feeling, I felt a tear drop from my eye and I quickly wiped it off… I have messed up …

—-I was still in my thoughts when my phone rang and I was very angry because I was in one of my most perfect daydream when this intruder decided to buzz me up, I walked up to the cellphone and made a very audible hiss as I saw the caller.. “what does this wicked soul want again, I really need to make things clear between us that nothing can happen between both of us, he’s been bugging me for a relationship since these past few days which was really weird because we agreed that the stuff between us was only because I wanted to get back at Steve nothing more and I wasn’t ready to break up with Steve, not to talk of building a relationship with him “.. I was brought out from my thoughts as the phone rang for umpteenth time ..

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–” Hello Paul, whats going on ? ” I said rather disgustingly but trying to mask it

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PAUL : Hello Angel, how are you doing ? missing you

—” Paul, if thats what you called me for ; well, I’m sorry I need to hang up

PAUL : what ? ain’t you missing you boo or you’re angry I’m not there to warm you up ?

—-Argh–h, look at this fellow o ! what does he take me for sef …. — ” well, Paul the only person I’m missing right now is STEVE and you ain’t my boo, I only have one boo and thats : STEVE ”

PAUL : (laughing annoyingly) Well, I sent you something via WhatsApp; see what your so-called boo is doing in Ph, saw him coming out of a hotel just now …

— “goodbye Paul” —- I quickly turned on my data and went to WhatsApp, immediately I saw the photo, my heart crashed … How could he ? and here I was thinking about him ? Steve is an ungrateful bastard ? I hate him … I hate the fact that I love him all the more…


Ever since the encounter with Steve, Michelle has been acting all up ..well, thats no my problem moreover I never loved her.. she was just a consolation for being rejected by Nelly and now that Steve is in the picture I need her to eliminate him — The enemy is your foe is your friend _– I need her to remove Steve from the equation then I can get Nelly and its happily ever after … ( smiles )

But I need to start walking out some plans of my own.. I need to contact Emma — he’s a dirty player when it comes to the game of wits and to survive in this competition I need all the dangerous guys I can get..

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Lemme relax my plan and watch things for now, first all I need to dis-virgin Michelle and complete my bet with Emma and Sydney…(laughs) poor Michelle, for all your brilliance you won’t see this coming..


Steve was out of the football team and also suspended; woah, so much for Mr. strong… But Stanley has been acting weird of recent and he’s been acting all touchy since Steve came ..well, he’s my dream guy so I can manage his flaws and he’s just jealous of Steve stealing me away I guess — what am I thinking ? Steve can’t steal me away from Stanley..

Now its time for Phase 2 of my plan ..


–“Hello, Mr. Barley where are the drugs I sent for ?”

MR. BARLEY : Miss, its ready just waiting for your confirmation to begin contamination process…

—“Good, I need a good job.. I need it to be processed in a colorless, odorless and tasteless form and I want it in liquid form and inserted into a few bottle waters and I want a test carried out and sent to my table before next week”….

MR. BARLEY : okay, ma’am .. Let me get back to work..

—” good job, Barley …im sending $2,500 USD into your account …get some new clothes I don’t like your looks these days “….

Steve this one coming will destroy you completely ……

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