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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 12

My Life

My Life


I was already lost in my little romance escapade with Nife when we heard the door make a creaking sound signifying that someone just walked in.. I quickly disengaged from Nife and jerked into life, my d–k returning to its natural state as I straightened myself up.. — ” I think that was Tola ” I spoke for the fist time since we heard the noise; still waiting for a reply I looked up and discovered she wasn’t in my room anymore.. the girl fast Sha..–“I almost lost it for a moment there, so much for my romance and avoidance barrier”.. She’s my cousin, she’s my cousin I really needed to draw that invisible line so as to make the boundaries between us clear and loud enough..

My ringtone jolted me out of my reverie as I walked up to the wooden stood at the far corner of my huge bed and picked it up without checking the caller, silly of me right — But I definitely wasn’t thinking straight; all thanks to Nife

CALLER : Stephens Smith Boluwaji Olale…(chuckling)

I quickly withdrew the phone from my ear, who could know my full name and have the audacity to call it with such tenacity… UNKNOWN NUMBER was boldly written on the screen..

STEVE : Hello.. Please who’s this and hope did you get my number ?

CALLER : You think you’re some god and that you can do whatever you like…

I wasn’t really ready for these games right now and my patience was growing cold ..
— ” I don’t think that was the answer to my question ” I said boldly hiding any atom of fear and respect I had betrayed in my former statement ..

CALLER: Wellll–ll, Just your friendly neighbor; was doing a routine check on the neighborhood so I decided to call you…

the sound was looking familiar but I couldn’t place where I heard it from and couldn’t remember my Uncle or Nife or Tola telling me about neighborhood check… I mean its absurd ..

–” well I think you’re not ready to disclose your name, I have better things to get back to goodday”

CALLER : What a bold boy, planning to hang up right ? you don’t know who you’re dealing with.. I’m watching your every move.. check your WhatsApp and check what I dropped there..

—I hissed loudly and hung up..

Tola walked in immediately I dropped the call..

TOLA : hey, hope I wasn’t interrupting you.. I heard you on a call so I just decided to go and change up first..

— (Laughs)Oh, you’re not disturbing at all, just a random funny caller nothing much…

— Ermm.. Tola, is there anything like a routine Neighborhood check around here

TOLA : (laughing out loud)Where did you hear that from ? nothing like such around this area ..

— Oh, was just making a research ..

“okay” she replied ” Steve, where was Nife when I walked in “.. I paused immediately I held that, I guess she most have had this talk with Nife, ouch! I’m busted but where will Nife tell her.. Not the kitchen-thats closer to the main door, Not her room either-she won’t be able to make it downstairs in time, certainly not my room-thats off -limits , Yes, the perfect alibi will be THE GUEST ROOM downstairs..

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TOLA : Steve ? ?

–” Oh sorry– she was in the guest room downstairs I guess” –okay , she said the same thing but what was she doing in the guest room..

–urm..tola I wouldn’t know o..
she walked out after looking at my face again and closed the door after her.. “Some Girl she is” I said inwardly


I walked into my room after dinner, mumbled some short prayers and went to bed ..i was almost drifting off when I remembered the last words of the caller; and reached out and brought my phone out, put on my data and began receive notifications from some friends on messenger and whatsapp.. I just ignored the messages and clicked on my WhatsApp .. saw a message from an unsaved number .. guess this is it .. clicked on the video file and what I saw shocked me, I quickly closed it and opened it again, what am I seeing– I ran into the bathroom washed my face and came back to check it again.. I’m not dreaming– I am not dreaming..


Weekend approached quickly, nothing really happened .. but I had made peace with some of my inner demons, I met with Dean and explained what Uncle Joe said and surprisingly he took it nicely, I’ve also pulled out of the footballing competition ,things hasn’t gotten better with me and Nelly still and less I forget : received a suspension of 2 weeks from Stanley’s father …what do you expect …

the unimaginable happened that day as well


Immediately after the public announcement of my suspension and the unending stares within the school hall, the too noticeable smile from Michelle and Stanley like they just won some award .. I walked into Miss Hilda’s office to drop the project she gave to us .. good thing I finished it early.. I greeted her, submitted the file on her desk and was about leaving the office when she held me back, rushed at me in a warm embrace and kissed me fully on the lips, I quickly withdrew and stared at her face– I saw the deep passion I her eyes and I enclosed the space within us as I pulled into another round of passionate kiss and I left her office…

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WHAT A DREAM COME TRUE , not everyday a 15 year old school kid gets to kiss his hot English teacher, so forgive me for being a pervert …things had been smooth between us ever since as she calls constantly…
Well today is Saturday and I needed to carry out my plans, I had called Paul as Uncle Joe instructed with a different number and booked an appointment with him with the excuse of giving him valuable information about the girl Steve was dating… what a lie !

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I dressed up in my newly purchased navy blue polo Ralph designers shirt tucked into a carton color jumper Lacoste beltless Chinos and my black and white Levi’s converse …brushed my hair neatly and made for the exit..

STEVE : Uncle , good morning I want to get some work from the cyber Cafe down the road( I lied)

UNCLE DAN : okay my boy, just be quick okay …

I really enjoyed Uncle Dan’s company , I expected him to lashed out when The principal called him with the news of my suspension but he shrugged it off, advised me and said he believed I won’t get into a fight without tangible and positive reasons but I should steer clear of Stanley and his father..

I answered him affirmatively and stepped out from the house and made for the main gate .. Today a lot of things needed to be settled …


Immediately Steve stepped out of the house, I quickly dressed up and ordered an Uber and left through the backdoor, he has been acting all secluded since he received the suspension and I just hope he wasn’t going to exert revenge on Stanley so I decided to trail him and also, Steve dint know there’s no cyber Cafe down the street as well but my dad won’t have noticed as he was hardly at home..


Steve sat at the far end of the eatery opposite the glass door which served as both the exit and entrance into and from the eatery so that he could see Paul walk in..


I kept playing the video over and over again as I felt my heart shatter in bits.. I just hoped it was all a dream .. Sandra had succeeded in blocking me out of her life and she also blocked my line but not a day passes that I dint send an SMS confessing my love for her.. although for the past few days I had stopped …i needed to clear my mind first…
I raised up my head and noticed a lady walked in that looked so much like Nife, but I was certain Nife was at home .. I saw Paul walking to the glass door and I quickly wore my face cap covering a portion of my face…

PAUL walks in with his phone on his ear : Hello, I’m inside ; where are you ?

STEVE : I’m at the far end .. look straight

PAUL : the guy with a cap and navy blue shirt ?

STEVE : exactly.. be fast I want to get out of the place ..

Paul was nervous ..what sort of secretive person was this but he could trade anything for the information he wanted to get…he needed to own Sandra complete that was he only way of winning his bet with his friends .. Too bad, he had to lose Steve a close friend of his who was also a brother.. well, he will sort it out after he was done with all this…

Nife was watching as Steve made a call, he was fiddling his phone when she walked in earlier and she also saw the mysterious guy that was walking over to meet him.. what exactly was Steve up to — hope he wasn’t hiring thugs on Stanley because this mysterious guys sure looked rough, too rough .

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PAUL : hELLO , I don’t understand why we needed to go through all this stress, you could have spilled this information on phone ..

>>>>>No response<<<<<>>>>No response<<<<<<

PAUL : (becoming nervous and scared a bit) oboy, discharge the info nah.. abi you an dumb ???

Steve raised his head slowly and Paul nearly fainted at the image in front of him….

PAUL : S–s–ste—ve– Steve ???

STEVE : hello Paul, long time no see.. I dint expect us to meet under such circumstances

PAUL : yeah, urm — ste– stev–ee … h-ho–w –s –is uncle Dan ? (he asked stammering)

STEVE : oboy skip all this and explain what the f–k this is ? playing the video to his face

PAUL : (was visibly shocked as he saw the video in front of him) Steve, where did you get this from ?

STEVE : Paulo ..Paulo how could you.. having sex with my girlfriend as I no been dea around ? after everything we have shared…

PAUL : Steve.. is not what you think .. I –I..–I ..we–we—ee– I mean she seduced me …i was drunk ..that girl is not who you think she is ….Steve after you left … Sandra began to follow boys o…

STEVE : shut up fool, na me you dea follow yarn rubbish for ? guy you don mess up

PAUL : Steve, calm down — we can sort things out, see I am….

STEVE : shut up !!!!!!! (screaming at the top of his voice) startling everybody inside and some security men came over to there table.. Steve got up and threw hard punches at Paul, some he was able to dodged , the rest hitting him really hard as he fell off his chairs ..

Nife quickly got up and ran to where he was, pulling him out of the mess he just created as people began to gather.. she quickly picked his phone from the floor and stared at the video playing what is this nonsense..

Steve was already in tears as Nife was dragging him out of the eatery..

NIFE : get a grip of yourself, Steve

STEVE : still in tears as he began to explain everything to her…

NIFE : she felt for him and pulled him into a strong embrace…

Paul was pulled out by the security men and immediately he saw the sight in front of him.. he brought out his phone and took quick images of Steve and Nife embracing..He clicked send on WhatsApp and forwarded it to Sandra.. ” that boy will regret laying his hands on me, He will never get Sandra back ”

he walks away……..

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