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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 11

My Life

My Life


I felt I was really slipping away from existence, I couldn’t understand why Nelly busted out like that earlier on and What Stanley meant with the comments about Paul and Sandra.. Paul has refused taking my calls as usual and even when I proposed to see him … he was making excuses and Sandra dint want me back.. Michelle was bent on destroying me because of my good performance .. I felt like an outcast in class after what happened today , I couldn’t even pay attention to what was going on; Sammy and Dean tried to cheer me up but to no avail and Nife kept throwing me caring glances but I was too down to return any…i just needed to speak to the one person who I felt I could find solace : UNCLE JOE

we had 1hr free period before our next class so I left to his office, met him arranging some files on his desk and I explained all what happened to me including Nelly’s outburst and Stanley’s statement because he was the only one who knew about my relationship with Sandra…he kept mute for awhile before speaking up…” Steve, I think Nelly has feelings for you and about–” I dint let him finish when I let out a chuckle ” Uncle Joe, feelings ? I don’t think so, I’m not in her league “… — ” Steve, you don’t need to be in her league for she to fall for you”

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–” But uncle Joe, this is bad oh.. I think Dean has feelings for her and I don’t want to be a hindrance to their relationship or look like a bad friend to Dean ” I was feeling OK with this latest revelation.

–” You see, Steve; Life is a b—h that fucks us all…sometimes, with our consent and sometimes without ” He replied.. but I was so lost in thoughts… How could this be happening ? I felt a tap on my legs …

–” no need to think too much about it, just explain your good intentions to her and let her swallow it in also explain it to Dean and let him understand too”——-” as for Sandra.. you’re gonna call Paul with a different number and book for a meeting with him, let’s start from there…. ”

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I was so impressed.. “thanks, Uncle Joe….you’re a life saver”…

” And, Steve I think you need to forget about going for a competition with the football team …i know how hard it is but you must let some things be ..that’s life’s irony and start preparing for your junior WAEC coming up in a month’s time ”

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as hard as it was , I accepted and left uncle Joe’s office feeling lively and refreshed…


I saw Steve walk in after spending some time outside and he was now lively, even chatting with Sammy and Dean like nothing happened.. Emma had explained what happened at the cafeteria to me and I couldn’t imagine he had the guts to lay his hands on Stanley ; I was also mad at Stanley .. how could he reveal information from the file that Mr. Barley submitted to me. But, I was happy Nelly was now mad at him she’s was a major stumbling block and I had been keeping my plans on hold because of her …

Only if the fool knows how vulnerable he just became….( laughs inwardly) I AM THE QUEEN , NOBODY SURVIVES MY STING —


NIFE: Steve, what happened in school today ? you were all moody and that

STEVE : Nothing baby, I was just down ..nothing much

NIFE : save me that crap … just explain alright…i can be of help you know

Steve began to explain everything including revealing the secret of his relationship with Sandra…and what uncle Joe said concerning Nelly…

NIFE : woah. . I’m really sorry …i was the one that made your relationship become this shabby..(.she said feeling guilty)

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she got up and walked up to him, holding his cheeks with both hands; they stared at each other ..

–“urm …Nife, I think we should just “– he couldn’t finish his statement as their lips met in a passionate kiss, he began to kiss her deeply, he needed this comfort and Nife was giving him willingly …his tongue intertwined in her mouth and his hands began to travel to her ass, he squeezed hard on it and she began to moan in his mouth …

— urm..mmmm…hnmm–mmm– she bounced her ass hard on his g—n and he gave out a loud groan as his d–k sprang up to life, she was putting a camisole top without bra, and he made his way to her nipples sucking on them like he wanted to exert revenge, she was so lost in abyss and was nibbling mild kisses on his neck …

— WHAT ?!!!!!!! the door crackled open as the intruder made loud steps in and they quickly disengaged …

who was that ? make a wide guess….

I think Team #NifeSteve is winning the running right now but things could change really fast

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