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My Life – Season 1 – Episode 10

My Life

My Life

Sandra was fixing her nails at a nearby saloon close to her house when her phone rang, she checked the caller and it was her big sis, Aunty Rachel.

SANDRA : Hello Big sis, You’ve forgotten your angel na ? u just enter pH no body con see your break light

AUNTY RACHEL OVER PHONE : My Dear, I’m sorry .. I’ve been busy with work o .. you know her things are in this country na… No food for a lazy man … How is papa and mama ? where are you sef this one I’m hearing noises over there ?

SANDRA : Haba, You don turn investigator.. I’m at a nearby saloon o and Mama and Papa are doing alright.. just their usual wahala… you know an

AUNTY RACHEL OVER PHONE : Okay my dear … I want to discuss something with you o

SANDRA : Okay .. I’m all ears( she said sitting uprightly thinking she wanted to discuss about her coming over to port-Harcourt )

AUNTY RACHEL OVER PHONE : Alright, what is going on between you and Stephen… why ain’t you coming his calls ?

SANDRA : (sank back in her chair .. I thought it was something better.. mtcheww) well, aunty Rachel .. I’m done with that cheat of a guy … He just went to pH and forgot all the little things we have shared .. I was so heartbroken … He’s a piece of my shattered life I don’t want to pick up again…

AUNTY RACHEL OVER PHONE : Hmmmmm… Sandra Sandra Sandra… how many times did I call you ?

I hope you know what you’re doing .. Guys like Steve are hard to come by .. don’t throw away your diamonds because of mere intuition over the beauty of a gold….

SANDRA : Ahhnn… Sis, which side are you on sef ? so you want your little sis to go carrying a broken heart..

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AUNTY RACHEL : don’t give me that cheap excuse young lady, using that word like you even know what it means.. I’ve stated my point because ill be no relationship mechanic when you come carrying over what you’ve lost … Goodbye my lunch break is over (Hung up)

SANDRA : Oh God what is wrong ? I still love Steve .. how could I be sleeping with his best friend ? what have I become ? a disgusting sl-t, a w—e …. No he cheated first and I must get back at him …..



SAMMY : You suck at making excuses man, I can’t believe you are denying your feelings for Nife ..(laughs )

DEAN : (Groans) Sam, I don’t know when you became a heart professor, I ain’t in love with Nife; moreover you know I don’t believe in those lame emotional shits… I’ve seen what it does firsthand

SAMMY : Yeah, like I’m some odd kid right, I’m seen you drool over her over and over again.. c’mon make ..its good to appear weak at times bro… stop this your superman appearance all the time you are beginning to suck at it… (whew)

DEAN : I’ve heard you … Mr. Sammy …you are gradually turning into a loudmouth …

SAMMY : you say what ???????!( clenching his fist )

NELLY : (hitting the table ) can you guys quit all this blabbing … we are suppose to be thinking of a way to keep Steve in the football team ….

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SAMMY : I can’t believe Michelle can carry trivial issues this far… and make it personal

DEAN : she’s a she-devil hooked up with a he-devil what do you expect..? bunch of irritating couples …

STANLEY and two of his friends walks into their conversation and he happens to hear the last statement from Dean…

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STANLEY : who is the he-devil and the irritating couples ? I just hope its….

NELLY : (bluntly interrupts him ) you just hope its not what ?? look here, gentle man I don’t know where you learnt your manners from but the last time I checked, walking up on people in the middle of their conversation is uncalled of …..

EMMA STANLEY’S FRIEND : hey Nelly, don’t make this more than it already is..

NELLY : OH !!! And if I do … ain’t you a Rascal ..wondered how you escaped the asylum

Emma launched his fist at Nelly and got caught mid way ….

STEVE : I won’t do that if I where you ….

STANLEY : oh, Mr Brave to the rescue …. funny you could defend someone when you could defend you own relationship

NELLY, SAMMY AND DEAN were shocked at that ….

NELLY : What relationship ?

STANLEY : (making a puppy face ) ah! dint Mr. Nice tell you.. he has a sl-t of a girlfriend back at home who broke up with him because he cheated at her, he’s a pauper, a cheat and a…..
he was interrupted as Steve sent a quick fist into his Jaw causing him to fall on the marble floor of the school cafeteria…

STEVE : You don’t that way about Sandra .. She’s like you …

STANLEY : Oh, still defending her when she’s gracing the underwear of your dear friend little Paul

STEVE : What ?!!!!! (Steve couldn’t believe his ears ).. No ..thats no true … he jumped on Stanley and sent quick jabs at him ..causing him to bleed from his nose and mouth … Sammy and Dean quickly rushed to separate him from the fight and dragged him out of the cafeteria…

SAMMY : hey man, you’ve got to keep your emotions in check .. how could you beat up the son of the proprietor in such manner… you’re in for some shit you know…

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DEAN : well you are one hell of a fighter.. thumbs up .. We’ll need to fix this shit soon because I heard his dad will be coming within the week..


I couldn’t believe what I heard from Stanley I know he was a lying motherf-vker but the way Steve launched at him and even defended the girl in question only meant one thing : ITS TRUE … All this while Steve never told me he had a girlfriend.. I’ve been preserving other people property …woah .. Nelly you are such a food.. he was no different from Stanley.. I hate him , I hate him but I love him , I really do

NELLY : Steve, what was the meaning of what just happened in there ? and who is Sandra

STEVE : I’m really sorry Nelly but I can explain

NELLY : (raising her voice ) You can explain what ?! that you hid such information from me …

SAMMY : just calm down Nelly .. I think Steve can ……

NELLY : oh, just shut up .. I not talking to you

DEAN : oops, urm.. guys we are making some audience.. let’s leave here and talk things over …

NELLY : There’s nothing to talk about( turning to Steve ) you are a backstabber …..

STEVE : common Nelly, you’re thinking too much …just hear me out…(walking closer to her, she stooped him on his tracks and walked out on them )…


what is really going on ?
I can’t grasp this whole stuff anymore…

Sandra and Paul sleeping together … No..No..

but how did Stanley know so much about me ?

Life must be really unfair dealing all this blow to me at once..

I have a lot of findings to do …

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