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My Life At Thirty – Season 1 Episode 3

episode 3********
It was a beautiful day with friends
and family members at the venue to
celebrate with Daniel and Nora. At first,
Daniel had thought Alex would be at the
solemnization ceremony to claim the
ownership of Nora or Gloria would
come to claim his ownership.
Since the incident had happened,
Daniel never called Nora to speak with
her, Nora never did too. Daniel who had
carried her in his car to drop her off at
home didn’t speak to her at all, even
when she got down from the vehicle,
none of them could bid a goodbye.
Daniel felt jealous that Nora could go
back to hug Alex, a day to the wedding
and Nora likewise, wondering if the love
Daniel had for her was a true one. If it
was, why would he go and New Gloria?
Though none of them knew the ex of
the other until that day the scene
happened. Nora had felt Daniel was a
bad person, why would he even if try to
return back to Gloria for a hug, Daniel
too never accepted the fact that he was
wrong. At least, it was Nora that hugged
Alex first, by the way, he couldn’t hold
himself back when he sighted Gloria.
None of them could put the blame on
him or herself, they both thought the
other counterpart was wrong.
Thanks to God that the wedding was
success, even though it was a very
tough part when they heard you may
kiss your bride. Daniel just let out a short
air from his mouth as he moved his
mouth closely and kissed the pretty
figure before him. He also knew she was
extremely beautiful that day.
It was a big surprise to the two that
they couldn’t interact well, even though
it was their wedding day. Daniel carried
Nora when it was time to take
photographs, and grinned mischievously
as if they were in good terms. One who
could study well would know things
weren’t nice between the two.
None could approach the other, it was
the beginning of their trouble.
The aroma of the food from the
kitchen filled his nostrills. His head went
both left and right almost
instantaneously as he shook off the
aroma. That was jollof rice that he could
smell well, he had thought as he opened
his eyes at once. It really was! He
Daniel turned his head to the left side
of the bed but Nora was nowhere to be
found. He couldn’t remember what really
happened the previous night, it seemed
he just entered into the room and
sprawled on the bed because he was so
tired. It wasn’t easy to be a groom,
especially one who was wise to play
between his wife and the invited guests
and family members.
“Did she sleep inside this room?”
Daniel had thought as he giggled.
Nothing more came to his memory than
he drove into the compund in his own
car and Nora was driven by the driver, in
her own car. That was the matrimonial
room, why wouldn’t she sleep there?
He took his stand slowly, walking to
the other side of the Queen-Sized
mattress to survey if there were shoes
or jewelries on the drawer, but he was
wrong, it really didn’t look as if Nora
slept inside that room.
He walked to the bathroom and
washed his face, took up his purple
brush and brushed his mouth up. He
walked out and put off his clothes into
casual wears, at least he had to check
out the house before getting set for
church service.
But, it was their wedding
thanksgiving, he had thought as he
thudded down the bed and jacked his
head down. He began to wonder why
Nora never came into that room to sleep
with him. Why? He continued asking
himself as if there were spirits around
that’d respond to him after a while. He
was wrong, no spirit replied his
questions. He just felt they were
rhetorical questions, but, it seemed the
rhetorical questions in his mind needed
Was she really angry because of his
reactions yesterday in the wedding
program? Was it because of Gloria’s
issue? He couldn’t just provide an
accurate answer to the puzzling
questions disturbing his life that
He swallowed again as he whisked to
his feet and pressed his lips together. He
clenched his finger and walked to the
front of the dressing mirror to check
himself out. “Daniel, I won’t eat that food
she’s preparing,” he thought as he
looked at his tall and handsome self. He
nodded along with his though and
turned around, he had to check the
compound, driver and gate keeper out
before dressing up for church.
He had always been warned to fast to
church but had never fasted, he felt that
day would mark he day of his effective
change. He walked into the living room
and turned his neck to view what was
happening in the kitchen, she was there
preparing breakfast.
He cleared his throat and cloistered
outside, into the compound.

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