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My Life At Thirty – Season 1 Episode 2

*******episode 2*******
The car was parked and Daniel got
down from the Toyota Venza. He looked
at Nora and smiled as he motioned
inside the plaza. He had told her to wait
for him outside there, he was just
wanted to get something. Still unknown
to Nora, she patiently waited.
She had waited for some minutes and
decided to peep outside because she
had been busy pinging her friends and
wedding planner. Then, her peep met
Alex’s stare.
She couldn’t help her ecstasy but to
rush to meet Alex. Both of them hugged
each other firmly for seconds until Daniel
came outside and met the scene. It
seemed Nora’s ecstasy had made her
forgotten that she would get married
the next day.
Daniel didn’t know Alex, but even if
that was her brother, the hug shouldn’t
be as firm as it was! He had thought as
the package he was holding dropped
down and his mouth wide open.
By the time Nora would know she
was doing the wrong thing, she saw
Daniel’s face and froze also. Alex, looking
away also saw the face of his wife-to-be
that he had told to park by the entrance
of Esmak Plaza and his heart skipped a
Daniel swooshed out a long breath as
he managed hold his tears back. He
walked into the car and Nora rushed
into the car too. She wouldn’t leave her
husband-to-be to leave angrily.
Daniel, also pulling out of the Plaza
indignantly now saw Gloria and
marched on the brake quickly. Was he
seeing a ghost? What was really
happening? He parked the vehicle and
rushed down. “Gloria?” He shouted as
he widened his eyes and moved closer.
The name made Gloria look the
direction and saw him too. “Daniel!” She
called as the key to her vehicle that she
was holding dropped on the floor.
Daniel couldn’t hold himself back, both
rushed to each other also, not minding
the fact that they were engaged.
The bond of love was still there! As I
saw her, I wanted to die. I thought I just
saw a ghost now, if she was, I was
ready to follow her! No! I still loved her
so much that I couldn’t hold back myself.
Maybe that was how Alex and Nora
felt too. But, I still loved her. I wiped my
tears continuously as I looked into her
eyes. She had grown more beautiful and
matured. Gloria was my life.
Looking back, I saw Nora, already out
of the car, looking at me. Alex had also
stood akimbo, looking at Gloria and I,
then I knew I was done for too.
At first, I thought it was t-t for tat but I
felt uncomfortable. Is this how Nora is
feeling presently? I asked myself as I
saw Gloria also looking at Alex.
Then Alex approached us and nabbed
Gloria’s hand. He pushed her into the
vehicle and drove away. I looked at the
Hyundai car as it sped off until I was
unable to see the vehicle again. I walked
back to my car and looked at Nora who
was probably in shock or… what should
I even call this?
We both entered into the vehicle and I
drove off. The car just remained silent. I
wasn’t pleased with what she did and
she wasn’t pleased with mine.

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